Requirements to Enter the Army: Steps, Advantages, and MORE

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Do you want to be part of the Ecuadorian Army? There are some Requirements to Enter the Army you should know if the answer is yes. Along with these, it is also important to know the steps to follow, the advantages of entering the army, the average salary, the length of military service, and other things that we will be explaining to you today.

The Ecuadorian Army It is part of the Armed Forces, being the most competitive branch with the greatest capacity, with almost 45,000 members. Its main function is the defense of territorial integrity and sovereignty.

By 2020 the service is no longer mandatory, so if you are interested in entering the army, here we will be telling you everything you need to know. Do not go!

What are the Requirements to Enter the Ecuadorian Army?

The Requirements to Enter the Army They are undoubtedly the basis of all the information that we will offer you today. These are the first things you should take into account if you want to become a member of this institution, which has been active for almost 200 years.

Let’s see what are the requirements that you must have up to date,

  • Have Ecuatorian nationality by birth. Likewise, you must have an Ecuadorian father and / or mother.
  • Do not exceed the maximum age established by training schools, which generally range from a minimum of 18 years to 22 years of age for aspiring soldiers of arms and services, and up to 35 years of age for applicants to specialist soldiers. This is so both in the three training schools in Ecuador:
    • Eloy Alfaro Military High School (ESMIL)
    • Training School for Soldiers of the Army Vencedores del Cenepa (ESFORSE) Y Iwias School.
  • Do not have a criminal, police or judicial record.
  • Civil status single and without any family burden (children). This condition must remain throughout the training process.
  • Regarding the academic level, you must have a bachelor’s degree. In this sense, the baccalaureate studies must have been face-to-face and it must be a full period.
  • Pass the exams Physical, psychological, medical and academic is a vital requirement to be able to enter the Army.
  • Minimum stature in men it is 1.65 m, in women it is 1.60 m.
  • Not having been discharged for disciplinary reasons from the National Police, the Armed Forces or the Transit Commission of Ecuador.
  • Approve the Exam Being Bachelor, of higher education, with the score established by each school of aspiring soldiers of arms and services
    • ESMIL and ESFORSE: obtain a minimum score of 700 points.
    • Iwias: obtain a minimum of 650 points.

What’s more,

  • Applicants to military specialists must register the academic degree in the SENASCYT.
  • Be registered on the page of the institute of interest and collect the documentation specifically required.
  • Applicants to the Iwias School must know a native language and be a native of a province in the Amazon.

Those are basically all Requirements for Entry to the Ecuadorian Army. However, you must bear in mind that these may change if so decided by one of the Schools. Our general recommendation is to go to the website that interests you and check the unique requirements.

For voluntary military service you will only need to pass the different exams, not have a criminal record and not exceed 22 years of age with 0 days of having completed them at the time of entry.

Steps to Follow to Enter the Ecuadorian Army

The Steps to Follow to Enter the Ecuadorian Army They will depend on the School to which you are going to apply. In general, you must register on the website, in the section that they will have for the candidates, and upload the documents that they will specify there.

Military service

However, according to the Directorate of Mobilization of the Armed Forces, to register online to enter the Military service, firstly what you should do is:

  • Upload a passport-size photo to your electronic device and have your ID at hand.
  • Enter the website of the Directorate of Mobilization of the Armed Forces.
  • Click on the Military Service section.
  • Review the registration instructions, the requirements, and so on.
  • Sign up. There is a specific option that says Sign up here, which you must select. Remember that Requirements to Enter the Army for Military Service are:
    • Pass the exams.
    • Have no criminal record.
    • Be 18 to 22 years old just turned.
    • Identity card.
  • To register you must offer your identification number, verify your background and academic level, offer personal data, upload the digital photo, select the Mobilization Center of your choice and take the psychological test.
  • Once registered, print the Certificate or Record, in which the presentation shift and the basic data are reflected.

On the day of the presentation, you must bring your identity card, the File, two sets of sportswear, underwear, personal hygiene supplies, a suit and bathing sandals.

You should know that by performing the Voluntary Military Service You will obtain the necessary preparation to enter the ESMIL, the ESFORSE and the Iwias School. That is, you will have an advantage.

ESMIL, ESFORSE and IWIAS Training Schools.

To request the direct entry to any of these training schools, what you should do is:

  • Enter the Army Entry and Selection System. You can access from this link.
  • In the case such that you are registered, you must enter with your username and password.
  • If you are not, you have to click on the relevant option. There you must select the Training School, choose the period of the process, enter your identification number and choose a password of your choice, to later confirm it. This will generate a user with which you can enter the page.
  • Once inside, you must click on the option Registration Form. You must fill out the eight forms referring to: general data, training school, academic level, honorable mention, sports and skills, father, mother, attorney-in-fact.
  • Fill in all the fields that ask you and check that the information does not contain errors. For example, make no mistake about putting your height in meters when they ask for it in centimeters. Likewise, the email should be one that you use, as there could be important notifications.
  • Whenever you finish a form, click on Keep. When you’re done, go back to the first form and click Print Registration.
  • Finally, save the form as a PDF file to consolidate with the rest of the documents required for the delivery of the folder on the web.

