Requirements to Enter UNSA: Documents, Exam and MORE

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Choosing a good university ensures you enjoy this stage. So, here we will help you with this choice by presenting the requirements to enter the UNSA of Arequipa.

In the following lines we are going to present you important information that you can use to apply to this university in the country. Among the information that you will find are the documents and requirements to enter, the entry modalities that the National University of San Agustín has for its applicants and some information about the admission exam of the university institution of the «White City» from Peru.

So if you have an interest in joining this renowned university from the region of Arequipa, we invite you to continue reading this article about the Requirements to enter the UNSA.

What are the Requirements to Enter UNSA?

The first step to enter the National University of San Agustín is to know the requirements that they request from their applicants. In this way you can start the admission process to this renowned institution in the region of Arequipa.

Now, one thing you should know about the requirements to enter universities is that they vary, according to each institution and even, according to each career. That is, there are no general requirements to enter a university, but rather each one can request a different document or procedure; In addition, each race will also put its own requirements.

Therefore, it is always recommended go directly to the university pages to find out the requirements specifics needed; as well as finding out the requirements that your career asks of its applicants.

Once this is clarified, we can mention some general aspects that are necessary to comply with to enter the National University of San Agustín. These aspects are not that difficult to obtain, so you do not have to worry.

To start with, you must apply for the university admission test, present and approve it, if you want to be part of the UNSA. Now, to be able to present yourself to this partial it is necessary that you have the following documents:

  • The National Identity Document (DNI).
  • A Certificate of Complete High School Studies.
  • The receipt of payment for the right of admission.

If you gather all these documents, you will be able to apply for the admission exam of the university located in the region of Arequipa. Then, depending on the results you obtain, you will be admitted or not, within the university institution. At that time, you will also have to present some documents to confirm the registration.

Documents Needed to Enter UNSA

The National University of San Agustín has an enrollment confirmation stage, in your admission process. This is done after taking the college entrance exam.

It is worth clarifying that said registration confirmation stage only applies to people who were selected in the admission exam.

Now, once you receive the results of the admission test, you must deliver some documents to confirm your registration with the university. These documents are the following:

  • Two 2) personal photographs, type card, to confirm your identity.
  • One (1) photocopy of Birth certificate or some similar document.
  • One (1) photocopy of the first pages of the National identity document (DNI).
  • One (1) Health certificate.
  • A copy of the Highschool certification -if applicable- or proof of title pending.

In the case of people over the age of 25 who do not have a high school degree, they must submit the same documents mentioned, with the exception of the high school diploma. In this regard, such persons must present your primary studies degree.

After gathering and presenting these documents to the relevant authorities, your registration confirmation will be endorsed and effective; so you can continue with all the procedures that the university has for its admitted.

Admission Exam to Enter UNSA

Now, we have mentioned a lot the admission test of the National University of San Agustín, but we have not talked to you in depth about this topic. In the following lines, we will change that dynamic a bit.

First, an entrance exam of a test that each university takes to assess the level of learning obtained from each of his applicants. Although it also serves to evaluate the competencies of each person, and check if she is ready for the career you want.

The UNSA admission test is part of the regular admission modality that the Arequipa university has, to select its applicants. It’s a general knowledge test and simple themes, spread over 80 questions.

The partial works to measure the knowledge and competencies of each applicant who has completed their secondary studies, in one of the high school academic institutions in the country.

Attention! This admission procedure takes place from June to August of each year.

On the other hand, this university has a website where you can practice, at your own expense, for the partial admission; so you can prepare very well for the day of the partial.

This partial is going to be composed of 80 single-choice questions on general topics, and will have a stopwatch to evaluate time that you take time to solve it.

Now, if you want to enter this practice test, enter the following LINK and follow these steps:

  1. Access the aforementioned website.
  2. Select the type of exam you want to practice (It is recommended to choose the option «General of 80 questions»).
  3. Select the career or school to which you aspire to apply.
  4. Start solving the exam.
  5. Once you’re done, click the button «Qualify Exam».

Entry Modalities

It’s normal that Universities have different admission modalities , so that their applicants can apply to the one that works best for them or adjusts to their realities. In the case of National University of San Agustín from the region of Arequipa, this has 11 modalities different which are the following:

Ordinary Admission

This modality corresponds to the admission exam mentioned previously. It is the classic and common way to apply to this university and It takes place from June to August of each year.


