Requirements to Enter the CTI: about the Calls, What is it and MORE

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The Requirements to Enter the CTI It will depend on the years of instruction you have. Above all, possess a education level will make you more likely to be accepted as part of the team looking for the CTI.

Therefore, this institution looks for people who are trained to take on this type of work, with the aim of maintain excellence and productivity within the body.

As a result, they carry out each year calls for all Colombian citizens who are interested in being part of this police force. If you want to know more about the CTI, we invite you to read everything what this article offers you.

Requirements to Enter the CTI

The Technical Investigation Corps is one of the bodies of the judicial police that allows the study of cases related to crimes, inspecting forensic reports and everything that contributes to the judicial investigation that is later useful for the criminal process. In the same way, it contributes in the construction of a strategy plan with the Fiscal Assistant. In addition, it is an organization that can provide police service with other Colombian institutions to promote justice in the country.

Although in Colombia there are many cases of kidnappings, homicides and police investigations, which are currently unfortunate events for the Republic, this police force has an expert staff to face each of these circumstances. For this reason, there are currently a series of Requirements to Enter the CTI and choose the civilians who are best qualified to act and resolve these judicial processes.

Now, if you are a Colombian citizen and you are interested in assuming this commitment to the country, you must check all these requirements and then become part of the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI):

  • Have Colombian citizenship (Be a Colombian national in the case of being a foreigner)
  • Present your Identity Card (Foreign Identification Document)
  • Be active physically and psychologically
  • Not having any kind of background with the Colombian Justice
  • Not having been previously dismissed from a police or military body
  • Record of your military or police activity
  • Documents referring to the current place where you reside
  • Accept and swear in the terms and conditions of entry to the police force
Important! If you go to the central office of the Technical Investigation Corps 22 B No 52 – 01 Block T, 2nd floor. Bogotá – Colombia, you can have more information about all these requirements.

Requirements for Criminal Investigator

Certainly, in this body there are several positions that allow the development of each of the judicial cases. So, the most important positions of this police force are «Criminal Investigator Level I and II» that they carry every day a high rank of judicial investigation.

Now, if you meet the Requirements to Enter the CTI previously exposed and you want to choose this police position, continue reading this article and see if you have the necessary conditions to be a «Criminal Investigator»

Criminal Investigator Level I

  • College degree

  • industrial engineering
  • odontology
  • Business Administration
  • Economy
  • Systems Engineering, Civil, Electronics, Chemistry, among others
  • Topography
  • Pharmaceutical chemist
  • biology
  • Statistics
  • Right
  • All those races with a level more than two years of study

  • Higher Technical Level

  • Any specialty that suggests this type of degree. In addition, years of training and performance are guaranteed

  • Alternatives

  • Bachelor’s degree, prior police training or apprenticeship in criminal investigation areas

Criminal Investigator Level II

  • College career

  • Careers with three years of experience

  • Advanced technician

  • Higher technical degree with three years of study

  • Other options

  • Police training, bachelor or any other with four years of compulsory experience

Likewise, these are not the only charges that exist in this police force. That is, there is much others that are developed in more specialized areas to investigate the entire crime incident. Next, we will tell you each one of them and the years of experience that you must have to request this type of charge:

Other charges

  • Judicial Technician II (4 years of experience)
  • Criminal Technician (6 years of experience)
  • Criminal Investigator:
  • Tier III (5 years of experience)
  • Level iv (6 Years of experience)
  • Judicial secretary (7 and 8 years of experience)

Next, the Attorney General’s Office offers all those interested to be part of this body to register for the «School of Studies and Criminal Investigations and Forensic Sciences». Then, in said Police School they will be able to define and develop all skills necessary for the Technical Research Body from the country. If you want to know more about this House of Study, Choose here.

Functions of an ITC

On the other hand, the functions of an official of this police force is the planning, control and execution of the entire crime operation. Although this research process is studied by the «Criminal Division» of the CTI. Consequently, the control of the criminalistic operation will be successful and fast resolving.

