Requirements to Enter the Colombian Army: Documents, What it is and MORE

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The Colombian army is the base of the nation’s land power. As part of the joint force, he promotes and protects the interests of Colombia, deters threats to the country’s sovereignty and, if necessary, defeats them. That is why in the following paragraphs in Manage it we will tell you the Requirements to Enter the Colombian Army.

Soldiers in the Colombian military have a responsibility to protect themselves, others, and the state from national terrorists and foreign enemies. Soldiers can have many different types of jobs. In fact, the army. It offers more than 150 career options, known as military occupation specialties. Anyone, all soldiers do their part to help preserve freedom and democracy.

The responsibilities outlined in the Army and National Guard Soldier’s Creed. They include putting mission first, never giving up, maintaining fitness and experience, discipline, personal care, and team maintenance. All new recruits are combat trained during basic training. After completing the basic, most soldiers’ tasks will focus on military combat and field operations.

Therefore, they have a responsibility to be in the best mental and physical condition. Soldiers take great courage to volunteer in positions that are often in the direct line of fire, such as infantrymen, ballistics experts, and mine sweeper operators. Those with specialized training can also drive tanks and armored vehicles. However to start as a recruit you will need some documents.

What are the requirements to enter the Colombian Army?

The following are the basic requirements to enlist:

  1. You must be a resident foreign Colombian citizen.
  2. Be between 17 and 34 years old.
  3. Seventeen-year-olds need parental consent.
  4. Have a high school diploma. Have no more than two dependents.
  5. Take and pass the Armed Services Professional Aptitude Battery test.
  6. Pass a medical examination from the military entry processing station.

Soldiers who enter will be members of the military who defend democracy and help protect Colombia and its allies. They perform similar but different tasks in service to the military. As members of a team, soldiers must work together consistently to accomplish everyday tasks, and special missions. At all times, Soldiers must conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates adherence to the Seven Core Values.

The values ​​are: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. These admirable values ​​serve soldiers well throughout their lives. In Colombia, a soldier who shows his loyalty for a long time will be rewarded with great benefits the day he decides to retire. However, it is necessary to mention that everything has a price, and being a soldier is not entirely easy.

It’s not easy because everyone who belongs to the military will always have a risk ratio in whatever mission is carried out. This is why Colombia is in search of people with formidable values. It is necessary that you complete the Requirements to Enter the Colombian Army

Requirements for Women

ANDThe military has strict height, weight, and body fat composition rules for recruits. The measurements allowed vary according to age and gender. A 5-foot-6-inch woman, for example, should weigh at least 117 pounds, but cannot weigh more than 155 to 161 pounds, depending on age. A 5-foot-9-inch man has to weigh at least 128 pounds, but cannot tip the scales more than 175 to 188 pounds.

If you refer to documents, They are exactly the same as those mentioned in the previous point. However, those physical and mental requirements that are requested are being mentioned.

Following the previous paragraph, body fat cannot be more than 30 to 36 percent in women or more than 20 to 26 percent in men. However, the service also provides one-on-one counseling to overweight recruits to help them create an exercise and nutrition routine for women. They must take a physical fitness exam to detect health conditions that could cause problems on the battlefield.

However recruiting applicants with hearing problems and poor night vision can also miss the cut. Good vision is essential to pass field tests. You must complete the Requirements to Enter the Colombian Army.

Documents to present to enter the Colombian Army

To enter the army, the documents they request are:

  • Colombian identity card
  • Residence bill
  • Birth certificate
  • Application approval
  • Medical condition

But nevertheless, the documents will depend on the person who wants to become a soldier. You will then have to pass the field test to be admitted. The field tests consist of physical and mental work so that the soldier can act without inconveniences in his tasks. It will also depend on the time that elapses between home and assignment.

Usually the average time between home and assignment to a basic training unit it is 7-14 days. During this time, your soldier travels for 1-2 days and processes for 3-4 days. However, keep in mind that soldiers are only in process Monday through Friday, so if you arrive later in the week, you will carry over to the following week.

It is also important to remember that this process can be longer for infantrymen attending unit training from a station for 14 weeks. This is because those units are full of soldiers, while the 9 week basic training units are full.

How much does it cost to enter the Colombian Army?

The registration fee to enroll in the army is $ 332,000. Medical tests have a cost of $ 800,000 and the optional test $ 130,000 pesos. But you have to be aware that you run the risk of being included in some reservation.

By law, as a member of the Reserve, you must, upon request, obtain a leave of absence to satisfy a military training requirement. The Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act requires employers to provide reservists with time away from their jobs to perform military service. However, you must notify your employer that you intend to take military leave.

Must be reemployed after completing military duty and return to work within a reasonable time. It should be treated as if you never stopped working, including scheduled raises, promotions, or longevity or vacation credit. Your employer only has to keep a job open for 60 months if they accept voluntary requests.

However, to enjoy the benefits you have to reconcile the Requirements to Enter the Colombian Army.

Benefits of Entering the Colombian Army

The benefits will come once you have enlisted and you’ve chosen a career path (or, as is often the case, you’ve chosen a career path for yourself), the Army will send you to Basic Combat Training. While this specific training may not be relevant to your civil career (unless you decide to become a personal trainer). You will have a noticeable physical improvement.

Discipline, time management, teamwork, perseverance, and leadership – these are valuable skills that are taught during basic training. After basic training, you will be provided with advanced individual training specific to your job that includes hands-on education and field instruction. You will feel much better about yourself.

But nevertheless, there are other benefits in addition to those obtained through training, these are:

  • Constant Income – You are paid twice a month, on the 1st and 15th, each month, based on your pay grade and service requirements.
  • Advance: You It is promoted based on knowledge of the job, its performance, time in salary qualification, and service requirements.
  • Paid Vacation: You earn 2.5 days of paid vacation per month for a total of 30 days each year up to 60 days.
  • Training – You choose your career path based on your aptitude, physical abilities, safety clearance, motivation, and determination. All honors are open to women, including combat roles.
  • Medical Care – While on active duty, you will receive comprehensive medical and dental care at no cost.
  • Life Insurance: Active duty members select up to $ 200,000 in term life insurance for $ 18 per month.

What is the Colombian Army?

The Colombian Army. It is a strategic instrument of national policy that has served our country well in peace and war for more than two centuries. Soldiers enable Colombia to fulfill its global leadership responsibilities to safeguard our national interests, prevent global calamity, and make the world a safer place.

They do this by seeking peaceful solutions to frictions between nation states, addressing the problems of human suffering, and, when necessary, fighting and winning our nation’s wars, our non-negotiable contract with the American people. Without a doubt, entering the army is a very brave and risky experience.


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