Requirements to Enroll in the RNP: Steps, Renewal and MORE

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Do you want to register in the National Registry of Suppliers? Well, there are a number of Requirements to Register in the RNP that will allow you to do so. Knowing them in advance will be very useful to you, as well as knowing what the procedure is, how you can renew the registration, how to correct the observations in the registration application and what the OSCE is.

Register in the National Registry of Suppliers It is mandatory for both natural or legal persons who want to provide the State, either with goods and / or services, as well as consultants or executors of works.

So don’t worry! Today we will be explaining everything you need to know about the RNP registration. Do not go!

What are the requirements to enroll in the RNP?

Let’s start with the Requirements to Register in the RNP. Fulfilling these conditions will allow you to register without any inconvenience, so you must be attentive to all of them.

Let’s see what they are,

  • Verify the status and condition of taxpayer in SUNAT. You must be active (status) and have (condition). It does not matter if you are a supplier of goods, services, or a national or foreign executor or consultant. domiciled. You should also verify.
  • In the event that you are a foreigner, no domiciled, then you must send your documents to the email You must follow the requirements established in the TUPA and, once you send the email, you will start the process.
  • Not have any suspension or disqualification. That is, you cannot have any current sanction. If you have it, you will not be able to register with the RNP until it is resolved.
  • You need the number of receipt and the date of payment to register.
  • Request to the OSCE according to the approved Form.

Likewise, other requirements, for a foreign natural and legal person not domiciled without a legal representative or attorney-in-fact in Peru, are:

  • Copy of the public deed that was registered in Public Registries or equivalent authority in the country of origin. If not, a copy of the official document issued by the competent authority, institution or entity that certifies the activities, purposes and corporate purpose, corresponding to the provision of goods and / or services.
  • Document signed by the Head of the Entity that designates the official or public servant responsible for the procedure.

There are other set of requirements that are requested for the executors of works and consultants of works. If you are interested in knowing them, you just have to follow the first step of the next section.

Steps to Enroll in the RNP

We will try to summarize in the best possible way what are the Steps to Enroll in the RNP. The truth is that it can be very difficult not to understand it, but to explain it by the number of options there are. However, let’s see if we can explain:

First, determine which are the requirements what do you need. These will vary depending on what you are going to provide, be it services, goods, goods and services, and so on.

For this you must enter this link, select the options that fit your case and click on Search. The options are:

  • Record of interest.
  • Type of person (natural or legal).
  • Nationality: national, domiciled foreigner, non-domiciled foreigner.
  • Are you registered?

Then you must pay the processing fee. The amount or you will know when you look for the requirements, so don’t worry.

You have several options depending on whether you are domiciled or not domiciled.

  • Domiciled: online (Pá, BCP, Scotiabank), face-to-face payment (BanBif, BN, Scotiabank, CrediScotia), and through agents and express tellers (Multired, BCP, Scotiabank). In the case of, you must validate it in the RNP system. The form will be enabled in a maximum of 2 days, usually in 1 hour.
  • Not domiciled: interbank transfer or checking account to Banco de la Nación. Once you do, you must send the voucher to

Once this is done, you should submit your paperwork, depending on what you are.

  • Provider of goods and / or services (domiciled), as well as Executors and Consultants of Works (national and foreign): Enter the OSCE website, go to procedures with the RNP, enter your RUC and RNP password. Proceed to complete the form with the requested information and send it. In works you must send your documents to the email
  • Registry of Suppliers of Goods and / or Services (not domiciled): You only have to present the documents to the email

Finally, print the certificate. Access the OSCE government page the day after automatic approval, click on Links of Interest> RNP> Check your process status, And voila! Then you only have to click on the Print option.

It seems to us that the first step is the most important. When you select your procedure, not only will the requirements and the payment of the fee appear, but where you can make the payment, and two instructions with images so that you know how to proceed in that particular case.

