Requirements to enable an IPS: Necessary documents, What it is and MORE

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The Health Service Provider Institutions, also known as IPSThey are entities that are in charge of providing health services to the population. In Colombia these institutions are established, where they must comply with the requirements to enable an IPS.

In this article you can find out all the necessary requirements, steps to follow and obtain more information about IPS in Colombia. Stay and read this content and enable your IPS successfully.

Requirements to enable an IPS

To register and / or qualify the Service Provider Institutions, it is necessary to present a series of requirements, which must be issued directly to the Bogotá District Health Secretary.

What are the Documents to enable an IPS?

The following are the Requirements to enable an IPS:

  • You must present the Self-Assessment Document, which must be processed and presented in physical or digital form.
  • Present the Registration or News Form. It must be printed, and the original and a copy must be issued.
  • The sender must also provide the act of creation of the institution for non-profit and for-profit IPS. In this sense, it applies the Chamber of Commerce, Ordinance, Law, Agreement, Legal status, among others.
  • Photocopy of the official identity document of the legal representative of the institution.
  • Provide the certification of patrimonial and financial sufficiency of the IPS, in original format, which must be granted by a certified accountant and / or fiscal auditor.
  • You must also present lto the professional card of the reviewer or the accountant. This requirement is necessary and mandatory.
  • Issue the corresponding photocopy of the NIT or RUT.
  • In the event that the IPS declares Basic Assistance Transportation service or ambulances, it is necessary for the applicant to provide a copy of the vehicle ownership card and secret technical review.
  • You must attach a copy of the health and safety license, to register the Occupational Medicine and Occupational Medicine consultation.
  • In case of registering the Alternative Medicine or alternative therapies consultation, you must also provide the diploma and academic pensum.

Functions of an IPS in Colombia

An IPS is responsible for providing health, consultation, hospital and clinical services, as well as intensive care. The functions of an IPS are described more clearly below:

  • One of the functions is provide health services, under the guidelines of Law 100 of 1993. Low complexity services are offered or are considered simple and basic.
  • To emit effective quality health services that can provide the ideal care needed and comply with current regulations.
  • Must celebrate the contracts that are requested and required for the provision of health services.
  • They take care of provide timely consultation services, and other procedures, as required.
  • Put health services or packages up for sale and the necessary supplies.
  • Must guarantee social and financial profitability, through the correct management of the services offered.
  • According to the provisions of the law, they must guarantee citizen and community participation.
  • Keep citizens informed about the duties and rights that correspond to the provision of health services.
  • Among others.

Benefits of enabling an IPS

Health and well-being are the fundamental bases for a person’s life, that is why it is important to take care of health and take care of it in the appropriate institutions that can provide good service.

The IPS They provide a quality service and this list expresses some of the benefits of the Health Service Provider Institutions:

  • One of the benefits of IPSs is that people can obtain the care they need in the health area.
  • They allow citizens improve their quality of life and take care of their health and that of their families.
  • They can access inquiries to verify and evaluate the state of health.
  • Login to treatments and operations if they are necessary.
  • Access to health plans suitable for all people.
  • Can obtain the necessary medicines and medicines.
  • Among other benefits.

Types of IPS in Colombia

In Colombia there are three types of institutions that provide health services (IPS) according to capital ownership. Below are the types of IPS:

Public IPS

A public entity is one that has a capital belonging to the Public Administration, that is, it belongs to the state or to the city council. In this case, who controls the entity is the State Administration.

If it is the case of an IPS, as indicated by the concept or definition of the public entity, the health services are controlled by the state, the supplies, and the entire organization.

In this case, there are no costs for the patients, however, there are certain services that are not offered due to the economic issue.

Private IPS

A private company or entity is one whose capital belongs to a legal or natural person. This person has all the control of the entity and must be governed by the laws of the state, guaranteeing compliance with the obligations that the state establishes.

Based on this concept, a IPS Private, it is an institution whose capital belongs to a person who regulates and controls its entire operation.

The health services offered have costs and have a large number of health services and products.

Mixed IPS

The joint ventures They are those whose capital is owned by the State Administration and in turn by natural or legal persons.

When it comes to a mixed IPS, the operations of the entity and the health services are carried out under the control of the state, the conventions and agreements between the owners.

Classification according to the level of complexity of the IPS

The following, depending on the level of complexity, are the types of IPS:

High complexity

The IPS provide health services to all citizens of the Colombian population for highly complex services, they can offer many specialties and services.

Medium complexity

It refers to the Health Service Provider Institutions, which provide their service to citizens belonging to the jurisdiction. Said health entities are administratively dependent on the corresponding Health Service.

Low complexity

In this sense, the IPS bring health closer to the population, they are established mainly in remote and rural areas, providing health services to the citizens of said population. Covers in low complexity benefits.

IPS functions according to the level of complexity

Below are some of the functions according to the level of complexity of the IPS:

Low complexity

The IPS Of low complexity, they generally offer the following services: Activities to promote health, prevention programs, medical consultations, emergency care, dental services, diagnostic help, among others.

Medium complexity

This type of IPS provides care in basic specialties, such as pediatrics, internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, orthopedics, emergencies, consultation, laboratory services, among others.

High complexity

The IPS High complexity services offer highly complex services, including neurosurgery, vascular surgery, nephrology, pulmonology, dermatology, among other specialties.

They provide care 24 hours a day, attention to queries, emergencies, nuclear medicine, radiology, among others.

What is an IPS in Colombia?

The Health Service Provider Institutions, also known as IPSThey are the public, mixed or private entities that are in charge of providing health services to the population.

Said institutions are qualified to provide services complying with the procedures governed by the Mandatory Health Plan (POS).

They can work on the basis of a contributory or subsidy system. Its functions are based on providing services at the level of care corresponding to the population and the type of complexity. All within the parameters and principles indicated in Law 100/93.

This type of health service provider entity has an administration and accounting system to control the health services and products offered. For these entities, it is necessary that the requirements to enable an IPS

For more information, you can click here.

Meet the requirements to enable an IPS, and follow the steps outlined in this article.


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