Requirements to Drive Taxi: No holders, Advantages and MORE

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Public transport is a basic service that has been implemented in all countries of the world. This advantage to mobilize has evolved over the years in order to be more effective. The taxi is one of them and here in Manage it we will tell you the requirements to drive a taxi, in addition to mentioning its benefits and more.

The taxi is a person who is responsible for transporting a client from one place to another with a previously established payment, in this sense it is a job or job that helps many immigrants to settle in a country, Argentina is one of them. For this reason, it is that public transport, in this case taxis, are of the utmost importance in society.

Yet to become a taxi a series of requirements have to be met which will be mentioned later. In addition, you must have a valid and legal driver’s license since in Argentina they are very strict with drivers; they can even be radical. That is why you must bear in mind that being a taxi driver is not entirely easy.

Now, people who want to work as taxi drivers they have to be exceptional drivers. Driving is a skill that develops as it is practiced. If you plan to appear before a line of drivers such as Uber or Gran Taxi, you must have experience with the wheel to be accepted in these corporations.

What are the requirements to drive a taxi?

To be a taxi driver will have to reconcile many procedures or have at hand at least one of the documents that we will mention below. If not, it is best to wait a while before introducing yourself, first try to collect these papers:

Have a non-convertible car

Convertibles or soft tops will not be allowed, but sunroofs may be allowed if they do not exceed 50% of the roof area.

Must have a minimum of four doors

This has to include an entry and exit point for the driver, if a vehicle other than an approved taxi according to the specifications of the public transport office, this will have problems with the authorities. Also possess a minimum engine capacity of 1600cc

Comply with personal identity requirements

These documents must be implemented or attached together with the procedures of the vehicle. These are; ID, driver’s license, area of ​​residence, legal permits and certificates.

Be able to transport at least four passengers in addition to the driver

Each seat must be at least 41 cm wide per passenger, except in the case of vehicles equipped with rear seats where the minimum width of the seat at the widest point must be 127 cm.

Owning a taxi sign

It must have a minimum width of 76.2cm with letters of a minimum height of 12.7cm and with the words capable of being illuminated, to be mounted on the roof of the vehicle (except specially designed taxis).

Being equipped with two external driving mirrors is a mandatory requirement.

Secondly, when submitting a license application To drive a rental car or private rental vehicle, you are required to declare any convictions or precautions you may have unless they are considered «spent» under the Offender Rehabilitation Act 1974.

Necessary documents

There are different types of documentation like two types of taxi. The main difference is that rental cars can be stopped on the street or wait for passengers at a taxi rank, but private rental vehicles must be reserved in advance. The information in this section covers both types of taxi:

All local councils will need you to provide:

  • A medical exam
  • Criminal record
  • A valid driver’s license
  • A license fee.

There may also be a driving test that covers the management capacity and knowledge of the local area. This is mandatory since without this you will not be able to circulate through the different streets of Argentina as a taxi driver. Although, in some rural areas with a valid certification you can practice public transport but with many limitations.

Vehicle insurance is another fundamental requirement or document. This procedure can be originated in any agency that offers services to the vehicle. On the other hand, the vehicle must also be registered as a «work instrument» since it can be confused on the streets by its design when becoming a taxi driver.

In addition it is important that your driver’s license is up to date and not expired. Since the authorities will be in the streets every day trying to validate the information that corresponds to the public transport service. Argentina is very strict with taxi drivers as, over the years, many false identities have been discovered.

Requirements to Drive Taxi: No Holders

Non-holders are people who do not have their own vehicle to perform the role of taxi driver. These people are very recurrent in this type of job and that is why a section has been created in the gazette of public transport in Argentina for these individuals. The procedures are few, but in the same way they must be delivered:

  1. Updated DNI (in the case of being a foreigner, have an authorized permit).
  2. Driver’s license.
  3. Residence area with a home receipt.
  4. Letter of responsibility signed and stamped by the state.
  5. Possess the self-dedication form.

Although, tosome jurisdictions require training by law before the driver can work. These training sessions usually last about two weeks.

Along with basic training, some taxi companies They have special training to transport people with special needs and the elderly. This is important for companies that have contracts with social service agencies.

Nevertheless, urban areas and cities they generally have taxi commissions that decide what requirements the units must meet. Regulations can also include vehicle licenses and the fee that the taxi driver can charge customers.

A) Yes, drivers can having to complete up to 80 hours of classroom instruction, pass an exam, and pass an English proficiency exam. This all depends on the specific requirements of the driver’s location.

Requirements to Drive Taxi: Professionalization Course

In Argentina there are courses for taxi drivers or drivers may have a better approval before the branches of public transport. These courses are carried out by state agencies or by the leaders of the taxi lines. The requirements for you to enroll in the course are:

  • Have a proof of work from public transport
  • Legal and verified ID
  • Driver’s license, at least level 1.
  • Approval of having driven a vehicle.

This course has a duration of 2 to 8 weeks of execution. His idea is that by practicing various techniques, the driver can learn and thus become an experienced behind the wheel. If you want to take the course, you just have to register by clicking here.

In addition, if you are encouraged to participate in the course, at the end of the company will provide you with a certificate assuming you have experience as a driver. This certificate will help you when looking for a job as a taxi driver in the different lines of the country. The recommendation would be that you try to attend this tutorial as you will learn a lot.

Requirements to Drive Taxi: Driver Card

The driver identification card it’s like a driver’s licenseWith this tool you can validate your job as a taxi driver or driver before the authorities for Argentina. It is a basic requirement for all drivers in the Latin country, so if you have in mind to become a taxi driver, you must also reconcile the following documents:

  • Have an approved physician complete your medical report.
  • Have a disclosure document from the criminal records office
  • Pass a taxi knowledge test
  • Have had a driver’s license for at least minus three years.

You have to comply with the established documentation, taxis play an important role as a transportation alternative in many cities.

In developed countries, taxis tend to be used as a substitute for private vehicles by passengers who use the service for reasons of convenience or because they do not want to own a car.

Advantages of Driving Taxi

What many people don’t expect is to become a taxi driver brings many advantages, which you may not have even imagined. So what does it take to become a taxi driver and what kind of benefits can you expect? Well, let us inform you with the arguments that will be exemplified below:


The shackles of the nine-to-five routine will no longer hold you back, as being a taxi driver means you can work for yourself and choose your own work hours. If you had a difficult birthday, you don’t need to worry about getting out of bed; If you prefer to work at night instead of at dawn, you have that freedom!

Regular job

Working for you is always a risk, as you never know how frequented it will be, unless, however, you become a taxi driver where you will find work almost anywhere. People always need a ride, whether they live in a big city or a country town, especially if it’s Friday or Saturday night!


The pay can be fantastic, especially if you choose to work on weekends or the busiest hours of the week, where your business will be very much needed. If you are a good driver, you might even see some tips!

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