You will also be able to know how long the availability of the form takes depending on the payment option you choose and much more. We cannot fail to recommend that you read the instructions carefully, located in the Instances of Resource Resolutions section.


You must create an RNP key if you don’t have one.

How to Correct the Observations in the Registration Request?

It may happen that your procedure has observations in the end they need to be corrected. In this case, you should know a series of guidelines that must be followed by anyone with observations, whether they are providers of goods and / or services or works. Let’s see,

  • You only have two (02) business days to correct the observations that may appear in the process. Also, you will only have one chance to fix it.
  • To correct the observations you must:
    • Enter your website.
    • Go to the section of Orientation of the most visited procedures and services.
    • Select the option that says Access online procedures.
    • Enter your RUC number and RNP password, and click on Start section.
    • Once the form appears, you must correct all the observations that appear. Of course, it only modifies the observed data.
    • Then save the information and send the form again in the corresponding option.
  • Take into account that you must correct the observations from 00:00 to 04:30 pm. If they are sent outside this time, they will be taken the next day.


Registration will not be taken if you do not correct the observations or if the corrections are not considered sufficient. In this case, you will be able to recover the amount you canceled and re-register.

Renew the Registration in the RNP

For Renew the Registration in the RNP When it is no longer valid, you just have to follow the same procedure that you did the first time. Remember that you cannot have any current sanction, otherwise you will not be able to re-register. The Requirements to Register in the RNP they are the same.

Basically, the procedure would go like this:

  • Payment of the fee corresponding to the procedure. In the case of non-domiciled foreigners, you must first send the documentation through the party desk.
  • Electronic form submission.
  • Print the certificate.
  • Correction of observations, if necessary.

We recommend reading the instructions, if you wish: How to re-enroll in the RNP (domiciled), How to re-enroll in the RNP (not domiciled).


The Supervisory Agency for State Procurement (OSCE), promoted by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, is in charge of controlling everything related to the processes of public procurement carried out by State entities.

In this way, it seeks to ensure that these processes are efficient, integrity and competitive, mainly for the benefit of citizens.

Based on the provisions of the State Procurement Law (No. 30225) and in the Legislative Decree of the National Supply System (Nº 1439), it seeks to induce better practices regarding the processes of contracting for the execution and consultancy of works, as well as goods and / or services.

It is the body that administers in the first instance everything related to the National Registry of Suppliers and the one that offers you the opportunity to register from the comfort of your home.

Remember that you only need to enter the government page, OSCE section, and there you will get the indicated entry so that you can make the registration and get the instructions according to your particular procedure.

What is Enrolling in the RNP?

As we said at the beginning, Enroll in the RNP It is mandatory if you want to provide the State with goods and / or services, or consulting and execution of works. This is why it is so necessary to know what the requirements and procedures are to do so.

Luckily, the OSCE has been in charge of providing the tools so that, depending on your type of procedure, you know how much you must pay, where and what steps you must follow. You can find all this in the first step of the registration procedures, don’t forget it.

The truth is that your type of procedure will depend on whether you are a supplier of goods, services, executor of works or consultant of works. In addition, it will depend on whether you are domiciled in the country or not, and if not, if you have a legal representative in Peru.

  • Goods Suppliers: they are all natural or legal persons that have been authorized to supply objects to State entities, when they need them for the fulfillment of their objectives.
  • Service providers: are all natural or legal persons that have been authorized to satisfy the demand of State entities in terms of work or activities, when they need them for the fulfillment of their objectives.
  • Executors of works: They are all natural or legal persons that have been authorized to satisfy the demand for construction, reconstruction, remodeling, improvement, among others, of public works that the State entities consider necessary for the fulfillment of their objectives.
  • Construction consultants: they are all natural or legal persons who have been authorized to provide professional services regarding the preparation of the technical file of works or their supervision. Again, always necessary for the fulfillment of the objectives and development of functions of the State entities.

We hope we have been helpful in terms of Requirements to Register with the RNP.

See ya!


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