How is the folder delivered?

It is extremely simple. What you should do once you have Registration form is:

  • First, create a folder with all the documents requested, in PDF format. This must be in the name of the candidate code that will appear in the Upload Folder section. Furthermore, they must be in resonance with the Requirements to Enter the Army.
  • Re-enter the recruitment page.
  • Click on Upload Folder. Right there the candidate code will appear with which you will have to name said folder.
  • Next, you must select Examine to browse for the file and then Upload when the file is already there.

That’s it! Remember that documents must be clear and legible. In addition, all must have at least two responsibility signatures, being the first from the applicant and the other from the mother, father and / or attorney-in-fact.

You can find here in Instructive Registration to join the Ecuadorian Army.

You should also keep in mind that there are process to follow. There is a beginning of the selection process that lasts until August, in which you must apply according to the last digit of your identity card, and then you must deliver the folders. Finally, you get to the final selection, where you will see if you stayed or not.

Advantages of Joining the Ecuadorian Army

The Advantages of Joining the Ecuadorian Army without a doubt, they constitute a very important aspect when making the decision to join the Army. Even knowing them could be considered part of the Requirements to Enter the Army.

With respect to Military service, the benefits you will receive are:

  • Daily meals during the time of stay.
  • Free dental and medical service.
  • Monthly remuneration.
  • You will enjoy a complete training, both in values ​​and principles and in physical preparation.
  • You will be able to participate in the Armed Forces Reservists race.
  • You will acquire the necessary training to be able to enter the schools of the Armed Forces. Not only from the army, but from the aviation and naval force.
  • Preparation and knowledge to enter the military schools of the three branches of the Armed Forces.
  • It only lasts one year and you can choose a military life, if you are young.

Regarding the advantages of studying in some Army school, we can find:

  • It is a formal training in the Military Sciences. Basically it is a career in which you can obtain your degree, in the case of ESMIL, or the title of technologist, in the case of the other two schools.
  • You will come out more prepared because the preparation time is much longer. At ESMIL, this is 4 years of training, while at ESFORSE and at the Iwias School the training is for 2 years.
  • In the Escuela Superior Militar Eloy Alfaro you will obtain the rank of second lieutenant at the end of the preparation.
  • You will go out as a soldier in the other two schools.
  • You can learn about discipline, the art of war, the military history of your country and many other things.

You should know that if you are going to enter a school it is because you have a military life in your plans. In addition, you will continue to receive most of the benefits of Military Service, this preparation being the second phase of such service.

How Long Does Military Service Last?

The duration of Military Service, As we said before, it lasts for only one year. During this time the patriotic spirit, their values ​​and beliefs, of the volunteer will be strengthened, at the same time that a military training is given.

The requirements to enter the Military Service They are nothing more than being of legal age, up to 21 years with 11 months and 30 days, not having a criminal record and passing all psychological tests.

It consists of two phases, where in the first you will have to do a year of volunteer service and, if you want to continue and dedicate yourself to the defense of the country, then do the bachelor’s degree, which will be in one of the three schools: ESFORSE, ESMIL or Iwias.

Once you switch to these schools, you will continue to receive the same benefits, which is an advantage in itself.

In addition, while it is not a requirement to do military service before applying to any school, it is an advantage that will increase your chances of being selected. For this reason we have mentioned it.

How Much Do You Earn When You Join the Army?

With respect to Salary when entering the ArmyThis will depend on the position held. There are many positions: soldier, position, sergeant, captain, having, second lieutenant … Depending on which one you have, the monetary benefits will decrease.

Although there is a bonus in Military Service, it is less than what a soldier would earn, which is the base of the military pyramid. This is so because when doing service you are not in the Army as such.

In this sense, Military ranks of the Ecuadorian Army divided into two: Officers and Troops. Obviously you start in Troops and as you achieve various achievements you work your way up to the base rank of Officers.

  • Annually, a soldier can earn up to $ 1,000, while the head of the Troops (Chief Warrant Officer) can earn up to $ 2,700.
  • In the category of Officers, a second lieutenant can earn up to $ 1,500, while an Army General can earn up to $ 5,500 annually.

There are undoubtedly incentives to move up the grade, although not only economically. Moving up in the Army is a demonstration of training, skill, and knowledge.

What is it?

The Ecuador Army It is part of the Armed Forces, it is the so-called land force. It has the largest number of members compared to the Navy and Air Force.

It is guided, like any other military institution, by a pyramid of degrees. This is divided into Officers and Troops, just in that order. In the Troops we can find, in order: Soldier, Second Corporal, First Corporal, Second Sergeant, First Sergeant, Second First NCO, and finally the Senior NCO, who is the one above the rest.

Regarding the OfficersThese are located from lower rank to higher rank: Captain, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General and General Commander of the Army, which is the head of the entire Ecuadorian Army.

Acquiring degrees is a lifelong job. It is a profession that requires constant training, so if you feel like it suits you, great!

We hope we have helped you with the Requirements to Enter the Army.

Until next time!


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