It is recognized as the «previous step» to the university, since it is a modality that allows you to be part of the University Pre-University Center. In this way, you will be able to train and learn more about university life, to ensure a better adaptation.

It has two compliance periods, the first is from April to May, and the second is from November to December. Likewise, for this modality you must also present a partial. In this case, there will be two evaluations, one of 40% and the other of 60%.

Cycle Fifths

This modality is focused only on the young people who are going to attend their last year of high school. It is a mixture of the modalities of Ordinary Admission and CEPRUNSA. This is because You have to participate in a Special Cycle of the Pre-University Center, although the evaluation system will be similar to the first admission process mentioned.

Said modality starts in August and ends in September of each month.

First and Second Place

This modality rewards the excellence and dedication of young people during their secondary studies, since they take into consideration students who finish first or second in the index of your educational institutions.

The process starts in January of each year and ends in March. In addition, an aptitude test with 50 questions must be presented: one half are logical-mathematical questions and the other half is verbal.

People with University Degrees.

This modality is focused on those people who already have a national or international university degree. The process starts in January of each year and ends in March of the same year. In addition, these people must present an evaluation similar to the modality of First and Second Place.

Now, in order to apply to this form of admission, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • The title that guarantees your university studies in the country or internationally.
  • The Certificate of Notes from the university.
  • The date of registration with the corresponding web code.
  • The National Identity Document (DNI).

Transfers from Other Universities

This modality applies to those people who want to change from their university -it can be a national or international one- and apply to UNSA. The process starts in January of each year and ends in March, similar to the last two modalities; so you must also submit a partial admission.

Likewise, this modality requests some requirements to enter the UNSA different from those mentioned:

  • A certificate from your high school studies.
  • A certificate of your university studies (minimum 72 approved credit units).
  • The program of approved subjects.
  • The proof of current registration.

Qualified Athletes

Applies for those people who are classified as qualified athletes. The process starts on the dates of January and ends in March, and they still need an assessment of skills.

In these cases, people must present the following documents:

  • Official certified record of the athlete.
  • Notarial sworn statement to represent the UNSA.

People with disabilities

This modality seeks to help and collaborate with those people who have some kind of disability. However, in order to be carried out, the person must be registered with the National Council for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities (CONADIS).

The process starts in January and ends in March. It also has an evaluation system similar to the last mentioned modalities.

Students Graduated from High Performance Schools

This modality benefits those people who have completed their secondary studies in high-performance institutions in Peru. In turn, it exonerates graduates from performing the modality of Ordinary Admission. Your process starts in January and ends in March.

Now, in order to apply to this modality, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The Certificate of Study.
  • The Certificate of the secondary studies completed.
  • The National Identity Document.

Victims of Terrorism

It is a modality that is applied to those people who have suffered violence. Your process starts in January and ends in March, same as the previous modalities. However, its evaluation model is similar to the process of Ordinary Admission.

To make this modality effective, you must fulfill the following roles:

  • The certificate of secondary studies.
  • The certificate of the Single Registry of Victims (RUV).
  • An affidavit showing that you have not used this right at other universities.

Internal Transfers

This modality applies to those people who want to change careers internally at the university. For these people, the process starts in January and ends in March; In addition, it has an evaluation system similar to the Ordinary Admission.

Tips for Entering UNSA

Before concluding with this article on the Requirements to enter the UNSA, we want to present you some tips that can help you perform better in the admission process of the university of the White City.

  1. Study the specific areas for the partial admission of the university. You can make use of the agenda that the website of the UNSA has for you.
  2. When you go to the college admissions office make sure you have all the requirements necessary.
  3. Note that there are dress codes for the entrance exam; so, review what they are, to avoid future inconveniences.

What is it?

Finally we have reached the last section of this article about the Requirements to enter the UNSA, here we will try to make a brief introduction to close with the topic of the admission of the UNSA. But first, What is the UNSA?

The National University of San Agustín is a highly recognized university institution in the province of Arequipa, the «White City». Therefore, it is a highly sought after place to study and in which it is worth doing university life.

In addition, it has a very comprehensive admissions system, so that each person can apply according to their opportunities and abilities. In the same way, it has a wide range of careers and a comfortable and comfortable structure for its students.

Without a doubt, it is a university that you should take into account and it is for that reason that you should not stop reading this article about Requirements to enter the UNSA.


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