Requirements to Enter the PDI: How to Apply, Costs and MORE

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The Requirements to enter the PDI They are mandatory for those young people who are interested in belonging to this police department.

In addition, the application process consists of a series of phases in which you musts demonstrate your abilities and skills to be part of this body. As well as, during your work stay you can specialize in other branches of criminology.

Then, Do you consider that you have the necessary skills to be part of the PDI? Do not wait more! We invite you to read this article to know all the details of the registration process, selection stages and more.

How to apply to the PDI?

The Chilean Investigative Police is an institution that is responsible for rcollect evidence to investigate a crime. As well as, it is a police body that guarantees security and public order in Chile, exercising its protectionist functions.

In addition, the POI It is one of the most important organizations not only because it attacks crime in the country, but also offers opportunities to those young people who are interested inr crime sciences.

In the same way, if you are interested in being part of the team that protects Chile. In addition, you consider that you have the necessary conditions for teamwork and being part of this police force is section is for you.

However, before knowing the Requirements to enter the PDI you must know all the steps to apply to apply for employment at this institution. Next, we will tell you each one of them:

  • First, sign up on their website «PDI applications»
  • Fill in all the fields requested by the website
  • Remember! All the information you provide in your registration form must be valid and corroborated by a document or individual
  • Complete the Criminal History Form
  • Create an applicant email for the police force (this new email address will work to communicate all the information of the process)
  • Complete the Selection Stages for the POI: Psychological, psychotechnical interview, physical conditions, among others
  • Take the Admission Test for higher studies
  • Report your personal history
  • Consign and present the Personal Identification Documents
  • Finally, certify your health record
  • Ready! Once you finish all these steps you will be able to have information about the results of your application

Now, it is crucial that you have complete information about the application process and its characteristics. Certainly, it is essential to have more knowledge about everything that the procedure implies and what are the aspects that you should consider before making this decision. Therefore, we take care of telling you the most important aspects of the process:

Enrollment Dates

  • Currently, the dates for the «Applications 2021» have been closed and are in the selection process
  • However, if you want to apply, you must bear in mind that the new dates are planned between February and April of next year.

Registration cost

  • Approximately the cost of registration is 30,000 Chilean pesos
  • You must cancel them in a Transbank deposit directed to the «PDI Applications» account.
  • If you do not have the account number to transfer the registration amount, we suggest that you request it at the PDI Headquarters

Process characteristics

  • Although, during its stages you need to have the skills and aptitudes necessary to face them with the greatest of success
  • In addition, comply with all Requirements to enter the PDI will ensure a more legal and simple process
  • Attention! You can only apply three (3) times. Unfortunately if you are not accepted on the third attempt, you will not be able to request a new application.

Specialties within PDI

  • Interpol
  • Homicides
  • Human rights
  • Kidnapping and location of people
  • Robberies and Criminal Hot Spots
  • Cybercrime
  • Economic Crimes
  • Crimes against the Family
  • You want to know more? Sign in to its Web page

Requirements to enter the PDI

Equally, before going through the entire application process you must record a series of Requirements to enter the PDI to complete the first enrollment phase. So if you are thinking of joining the most important police force in the country you must comply with each of them.

However, Remember! All documents and requirements are mandatory without exceptions to be able to validate your data about the process. However, if during the stage of selection you do not comply with each of them you may be disqualified from the process.

Still do not know what are all the Requirements to Enter the PDI?Quiet! We will tell you all the details you need to know.

  • Being Chilean by birth
  • If you are a foreigner you must have nationality or permanent residence
  • Age between 18 and 21 years of age at the time of the application process
  • Have completed the fourth (4) year of Bachelor
  • Comply with the Recruitment Law in the case of the male gender
  • Minimum height: 1.75 cm (Men) and 1.60 cm (Women)
  • Not having a criminal or judicial record
  • Have taken the University Selection Test (PSU) with an antiquity of four (4) years

Documents to consign

  • Original and Photocopy of the Identity Card
  • Original and Photocopy of the passport in the case of being a foreigner
  • Certificate of Criminal Records
  • Medical certification document
  • Documents submission
  • Sort as mentioned above
  • Fully readable documents (No strikeouts)
  • Brown or yellow folder with hooks
  • Identification of documents
  • Two (2) passport-type photographs
  • Documents that have a stamp and / or signatures should be as legible as possible

Stages of the Application to Enter the PDI

On the other hand, once you meet the Requirements to enter the PDI you can continue with the selection process. Although, this police department is one of the most important in the country; for that, you need the best staff at your service.

