Requirements to enter the Colombian Navy

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Do you want to enter the Navy in Colombia? Read in this article the Requirements to enter the Navy.

Be part of this magnificent institution, it is time. Learn about the entry and training opportunities offered by this prestigious body and serve society in an exemplary way.

Read on and find out all the details.

Requirements to enter the Navy

This is a great opportunity offered by the Colombian Navy, allowing young people who are finishing secondary education to join its ranks and become part of it.

The General requirements to enter the Navy we have the following:

  • Be from Colombian nationality.
  • Have an age between 16 years and 23 years, when you enter the School.
  • Not having children.
  • Not be married, nor in a stable de facto union.
  • It is supported female and male.
  • Must have completed the baccalaureate or be in grade 11.
  • Must have a score between 35 and 45 in the areas of mathematics, natural sciences and language. Or similar to the score obtained in the know 11. tests. If you do not have that score, you can continue with the applicant process.
  • The required height is for men of 1.65 mts. and for women 1.60 mts. as a minimum. Non-exclusive requirement for participation, but considered by the Evaluation Committee.
  • It is essential to know how to swimCertification is not required, but it is a condition validated by the Evaluation Committee.
  • Lack no tattoo that can be seen with the uniform. Condition that will be reviewed by the Evaluation Committee.

Necessary documents

For those who aspire to enter the Navy, the recommendation is that they comply with the Requirements to enter the Navy , discussed above. If you do not have them, do not continue with the registration process.

Basic documents:

Here are the steps to register online:

  • Enter the section Registration, incorporations and incorporation processes to register online.
  • Fill out the form for the process you want.
  • You must upload the proof of payment of the registration.
  • Attach an extension to 150% of the identity card.

Specific documents

The applicant who has been selected to continue, since he passed the second part of the process, that is, the test of psychological and physical abilities, being considered competent, apply to attach the following documents:

  • You must attach the ICFES results, taking into account the minimum score required.
  • Attach copy of diploma completion of secondary education.
  • You must also attach a copy of the Degree certificate high school.
  • If you are still studying high school, attach grade 11 certificate.
  • You must load grades 6 through 11 into the system.
  • Prepare the Act of Commitment for applicants and parents who participate.
  • Sign and print the Memorandum of association.
  • Include two postcard-size family photographs, JPEG format. These photographs should be one in the family room of the house and the other in the front of the house, where the location of the house is shown very well.
  • Further, two 3 × 4 photographs, where the ears can be seen. Royal blue background. It must be in JPEG format.
  • To attach proof of vaccination.
  • Have the Birth Certificate updated.
  • Present the salary certificate of parents or representatives.
  • Deliver Notarized Singleness Letter that certifies not having children. (applies to people over 18 years old).
  • Present the Colombian validation of studies, if I attend secondary education abroad.
  • Process the formats that are online in the tab «Incorporation forms», section «incorporation process».

How much does it cost to enter the Marina?

An important question that parents and relatives of a young man with aspirations to enter the Navy generally ask. Of course there are levels of demand in academic training, similar to those of other institutions of higher studies and therefore you must have a budget prepared for this new stage undertaken by a family member:

  • At the Almirante Padilla Naval Cadet School, the training of Naval and Infantry Cadet of the Regular Navy, it lasts for approximately four years. This training is aimed at high school graduates. The cost is 45 millions of pesos.
  • For aspiring Professional Naval Cadet and / or Professional Cadet of Marine Infantry, whose duration is one year. Has a value of 17 million of pesos.
  • If the entry is for training such as Cadets of the Administrative Body, the training takes six months and the cost is nine million of pesos.
  • Now, for the Naval School of NCOs located in Barranquilla, the training for Naval Cabin aimed at high school graduates. It lasts for two years and the cost is 14 million of pesos. For professional technicians who want to be Technical Cabin, the training time is one year. Has a value of 10 million of pesos.
  • If the applicant wants to be Administrative Cabin, your training will last six months and you will have to pay Seven million of pesos.
  • Likewise, the Marine Infantry Training School directs the training of Marine Infantry student to high school graduates, for two years. The student must pay eight million of pesos.

It is very important to consider that these Naval Training or Marine Infantry schools of the National Navy do not have the necessary elements to pay for the studies of Cadets, Grumetes, or Marine Infantry students.

However, students already within the respective institution, can access scholarships for academic excellence and excellent military and sporting conditions.

Likewise, there is the Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad (ICETEX), where students have opportunities to earn credit.

Points needed to enter the Navy

Within the Requirements to enter the Colombian Navy, the required score is practically the same for all the formations, except for some variations between one and the other.

If the student aspires to enter to be Naval Cadet, Merchant Cadet, Marine Corps Cadet, The score you need is: a minimum of 45 points in Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Critical Reading, or the similar in the tests know 11.

If the student aspires to enter to be Naval Cabin, the score you need is: a minimum of 40 points in Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Critical Reading, or the equivalent in the Know 11 tests.

For the student who wants to enter to be Extraordinary student of the Marine Corps, you need: minimum score of 35 points in mathematics, 40 points in language, critical reading and social or the like in the tests to know 11.

Whoever wants to enter to become Cadet of the Administrative Body You must have the certificate of the saber pro tests in generic skills, with a minimum of 10.3 points.

If it aspires to be Professional Logistics Cadet, the certificate of the saber pro tests in the generic competencies, must have a minimum of 10.3 points.

Benefits of entering the Navy

The tradition of Colombian society has always said that belonging to the military career gives prestige to those who dare to take the decisive step, in addition to fulfilling a very important role in society as it is, serving the Homeland.

Choosing military life in Colombia, it means that you will surely stand out professionally. It is an open sea of ​​possibilities, as well as responsibilities. It is not only the individual who enters, but it is the entire family group that in one way or another, becomes part of this new world.

Belonging to this elite of the military world is highly coveted.

Anyone who meets the general requirements can join the Navy. Well as a Cadet that is for professionals, Grumetes for professional technicians, or to enter and be part of the administrative body. Finally there are the opportunities in the different training schools.

What is the Navy in Colombia?

The Colombian Navy It is a body attached to the National Navy, approximately since 1937. This is the one authorized to deploy on land, through operations called amphibious. With the use of a maritime environment they thus achieve an objective on land and secure it.

Of course, as time passed, needs became present, which allowed the change and the development of strategies, which made the Marine Corps a different, heterogeneous body.

The Colombian Navy has developed a number of special capabilities, for example exercising ship safety functions. In the last decade it has been carrying out procedures and applying planning techniques in the medium and long term.

All this has allowed it to modernize and adapt to the needs of the new times. With a vision of national policy, security, defense and socio-economic development.

According to the political and social reality of Colombia, it is essential that the Navy continue to pose pertinent challenges and innovation, in accordance with the mission of the institution and with a view to the future. Operating with greater security and analyzing the environment, trends and behaviors of national security.

For this and more, we encourage you to join the Colombian Marine Corps, where you will have a lot of learning, experiences and a sea of ​​possibilities for growth.


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