Requirements to enter the Argentine Army: as a Volunteer, Documents and MORE

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The requirements to enter the Argentine army is one of the searches that most young people do in this country. Many do not know, but Serving the army of the Argentine Republic is very inhibiting due to its long tradition that the state has.

For the Argentine army, military service is the development of certain military activities and a set of regulations established by law for Argentine citizens and that refer to the fulfillment of Military Service.

In some cases, military activities are paid and in others they are not. As of 1901 by the Minister of War by Law No. 4301 during the presidency of Julio Argentino Roca. At that time, Argentines were recruited around 20 and 21 years of age and its duration was 18 to 24 months.

If you are interested or are looking for a way to be part of the Argentine army, you need to take note because we will show you the requirements to be able to enter and they are:

Requirements to enter the Argentine army

The Argentine army consists of serving the country in national defense, in order to protect certain interests such as: Independence, protect natural resources, understand social integrity, work for the protection of life, property and the freedom of citizens.

An army full of democratic values, with the necessary equipment to defend the positions and interests of a nation such as: contributing to scientific, economic, social and independent development.

Voluntary military service is the service that people choose to be there by choice., and many of the Argentines contribute to the national defense, applying their effort and dedication, in the units and organisms of the Argentine Military Forces.

Many of the soldiers develop certain activities or techniques and as well as administrative, those that are necessary for the maintenance and function of the units, for which these military personnel receive adequate education and instructions for the growth of their careers.

Having passed the admission courses, the volunteer can enter the Military Force, signing all service commitments for a period of two years.

  1. Pass the basic cycle of primary school and check all grades, whether from a public or private institute.
  2. Take a psychophysical exam that you must pass
  3. If the person is under 21 years of age, they will have to present the authorization of their parents or representatives.
  4. Being legally single, having dependent children applies.
  5. Bring a certificate of good conduct for entry

Necessary documents:

It is important to take note of these aspects that are mentioned, in this way, the registration process is carried out that can be of great help, below, the necessary documents to enter the Argentine army:

  1. Make the registration in the nearest military unit.
  2. Pass the entrance exam, it contains subjects such as history, mathematics and current geopolitics.
  3. Pass the physical fitness test
  4. Perform the medical examination
  5. And finally, take the psycho-technical test

Requirements to enter the Argentine Army as a volunteer soldier

Voluntary military service is a provision that is carried out by their own decision, Argentines, women, men, Argentine nationals, by choice, etc. This goes, with the purpose of covering the fulfillment of a personnel, be it of the navy, combat, naval base or institutions of the national navy.

To enter the Argentine army as a volunteer soldier you must approach the unit where you can receive detailed information. In the same way, here we bring you the basic requirements that you must take into account:

  1. Be an Argentine citizen
  2. Be between 18 and 24 years old at the time of joining
  3. Marital status: Single in the same way you can have children as long as they are dependent
  4. Have approved primary studies
  5. Present the certificate of criminal record
  6. Finally, have physical and healthy conditions
  7. For more information on the different side dishes of the country you can find it in this link

Cost to enter the Argentine army

The good news is that it has no cost to enter the Argentine army, as it is a volunteer job, it is a free program that fills the country with great value and honor.

The same way, these citizens will receive a salary from the country as long as they fulfill the service. If the person really is dedicated to being part of the military career, it will be paid for, for which the student does not pay.

If you want to be an officer, it is very important to study a military career for 4 years and graduate with a university degree. If the person wants to choose to be a noncommissioned officer, they must study at an institute and the degree lasts approximately two years.

Places to enter the Argentine army

It is very easy to get the different places, to be able to enter the national army, we bring you some spaces and institutions that may be of great interest to enter the Argentine army and they are:

In Buenos Aires, in the Palermo neighborhood (CABA) in: The “Patricios” Infantry Regiment, the “General San Martín” Horse Grenadier Regiment and the “Cirujano Mayor Cosme Argerich” Central Military Hospital.

Registrations are at the “Palermo” Recruitment Office.

In Campo de Mayo (Buenos Aires) in: The Artillery Regiment «Brigadier General Tomás de Iriarte», the Air Assault Regiment 601, the Campo de Mayo Military Hospital «First Surgeon Doctor Juan Madera», the Directorate of Operational Education (DEOP ), Colegio Militar de la Nación (CMN) and the Army NCO School «Sargento Cabral» (ESESC)

What are the benefits?

This is a race of commitment and loyalty to the military institutions, the power that those in uniform have where they can change the course of any problems of a nation, it is important to highlight, their achievements, falls and functions.

This makes a country full of values, increases its patriotic integrity and fills it with knowledge for the growth of a nation like Argentina.

History collects a large part of experiences and images that remain over the years, that is why the government grants a large part of both social and economic benefits.

This begins from the end of the Falklands War, at that time facilities were created for the army.

There were great young people who fought in different wars and when they returned they were in problematic situations of all kinds and that is why the decision was made to help.

Currently the benefits have been improved over time and it has remained in the growth of the Argentine Army and are:

  • It facilitates and provides support in large study projects to all members of the army regardless of the branch.
  • They obtain training courses to enter the world of work
  • There is medical insurance for both soldiers and the family of those admitted.
  • These soldiers have a clinical assistance center to be treated at no cost
  • The government provides a facility to acquire housing to all members of the armed forces
  • The family would receive a pension in case something higher risk happens.

Fun facts

A tragic event occurred in 1994 when an 18-year-old boy was murdered by other soldiers, this put the Military Service on trial, since after this case the Mandatory Military Service law was suspended and new ideas were opened where the candidates were registered and after that service they assigned him a monthly remuneration.

The Compulsory Military Service Law is still in force, it is known that it can be put into practice in times of crisis or national emergency. These decisions are spoken and defined by the State authorities.

The Army contains unique stories that throughout time continue to enchant young and old alike. We move on different planes, we do not understand the scope and the process of an army.

The fight, the power, the bravery and the defense are words that do not fill the effort of these armies. They are for many a pride of the nation and for that they have been recognized for years.

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