Consequently, to choose your future team you need to carry out a series of stages in which you will train all your applicants.

So if you are determined to join this police body, you must know all the selection stages that you will undergo for at least six (6) months. Above all, it is crucial that during these phases show your skills and abilities that you can contribute to the Chilean Investigation Police in the future. Next, we will give you a detail of each of them:

Psychotechnical Test

  • It is done to measure your cognitive abilities
  • Carried out by all PDI Certified Offices
  • It has a value of (20)% on the final score
  • Attention! After you complete your registration, the system will assign you the day, time and place of the test

Psychological Interview

  • Undoubtedly, one of the fundamental tests of the Chilean Investigative Police
  • They will only perform it to those who were selected in the previous stage
  • The evaluation will be carried out with a specialist in psychology
  • The mental condition of the applicant will be evaluated

Physical Interview

  • Evaluation of exercises with high physical impact
  • Seeks to know the physical conditions of the applicant
  • It has an approximate value of (20)% on the score final

Medical and Dental Evaluation

  • Review of medical history
  • Seeks to comply with Requirements to enter the PDI in clinical aspects
  • It is carried out with medical specialists certified by the country’s Department of Health

Police Interview

  • It will consist of an assessment of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • The applicant’s profile will be known
  • It is only carried out in two (2) police offices
  • It has a value of (20)% of the final score
  • Interrogation of the policies and regulations of the PDI Regulation

Personal History Statement

  • Evaluation of all the criminal and judicial records of the applicant and family, revalidation of the documents consigned
  • Analysis of the conditions of each applicant
  • In the case of being approved, you will continue with the process (otherwise, you will not be able to continue in the application process)

PSU and NEM process

  • PSU: The test results have a score of (30)% on the final score
  • NEM: It has a value of (10)% on the final score

Final Selection

  • Jobs at the PDI are limited
  • A preliminary list of the selected individuals is made (taking into consideration the tests carried out)
  • The selected lists are published on its website.

However, there are notable factors to mention in order to carry out a satisfactory and successful application process:


  • Incorporation Fee: For the first year of admission, you must pay an approximate amount of 55 UF
  • Scholarships to study at PDI: There are programs that finance those studied at the institution (Juan Gómez Millas, Son of an Educational Professional and Academic Excellence)
  • Applicants with tattoos: If you can apply if you have tattoos. However, PDI Physicians are responsible for deciding if they are approved within the body
  • You can apply if you have orthodontic treatment

Where can you see the results?

Now, we remind you that the authorities authorized to evaluate each of the stages of the applicants, have an approximate time of two (2) weeks to choose future PDI workers.

Therefore, during that period you should be aware of your email. As well as, constantly visit the website of the Chilean Investigative Police.

Likewise, another alternative to obtain the final results is by entering «Final results» or through your Facebook page

Accepted: Congratulations! You must follow the steps indicated by the Chilean Investigations Department email.

Not approved: Do not be discouraged! You have two (2) chances more to join the Investigative Police of Chile

Certainly, once you are accepted in this institution, you will not only have a new work team, but you will also be able to enjoy a series of benefits during your stay. Don’t know what they are? We tell you everything!

  • You can change your address if you are a foreign citizen
  • Obtain a certificate of permanent residence in Chile
  • Certificates of free entry and exit from Chile
  • Copy of a tourist card
  • Salary higher than a Minimum Salary
  • You can process your sea and land crew card
  • Among others

What is it?

In short, the Chilean Investigative Police every year he looks for new prospects with the goal of making them part of his new team. However, to apply you must comply with a series of Requirements to enter the PID.

As well as, a series of documents that will allow you to validate all your criminal and judicial records in front of the police authorities.

On the other hand, once you have submitted all the necessary documents for your application, you must follow a series of stages. Also, in the latter they will test your skills and abilities to belong to the police force.

In addition, the approximate time of the preselection is six (6) months and the definitive answer of two (2) weeks. The most important thing is that if you pass all the phases you will be able to be part of the police team that protects the country and receive a set of benefits.

What are you waiting for? Join PDI!

Protect Chile, protect yourself!


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