Requirements to Enroll in Fonasa: Pensioners, Branches and MORE

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Health is one of the most important factors in the human being, therefore it is essential to have a fund to ensure that our expenses will be covered in the event of presenting any illness, disease, etc. Fonasa is an excellent option to raise that fund. Do you want to know much more about the Requirements to enroll in Fonasa? here you will find the information you need.

There are various branches and requirements both for those who are independent workers and for pensioners. The process to register is quite simple too and if you don’t have ideas of what Fonasa is, you will see the definition shortly. Document yourself properly and register with Fonasa.

What are the requirements to enroll in Fonasa?

What is requested to enroll in FONASA is the following:

  • You need your identity card.
  • You are required to submit a copy of the work agreement.
  • Deliver your current letter of quotes INP-AFP.
  • Also present the document that accredits the right to family allowance of their respective legal charges, duly issued by the Compensation Fund or the INP. This includes children who are under the age of eighteen (18) up to 24 years of age, as long as they are studying.
  • You need a receipt to have the health accreditation fully signed by the owner and the employer.
  • And to conclude you need a Disenrollment letter of the Institution of Previsional Health (Isapre), and if applicable: the FUN disaffiliation questionnaire of class 2 and also 7 for legal charges.

Those who are hired for days or for a specific work need what we will present below:

  • The identity card.
  • The certificate to obtain for the health credential duly signed by both the owner and the employer.
  • A photocopy of Job certificate, even for days, shifts, shifts, task or finished work.
  • The document of accreditation of the right to family remuneration of their legal responsibilities, published by the INP or the Compensation Fund. For children who study under 18 years of age up to 24 years of age.
  • You must submit a letter of quotes INP-AFP.

Independent workers

  • They need your Identity card.
  • A quote for anticipation and also for health, it must be from the last month.
  • A certificate to be able to acquire it Health credential fully subscribed by the owner.
  • Certificate or marriage book or also the birth certificate to be able to prove the legal charges for which a regular student certificate must clearly be presented. This includes both minors of 18 years to 24 years, but only if they are studying.
  • A simple affidavit, to verify that the wife or husband and children are not receiving income and that they are living at their expense.
  • Submit a photocopy of about 5 payments pension that correspond to the time of the last 12 months prior to enrollment.
  • Deliver a Disenrollment letter from Isapre, corresponding to the FUN type 2 or 7 disaffiliation form for legal charges.


For pensioners, requirements to enroll in Fonasa are:

  • Present identity card.
  • The respective payroll disaffiliation of Isapre.
  • Deliver the note that accredits the right to the remuneration of your relatives of your legal charges. Again and as mentioned before, that it is issued by the Compensation Fund or by the INP.
  • The certificate filled out by the entity that pay the pension, to obtain the Health Credential.
  • Take the most current voucher of the pension payment.

For those who are unemployed workers the requirements are:

  • They need your identity card.
  • Present the proof of your most current payment unemployment benefit or unemployment insurance.
  • Certificate of the health credential signed by the owner and the employer.
  • The respective Disenrollment letter from Isapre, either Disenrollment Form FUN 2 or type 7 for legal charges.

How is the process to enroll in Fonasa?

Since we have talked about the Requirements to enroll in Fonasa, We will explain in detail the process of just 7 steps so that you can make your registration step by step. You must do the following:

  1. The first thing you should do is enter the official website of Fonasa clicking here. After this, select the option «go to online procedure».
  2. Once you have entered the institution’s website, you must place your RUN, the serial number of your identity card and also your Captcha code and then select «enter».
  3. Then inform on the page if you have family responsibilities and specify what they are, followed by this, click on «enter».
  4. Check and also empty the necessary data in the application form.
  5. Add the documents that they request from you on the web. When selecting an insured class, an enumeration will open with the background information that you must add.
  6. As for having family responsibilities, place them in the submitted form, add your upload permit, which is given to you by the IPS or also by the compensation fund (if your business is affiliated with it), and then click on «send».
  7. After finishing all this process already described, you will have requested the affiliation. The answer to this procedure can be received by email in a 24 hour business period.

Branches to Register in Fonasa

If you want to know which are the branches that Fonasa has so that you can go to it and register, we will mention them all:

  • San Antonio.
  • Miraflores.
  • Camilo Henriquez Avenue.
  • Augustines.
  • San Martin.
  • Libertador Avenue, Bernardo O’Higgins.
  • Vicuña Mackenna Poniente Avenue.
  • Salvador Avenue.
  • Rancagua.
  • Fermín Vivaceta Avenue.
  • Professor Alberto Zañartu.
  • Recoleta Avenue.
  • Portales Avenue.
  • The Great José Miguel Carrera Avenue.
  • Alberto Llona.
  • Concha y Toro Avenue.
  • Plain Subercaseaux.
  • America.
  • Apoquindo Avenue.

There are about 3 more branches, thus having about 21 branches around the country that you can attend when you need it. It is important to clarify that registration to Fonasa it will have no cost.

What is it?

Fonasa (National Health Fund) It is a company that provides services and own goods. It is a financial company whose purpose is to take responsibility for collecting, managing and distributing stable money in order to allocate it to health, in accordance with the policies, laws and regulations that are determined by the Ministry of Health.

The Ministry of Health it is an institution on which it depends Fonasa (National Health Fund), through the Undersecretariat of Public Health in health regulations and policies regarding the benefits of all affiliates, essentially the GES (Scheme of Explicit Guarantees in Health) is measured by the Superintendency of Health.

The National Health Fund works with a distribution method in the which its contributing clients provide 7% of their taxable income and authorize the Single Health Plan.

The solidarity insurance procedure is ordered on the basis of mandatory contribution that is proportional to the entries made by the workers who are in activity with which a fund is made where solidarity in distribution is prioritized.

There are several categories of clients or affiliates among it is: Group A This is made up of individuals who have the gratuity card that is given to them in the office because they are considered to be lacking in resources. This encloses the Basic Solidarity Pensions clients who are the ones who cause the Family Subsidy.

The next group, that is, B includes people who have a monthly tax income that is equal to or less than $ 165,000. And then, going to C, we say that they are made up of people whose income tax each month is greater than $ 165,000 and lower or equal to $ 240,900.

Difference between Fonasa and Isapre

If this question had crossed your mind, we want to make it clear what the difference is between these institutions. While Fonasa is an institution that seeks to give great coverage and attention to Health; Isapre is a health insurance company.

Even so, if you are affiliated with one of them, you cannot be affiliated with the other because there only has to be a quote for one of the two.

We have already concluded, these are all Requirements to enroll in Fonasa that you should know to be able to make your request. In addition to the places you can go to make said registration.

Stop waiting and register to get a great benefit for your health such as Fonasa!


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