Requirements to Enter the Navy: Process, Score and MORE

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In this article we offer you information about the Requirements to Enter the Navy in Chile. They are very easy to comply with, and you must be fully aware of wanting to train yourself to perform the functions pertinent to a Navy Officer.

If you have not yet reached 23 years of age and have all the necessary characteristics, you can apply once you have collected all the Requirements to Enter the Navy.

What are the application requirements to Enter the Navy?

Here we name you the Requirements to enter the Navy in Chile:

  • You must be Chilean or Chilean, as established by the Political Constitution of Chile in its Article 10.
  • Your marital status must be single or single, have no descendants, or obligations as a guardian or caregiver.
  • You must not present a criminal record.
  • Your psychological, physical and health situation must be optimal, consistent with military activities. This is stipulated by the Institution’s Regulations, which are in force.
  • Go through the different phases of the application process.
  • At a minimum, you must be in or have passed the fourth year of high school.
  • Have a maximum of 23 years, on the first of January of the year in which you are going to enter the navy.
  • You must have presented and passed the University Selection Test (PSU), the previous year or the year in which you are applying.

Admission process to enter the Navy

To enter the navy in Chile, there is a specific admission process to apply for a third year of High School. Applicants who enter the Naval Academy through this process can only access the level of Executive Officer.

And they will not have the possibility to change while they remain in the institution. And of course they must present all Requirements to Enter the Navy.

This training is highly demanding in the academic part, since the entire course time at the Naval Academy will last four (4) years. To enter under this modality, the requirements are the same as for the usual procedure. The only different requirement is to be attending the third year of secondary education for the first time.

This admission process It is made up of three phases, which we detail below:

First phase

In this phase is the registration, which you must do online. Here you must fill in your personal, family and academic history, through the application method on the web.

The time to register the antecedents is valid until first days of September. This phase is important, since after this the applicant must attend to carry out the exams in the second phase.

Second stage

Here you must comply with the presentation of psychological and academic tests. These are done in September, in all the venues that are available and the one you have chosen. The exams to be presented are the following:

  • Knowledge test. This consists of a test in naval history, mathematics, and language and communication.
  • The personal interview.
  • The psychological test.

Applicants who are chosen to continue with the next phase will be informed through the web portal.

Third phase

In this phase, tests of psychological, physical, English and medical-dental assessment are carried out. This exam is carried out in branches of the Naval School the whole month of november. Here the applicants, apart from presenting the aforementioned tests, also have to record the result of the medical tests.

The candidates who have been selected to enter as Naval Cadet, are informed through the web portal, email and by an accredited letter. Which must be signed by the Director of the unit, then they must attend the Naval Academy the following year after applying at the end of January.

Line officers

The so-called Line Officers are those who leave as Midshipmen, after having been trained as Naval Cadets at the Naval Academy. There the Cadets study during a normal time, and then they have the opportunity to select one of the steps that are named below:

  1. The Marine Corps (this option is for men only).
  2. The supply one.
  3. Naval Engineers and Executives.
  4. The Coast.

To opt for any of these steps, it is according to the availability that there is and is established by the advance of the Cadets in their formation. This is defined by the particular capacity shown the first years in the Naval Academy.

Cadets graduated as Officers are awarded the rank of Midshipman and take one more year of study to achieve specialization. This is part of the training trip aboard the «Esmeralda» Training Ship.

At the end of that year, the Midshipmen are promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant. Then they are sent on board to the troops of the Marine Corps, the Port Captaincies and the Logistics Centrals of the Navy, according to their ranks.

During two years of hard work, Second Lieutenants will pass on their experience as Officers. And this is when determine your specialty and they will expose their capacities to direct the personnel under their command.

Some Officers are chosen to develop superior tasks at this level, and for this reason they are designated as commanders of patrol boats.

At the end of these years of work, the Second Lieutenants are transferred to the Naval Polytechnic Academy in Viña del Mar, and continue to study the respective specialization they have chosen.

Some specialties last a longer or shorter time in years, and this is reflected in the professional certificate and academic level that is awarded to the Officers when they graduate.

As the race progresses, and depending on their skills, the Officers have the power to choose work areas and sub specialties.

The reception of new Cadets is a process that takes place every year. By means of a choice made based on the general result of the tests carried out on the applicants, in the different phases already named.

The Director of the Naval Academy makes a summons. And in this way, interested applicants present themselves, so that they can fill the vacancies available in the Chilean Navy.

What is the required score to Enter the Navy?

The candidates chosen to enter the Chilean Navy have the opportunity to process Institutional Scholarships according to their performance during the admission procedure. They also have access to State Scholarships depending on the results of the academic tests and the PSU.

For this purpose, there is the Naval School Scholarship, which is aimed at first-year applicants, who have achieved a position within the first 10 places during the application process. And for Cadets from second to fourth year, as long as they have obtained significant achievements due to their physical, military and academic scope.

Salary of the Marines

The salary of the Marines is established according to your rank and a series of factors regarding some contribution or respective deductions. Below are the salary of the Marines:

  1. Chief Warrant Officer: $ 1,544,674 pesos per month.
  2. Non-commissioned officer: $ 1,266,099 pesos per month.
  3. 1st Sergeant: $ 1,060,668 pesos per month.
  4. Second Sergeant: $ 895,658 pesos per month.
  5. 1st Cape: $ 737,635 pesos per month.
  6. 2nd Cape: 638,895 pesos per month.
  7. Sailor: $ 519,140 monthly.

If you want more information about this point, enter this link.

What is it?

In Chile there is the Arturo Prat Chacón Naval School, which aims to instruct Navy Officers. It is a higher education entity which is endorsed by the National Accreditation Commission.

This School is in charge of training these Officers in a comprehensive way: Intellectual, moral, cultural, naval and physical. Based on the values ​​upheld by the Chilean Navy.

The officers who have been trained in this School (man and women), are respectful, compassionate, ethical professionals. They are an example to follow, since this training has implanted a lifestyle in them through excellent comprehensive preparation.

Now, we will talk about the costs to pay to receive training at the Naval Academy. The instruction given to Cadets includes athletic, academic, military, cultural, and professional elements. What the Navy requires invest a large part of money in material, financial and human resources.

The total cost for enrollment in the School is 80 UF ​​(Unidad de Fomento) for women and 75 UF for men. This includes the respective uniform, also the sports uniform, bedding, intimate clothing and library items. It is important to note that all the items delivered upon entry do not cover the years of training (4) at the Naval Academy.

The tuition must be paid by the parents or caregivers, before the entrance of the applicant, to begin the first year at the School. Cadets from the second to the fourth year must pay 9 UF for tuition. This amount must be paid during the month of January, anticipated the entrance of the Cadet back to the School.

Regarding tuition, 121 UF must be paid in 11 monthly installments each. The first is canceled at the time of entry and the second installment with a deadline of March 5. And so it is all months every day 5. On the other hand, the guardian or legal representative, at the time of entering, has to agree on an insurance policy. This is mentioned below:

Guarantee Policy for Permanence: Its approximate cost is 3 UF, and corresponds to permanence in the School. In case of withdrawing from the School for whatever reason, the tutor or representative has to replace what is owed to the School. Also pay the guarantee in full to the policy, according to what is indicated (the amount may change).

We hope that these data on the Requirements to Enter the Navy, they serve you to start your application process as an applicant.

This in order that you later successfully pass the applied tests, and become part of this prestigious military institution.


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