Requirements to enter the FACH: Process, Documents and MORE

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This article will reflect the Requirements to enter the FACH. In case you want to be part of the air force, we will explain everything related to this below.

The air force refers to the national military unit where they prepare for difficult situations by protecting the air territory. Practically his specialty is the armed forces committed to air disturbances.

Citizens who live in the air force must use strategies and knowledge of when to attack the adversary to have air control. And help the forces on the ground.

A country like Chile, the Air Force (FACH), this institution has been in operation for 90 years where its main function is to defend, safeguard and protect the nation over the airspace of Chilean territory.

If you wish to join the Chilean Air Force, the following points will address which are the Requirements to enter the FACH.

Entrance process

The procedure of postulation and admission of new students to the academy matrices of authorities of the air forces, the following must be done

Requirements to enter the FACH

  1. The citizen who wants to be part of the air force must be Chilean.
  2. The person must be 18 years old.
  3. You must be under 23 years of age on January 1 of having completed the year of entry.
  4. The citizen must be studying or have approved the 4th year middle school.
  5. Display the notes corresponding to the workshops implemented in high school.

Requirements to enter the FACH, pre-selection phase:

  1. The citizen must be approximately 1.60 m minimum in men and 1.56 m in women.
  2. They must not contain piercing.
  3. You must not have children or be expecting a baby.
  4. Citizens cannot have obvious tattoos.
  5. People must be either divorced, single, or widowed.
  6. Teach a medical certification that demonstrates the good state of his health to later carry out physical activity.
  7. Show document referring to the antecedents for own use of the armed forces.
  8. The citizen must have his military situation to the letter, exhibiting a certificate that demonstrates the ample condition through the Canton of Recruitment.

It is important to highlight that after two years of formulation, citizens are graduated with the rank of corporal. To enter the institution of the air force, the process it begins at least between the end of August and the beginning of September and ends in December.

It should be noted that people who want to access are pending if the dates change by decision to the FACH, for more information you can contact the number +56229761112 or if you want to call the institution where the specializations are carried out is +56229761005.

Entering students are required to have knowledge tests and psychological tests. Also have determination of personal aptitudes and determination of physical-medical aptitude.

It is important to note that in the aviation academy it lasts for four years that train cadets in leadership program. In addition, the specialization school has a duration of two years of training.

Documents needed to enter the FACH

With having collected all the Requirements to enter the FACH, citizens must deliver the following documents that will be explained below:

  1. Identification document
  2. Document that proves your background.
  3. They must contain the certified notes.
  4. Bring the application form.

FACH schools

It is important for each school to know about the Requirements to enter the FACH. That is why there is a set of schools that is made up of the Chilean Air Force.

Requirements to enter the FACH: Aviation School

It is the Higher Education establishment whose mission is to elaborate the integral learning steps of the cadets in charge of aviation. Training them to fulfill their goals as Officers of the Chilean Air Force.

This school prepares students in the following specializations: become a War Pilot, Computer Engineers, Administration, Aeronautics, etc.

Requirements to enter the FACH: School of specialties

The Sergeant No. 1 Adolfo Menadier Rojas Academy is the institution in charge of carrying out the learning procedures for Permanent Staff in the Chilean Air Force.

In this institution they train students to be top-level technicians in the categories of Air Defense, maintenance, crew, among others. Civilian and military teachers will teach them.

Requirements to enter the FACH: Air Warfare Academy (AGA)

It is the entity that is in charge of training the superiors of the Chilean Air Force, where its main function is to teach all officers and authorities to perform as Unit Commanders and Command Advisors, in the senior grade through to perform teaching tasks through arduous research.

In this academy students are trained to become Unit commanders and command advisers.

Requirements to enter the FACH: Academia Politécnica Aeronáutica

It is the prominent and important institution of the FACH. In this academy, he is in charge of preparing students for careers in aeronautical engineering, electronic defense, administration, etc.

NCO Training School

It is the organization that is in charge of supplying and offering new knowledge and skills to Permanent Staff as well as civil administrative employees.

In this institution they carry out courses or workshops so that the student becomes a Major and Supervisory NCO.

Military service

It is the integration of people who want to access the Armed Forces for a certain time to obtain knowledge and have a main preparation as a soldier.

Professional Troop Soldier

A soldier of this nature is a fighter trained and prepared to carry out ground operations as a rifleman, an executor of light or medium machine guns or a vehicle driver.

Benefits of entering the FACH

When the student has made the decision to enter the Air Force, they will have to continue with a series of Requirements to enter the FACh. However, the citizens who live in such an important institution in the Chilean air force are the protagonists of protecting and safeguarding the sovereignty of the Latin American country. That is why the FACH contains many benefits that will be explained below.

  1. In the Air Force, he develops a large part of his skills through activities and tasks that benefit the inhabitants and the sovereignty of the country.
  2. In this profession they prepare the Chilean youth where they will have personal growth, to achieve and fulfill their goal to serve the nation.
  3. The Air Force plays an indispensable role displacing injured people, sick people, basic food, water, medicine, etc.
  4. This organization has medical operations where it can move students.
  5. In the FACh it contains and works with an air search and rescue service.
  6. The Air Force makes life with peace operations.
  7. The space and satellite growth that the Chilean Air Force has developed in the last 20 years.

Salary at the FACH

Citizens who have graduated from the FACh academies with the degree of officer of the respective specialization have a guaranteed job vacancy. Graduates will be able to aspire to a gross remuneration to the $ 800 thousand, although this amount will increase as people rise in office, until they exceed the $ 3 million by getting the post of colonel.

Sergeant No. 1 Adolfo Menadier Rojas specialties academy receives a total of 350 and 400 students who have a preparation of two years. In the case of salaries, the holders of the institution will begin their career in the position of corporal, where their gross remuneration will be approximately $ 597,009.

The base salary of the recently graduated corporal degree becomes an approximate amount of $ 176,705.

It is important to note that there are areas where they provide a bonus through the people of the Antofagasta Air Force who add 30% of the base salary, Punta Arenas with 70%, Iquique 55%, among other areas.

What is the FACH?

The Chilean Air Force (FACH) is the air specialty of the Chilean armed forces. The mission is to defend, maintain and support the protection of national sovereignty through the airspace of the Latin American country.

The FACh has been in office for 90 years where its main commander-in-chief is General Arturo Merino Núñez, where it contains more than 12,000 troops.

The Air Force was established by Supreme Decree No. 1,167 on March 21, 1930. They have always supported and helped the community where the unification of the Chilean territory exists.

Citizens who want to attend the Air Force should consider the Requirements to enter the FACH where the application is voluntary.


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