Requirements to Enter the Air Force: How is the Process, Benefits and MORE

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This article will reflect the Requirements to enter the Air Force . In case you want to be part of the ares force, we will explain everything related to this below.

The air force refers to the national military unit where they prepare for difficult situations by protecting the air territory. Practically his specialty is the armed forces committed to air disturbances.

People who are part of the air force must use strategies and knowledge of when to attack the adversary to have air control. And help the forces on the ground.

In a country like Colombia, the Air Force is important, this institution has been in operation for 100 years. The Colombian Air Force (FAC) It is one of the three institutions of the Colombian military forces, where its function is to protect and safeguard its airspace to preserve the order of citizenship and sovereignty of the Colombian people.

It is one of the air forces largest in Latin America and more active, where their dispute has always been with narco-terrorism.

If you wish to join the Colombian Air Force, the following points will address which are the Requirements to enter the Air Force.

Requirements to Enter the Air Force

If you want to face the challenge of entering the FAC , we will explain below which are the Requirements to Enter the Air Force:

  1. Be a Colombian citizen or demonstrate that you contain Colombian nationality.
  2. People to enter must be between 16 years to 21 years.
  3. Being single and not having children.
  4. Not be the only child
  5. The person must be at least a high school diploma or be studying grade 11
  6. Have as a minimum height 1.65 to 1.95 mts.
  7. Carry out the course prescription through the page of the FAC

Requirements for Women

Women can also enter this institution, Requirements to Enter the Air Force are as follows:

  1. Be a Colombian citizen or demonstrate that you contain the nationality of that country.
  2. People to enter must be between 16 and 21 years old.
  3. Being single and not having children.
  4. Not be the only child
  5. The person must be at least a bachelor or be studying grade 11.
  6. To enter the woman must be a minimum height of 1.60 mts and if it is for the flight body 1.65 mts.
  7. Carry out the course prescription through the page of the FAC.

Necessary documents

To enter the FAC They ask you for a series of documents that are the following:

  1. Person must not have a criminal record before organizations or institutions.
  2. Take your pre-registration where you must enter the page of the FAC .
  3. Photocopy of your identity card, that is understood and that it is enlarged to 150%.
  4. The person must carry the driving document.
  5. Photocopy of military notebook only for men.
  6. Photocopy of your title and certificate.
  7. Document where you explain your respective work, putting the start date for the completion of the contract.
  8. Information regarding the ICFES.

Cost of Entering the Air Force

People who enter the FAC They will have an education through military and academic training, which includes the health, transportation and food system.

People must also submit the results of the following exams:

  1. Examination regarding dental panorex.
  2. For men and women to have an EEG.
  3. And only for women The abdominal pelvic ultrasound examination should be performed.

These important tests are must be done on your own and expense of the person through a medical center where it has a good reputation in the Colombian territory.

And they must deliver it the respective day on which the official summons him to the medical examinations.

It is important to highlight that through the resulting information, the cost of the Air Force registration is $ 140,000. But this price is not constant, that is to say that is subject to change.

That is why it is recommended to consult and verify the information through the page of the FAC where from time to time the prices are updated.

To pay you can go directly to the facilities of the FAC , do it virtually (which is a new modality) at the bank of your choice or through the Banco Popular application.

How is the process to enter?

It is important that applicants know steps to enter the Colombian Air Force, the following will explain the step by step:

  1. You must first go directly to the page of the Colombian Air Force (FAC).
  2. Search the form regarding pre-registration.
  3. You will have to fill it out and then save it in a PDF file that the system will send you by email.
  4. Download the file and print the pre-registration notice.
  5. Attend any of the military air departments, whichever is closest to your home.
  6. Your registration will be done through an official who will check if you have complied with all the requirements to Enter the Air Force.
  7. You should bring a copy of the receipt for the current account of the popular Bank, for a value of $ 140,000 (that price may vary while the FAC updates it) , putting your respective registration code, where you will have to identify it with your name and surname of the person you want to enter.
  8. The photo that you will attach with the pre-registration document must be a 3 × 4 cm size photo. Where the man must have a jacket, tie and the woman a suit.
  9. The tests to choose the people take approximately 5 days.

It is important to highlight that for the incorporation of the Colombian Air Force there is a selection procedure where the people who wish to join are those who will demonstrate through their effort to belong to this institution.

In other words, the institution has the same opportunities without the respective preference of any kind.

Benefits of belonging to the Air Force

As it is already clear to him which are the requirements to Enter the Air ForceIt is also important to highlight what are those benefits that will be provided to them when they have already entered this important institution.

  1. People should feel comfortable belonging to the FAC because they will be in one of the most efficient and modern air forces in America.
  2. It will be formed by trained people where the competition skill and know the values.
  3. Applicants will have a job continuity.
  4. You will have the opportunity to carry out your tasks in Colombian territory or you can also do it abroad, respecting the areas that help the Colombian Air Force to be important in the protection and safeguarding of the nation.
  5. Each year applicants will enjoy 30 days vacation, where they will give you a premium at 6 months, Christmas and holidays.
  6. With his family they can visit and carry out activities in the recreational centers of the air force and military.
  7. Applicants will grant financial subsidies so that they can look for a home through the document that is present in the rules.
  8. The Colombian Air Force will help its applicants regarding the health issue where it will provide them with a health system of the military force, which is one of the best in the nation.
  9. You will have the opportunity to get a retirement allowance (retirement pension) for the time in which I provide service to your country and not precisely because of your respective age.

It is important that people who provide aid to your nation feel comfortable about the work they are doing. Because they help in the protection of all Colombian inhabitants. This important career is 4 years long.

If you have already graduated from this incredible institution, you can choose the following specializations:

  1. Logistics Administration.
  2. Right.
  3. Training regarding Military physics.
  4. Civil Engineering through a deal with the Nueva Granada Military University.
  5. International relations.

If it is your dream to enter this prestigious institution such as the Colombian Air Force, find out and investigate what the next registrations are so that you can take all requirements to Enter the Air Force.


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