Still don’t know what they are? Quiet! We will tell you each one of them:

Criminalistics Division

  • Detective police: They are in charge of carrying out the entire process of interrogation and analysis of the fortuitous event
  • Photography and video: Specialists find any evidence of this type and portray the crime scene

  • Chemistry: They take a sample of all the facts and analyze each of the accessories exposed in the scene
  • Genetics: They investigate in depth the pathological features and kinship of the victim
  • Identification Group and missing persons: They search the system for everything related to the missing victim
  • Advanced Technologies Team: In charge of studying any technological artifact that collaborates with the investigation

In the same way, it is important that you have knowledge about the fjoint anointings with each of the teams. As a result, you will be able to learn more about the performance of these police workers during an investigation process.

  • Responsible for taking criminal and judicial actions of a crime that comes through a complaint, extraordinary situation or other
  • Request from the judge the impunity of the victims, the conservation of the samples and the protection of the community
  • Advance raids, registration and second-order investigation (The Judge must be aware of and grant permission to the judicial body)
  • Protection of evidence regarding a case
  • Ensure the protection of victims and witnesses
  • Participate in the design of the judicial strategy with the State
  • Inform the Prosecutor’s Office about the investigation process that is being carried out

Benefits of Entering the CTI

Next, it is a fact that this type of work is of high risk for each of the persons who assume to represent the judicial body of the country. Therefore, one of the benefits that each of the CTI workers have is a advantageous remuneration according to the position he holds. As well as the research fees additional Y holiday bonuses nationals.

If you are determined to be part of the judicial investigation team, it is crucial that meet Y analyze the remuneration offered by the CTI for you:

  • Technicians $ 1,197 pesos per month
  • Laboratory assistant $ 864 pesos per month
  • Laboratory analyst $ 1,356 pesos per month

Salaries Benefits

  • Analyst Technician $ 1,251 pesos per month
  • Bio-medical engineer $ 2. 112 pesos per month
  • Investigator $ 1,429 pesos per month
  • Attorney general $ 5,722 pesos per month
  • CTI Researcher Higher Level $ 2,500 pesos per month

Calls to the CTI

Certainly, one of the most important aspects of the CTI is the convocation of all civilians who they want to be part of this police force. In other words, in recent years this body has requested skilled workforce to assume the different roles that exist in the ITC. So, this is for all Colombian citizens (men and women) who have the necessary capacities to be the CTI and who also comply with the Requirements to Enter the CTI.

Likewise, the Technical Research Center has an approximate of 300 positions to fill. Yes you want to be part of the CTI you must follow the following steps:

  1. Achieve with the Requirements to Enter the CTI previously explained
  2. Download the Worksheet for «Enter the CTI»
  3. Direct you with the document stamped and signed to the CTI Central Call 2019
  4. Send resumes by mail
  5. In the same email send the spreadsheet scanned
  6. Remember! The email address must be that of the Attorney General of Colombia
  7. Do you want more information? Choose «Transparency and Calls»

It is important to note that, in 2019, the last call was made for all civilians who wanted to be part of the CTI. In addition, the Attorney General’s Office had a budget of $ 477,000 pesos to make this call the most productive possible. Next, we will mention the plus points important of the «Call 2019»:

  • Presentation of applicants
  • Document Review
  • Interviews
  • Assessment of physical conditions
  • Closing

What does CTI mean in Colombia?

The Technical Research Center is a judicial and criminal body, which is in charge of the planning Y execution of the investigation processes to solve the crimes committed in Colombia. Also, it has a trained staff to carry out this judicial process. However, if you are Colombian you must comply with the Requirements to Enter the CTI mentioned in the first section.

Meanwhile, in this organism there are various charges depending on the level of instruction that the applicant has. The latter will be essential to maintain control and excellence of the country’s police force. Similarly, with the aim of promote the productivity within the institution, they created a «Division of Charges» where each person will assume functions according to their specialty.

Finally, one of the advantages belonging to this institution is the remuneration of its workers. That is, they will receive a set of Benefits salary depending on the position they have in the CTI.

If you consider that you have what it takes to be part of the CTI and meet all the requirements, What are you waiting for? Join and support your country!


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