Requirements to Enter the Air Force: Process, Costs and MORE

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Entering the Air Force is an aspiration of many young people today, here you can read everything that interests you on the subject in the Requirements to enter the Air Force in Ecuador.

Do not think about it anymore, and then be attentive to all the information that is shown in this article. You can know the requirements, the process, the costs and of course the advantages of belonging to the air corps of the Armed Forces of Ecuador.

Not only will it be a dream come true, but it will also be serving society and the country with a profession that will allow it to grow and develop throughout life.

What are the Requirements to Enter the Air Force?

The aspiration of many young people can then be made a reality by complying with the Requirements to Enter the Air Force. The following are the necessary requirements to enter the Ecuadorian Air Force:

  • According to the Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador, in its Article 7, it must be Ecuadorian nationality by birth.
  • Civil status single, that does not have family charges (children).
  • Must be over 22 years old, for the moment of entering the Training School.
  • Consign a copy certified by the Ministry of Education of the Certificate of graduation and bachelor’s degree.
  • Third-year high school students can participate, with a certification that they are in the last year and possible date of graduation.
  • Applicants to join the Air Force must pass the Be a Bachelor exam and achieve a rating of at least 700 points. Also, you must not have applied to any other institution of higher education.
  • If you have not taken the Be a Bachelor exam, must present proof of registration to do it at the next scheduled opportunity.
  • In the case of Technical Cadets and Infant Airmen the minimum accepted height is 1.60 cm for women and 1.65 cm for men.
  • For the Pilot Cadets the minimum height is 1.63 cm for women and 1.65 cm for men. Likewise, a maximum height of 1.90 cm.
  • Likewise, the applicant must not have been discharged from active service in accordance with current regulations, from the Military Training Schools of the Armed Forces, National Police and the Traffic Commission of Ecuador.
  • Likewise, they must not have a criminal record or be in pending legal proceedings.
  • The applicant must not belong to any political party.

Recruitment Process to Enter the Air Force

Continuing with the Requirements to Enter the Air Force, Now you will learn about the process that is carried out in the Air Force to recruit applicants.

Here are the steps to be taken by applicants to enter the Air Force:

  • You must enter the website of recruitment.
  • Subsequently, enter the recruiting system of the Air Force.
  • You must select the 2020 unified process.
  • Proceed to make the choice of the specialty: Infant Student, Technical Student, Pilot Cadet, Technical Cadet and the headquarters (Quito only option).
  • Make the record of the uniform size. Also of personal data, physical data and education.
  • Confirm the information and click to send. In case of any inconsistency, you can make the corresponding changes by contacting the recruiting office.
  • Make delivery of the folder with the documentation. It must be a plastic folder with a transparent cover, light blue color, it must be perforated and in the respective order. It must be delivered on the site and on the date indicated.
  • If the applicant meets the requirements, go to The next stage is the evaluations.
  • Likewise, the applicant must complete the academic exam, the medical examination, the psychological examination and a psychiatric examination.
  • Must perform Physical tests.
  • The applicant has to attend a interview.

Must be take into consideration the following:

  • Applicants they must not change specialty after the registration is done.
  • The choice of candidates is made on the merits, after reviewing the portfolio and the grades achieved in the admission tests.
  • The training course for Technical and Weapon Officer has a duration of four years and the rank of Second Lieutenant is awarded. You can reach the rest of the hierarchies reaching the rank of general.
  • On the other hand, the training course for Airman or Airborne Infantry lasts two years and grants the rank of soldier, being able to climb up to the rank of senior noncommissioned officer.

Registration Costs to Enter the Air Force

Reviewing the Requirements to Enter the Air Force, it can be indicated that the applicant has successfully passed the entrance exams and is chosen to enter the training course, You only have to pay for the acquisition of personal items.

During the course, it will be the only thing you will pay, should not cancel any money for studies, uniforms and other concepts.

Advantages of Entering the Air Force

Continuing with the Requirements to Enter the Air Force, It is found that the members of the Air Forces receive support, recognition and special treatment not only from the Ecuadorian State, but also from many companies that do their part.

Receive discounts on different products and services, so part of the advantages and benefits of belonging to the Ecuadorian Air Force can be mentioned:

  • Discounts on air travel.
  • Special treatment when purchasing cars and motorcycles.
  • Likewise, for baby and maternity expenses.
  • In books, magazines and publications.
  • In the articles of ccomputing and electronics.
  • Discounts too in clothing and apparel.
  • For the acquisition of food.
  • Of course, for one’s own education and that of family members.
  • In the Cruises that you take.
  • Discounts in supermarkets, hotels and posadas.
  • Also, in theaters.
  • Equally, can enjoy exclusive clubs, theme parks and attractions.
  • Special benefits when vacationing.
  • Additionally, they usually attend exclusive shows on military bases, by musicians, artists, celebrities, among others.


Within the Requirements to Enter the Air Force, We have that the component of the Air Force of Ecuador receives monthly salaries that are mentioned below.


  • The Air General has an income of $ 5,481 to $ 5,560.
  • The Lieutenant General has an income of $ 5,242 to $ 5,358.
  • A Brigadier General has an income of $ 4,713 to $ 5,111
  • Coronel has an income of $ 3,925 to $ 3,419.
  • The Lieutenant Colonel has an income of $ 3,142 to $ 3,541.
  • A Major has an income of $ 2,618 to $ 2,944.
  • The Captain has an income of $ 2,390 to $ 2,537.
  • The Lieutenant has an income of $ 1,735 to $ 1,810.
  • A Second Lieutenant has an income of $ 1,462 to $ 1,548.


  • The Chief Warrant Officer has an income of $ 2,618 to $ 2,669.
  • Chief Warrant Officer has an income of $ 2,390 to $ 2,481.
  • A Second Warrant Officer has an income of $ 1,735 to $ 1,804.
  • The Master Sergeant has an income of $ 1,462 to $ 1,643.
  • A Second Sergeant He has an income of $ 1,254 to $ 1,408.
  • Cabo Primero has an income of $ 1,124 to $ 1,244.
  • Cabo Segundo has an income of $ 1,020 to $ 1,102.
  • A Soldier has an income of 933 to 987 dollars.

Also, the annual compensation it ranges from 1,628 for a soldier to 25,400 for an Air General.

What is it?

The Ecuadorian Air Force (FAE) is one of the three branches of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Ecuador, together with the Army and the Navy. It also fulfills the military role a function of economic development through the aeronautical industry.

The air force is the branch of the armed forces responsible for the air confrontation, different from the army, which is the land branch, and the navy, which is the maritime branch. It is in charge of having control of the air, carrying out strategic bombing missions and supporting surface forces.

The Air Force has a combination of fighters, bombers, transport planes, and helicopters. Many of the air forces are in control of anti-aircraft artillery and missiles.

In 2019, the Ecuadorian Air Force graduated two female Combat Pilots, the first in the country. This occurred prior to the celebration of the 100 years of existence of this force and marking a milestone in gender equality and also giving impetus for many women to join this air force.

Having read the Requirements to Enter the Air Force, He already has a better vision of what it means to belong to this honorable body of the Armed Forces of Ecuador.

Now, it only remains for you to make the final decision and proceed to present the tests and enter the Training Schools. Ahead! a great opportunity awaits you.


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