Requirements to Form a Political Party in Argentina: Endorsements, Documents and MORE

If you are in the political world, through this article we will inform you about the Requirements to Form a Political Party in Argentina. You will also have information about the endorsements in Argentine politics, the membership and affiliation files, functions of the Political Parties and much more.

Requirements to Form a Political Party in Argentina

The Requirements to form a Political Party in Argentina. They must appear in front of the Federal Court in charge of the electoral activities of the district where they are going to proceed. In relation to this, the reality of two instances is specified. During the training time that will set two moments in the recognition of legal-political personality.

Now, in order for a political party to be formed, it must comply with the Requirements to Form a Political Party in Argentina. Which are mentioned below:

  • That there is a number of voters, which are individuals who have the right to vote.
  • An organic report where its functions and structure are regulated.
  • You must continually make choices, abiding by the minimum percentage by sex.
  • It must be legally recognized as a Political Party.
  • Appear in the relevant public registry.

Necessary documents

The documents you must present are also Requirements to Form a Political Party in Argentina. And these are:

  1. A presentation card.
  2. The act of creation and foundation where the domicile address and the name of the political party are evidenced.
  3. Also the promulgation of principles, plans or foundation of political action.
  4. Certificate of designation of the corresponding authorities.
  5. Likewise, the act of appointment of proxies and the initial certification of adherents. This corresponds to 1% of the population’s electoral roll, to have provisional recognition. Similarly, 4% of the electoral roll at the time they approve the affiliation for its decisive recognition.

What are the Guarantees in Argentine Politics?

The endorsements in Argentine Politics, is a document by means of which some person takes responsibility for the behavior of another citizen. In other words, it is the security that political parties and some organizations grant about the capacity of their applicants.

As well as obedience to the requirements stipulated for your choice. Citizens who wish to be chosen, the endorsement is the means to enter the electoral contest. It is also for the parties, the instrument through which they inspect the competencies of each of their applicants.

Adhesion Tokens to Form a Political Party in Argentina

Regarding the membership and affiliation files to form a political party in Argentina. They are established in the Organic Law 23298 of Political Parties in its Article 23. Where such models of parties in creation and recognized, for their elaboration, are described.

The Accession Form

The adhesion form implies some technical details. These are: Size 12 cm x 20 cm, the 2/2 print, the yellow background (Pantones 1215U), and the black text. On the front and on the back on extra white 140/142 gram colored paper.

The Affiliation Form

As for the technical details required for the printing of this file, there are several. The size 12 cm x 20 cm, printed in one color (1/1). All on 140/142 gram extra white color paper.

Political organizations can request membership and membership cards to be printed on the National Electoral Directorate (DINE). Without cost. A notification must be sent to the DINE, which is located at Gascón 352, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, C1181ACF.

The number of membership and / or membership cards requested must also be sent. And also the information to contact the political group that has made the request, you have to attach a phone number and email address.

Requirements to Form a Political Party in Argentina: Functions

The creation of Political Parties in Argentina and the performance of their activities have full freedom with respect to the Constitution. This supports its structure and democratic management, the image of minorities, the dispute for the launch of candidates for elected public positions. Also the scope of public data and disclosure of their projects.

The economic maintenance of the Political Parties is in charge of the State, as well as its operations and the training of its members. For this reason, they must advertise the origin and purpose of their budget and assets.

The most important function of the Political Parties is the organization and preparation of the vote. In other words, the parties are the essential component, it is independent as a guide on ideas with respect to other possible agencies.

And so little by little the voters have identified themselves and you have maintained a close connection with the Political Parties. These are the ones who show political plans to society. Especially those who have a lesser or greater responsibility for ideas. Which provide the population with more discernment. This is to study conflicts of a social nature and that contribute to creating or strengthening a specific public criterion.

It should be noted that the errors and sometimes the lack of political plans are notorious. Which is the responsibility of both national and local Political Parties. Sometimes this is due to the absence of baking evident that its members execute.

Another function of the Political Parties is the incorporation-action-contribution as elements of the same project. In representative democracy, parties are the bridge for peaceful political intervention, avoiding conflicts and violent acts.

They are also in charge of recruiting political personnel. The parties are the beginning of a political lineage of the democratic society. The individuals that are part of this lineage are trained by a Political Party or have a connection to it.

At present, it is evident that Political Parties turn to well-known personalities. Such as (singers, famous athletes, actors, etc.) to hold public office. These people are known as outsiders, who enter the political world from a reputation that has been earned in another way. This highlights the flaws that both national and local Political Parties have with respect to the training of new members.

Other of its functions include incorporation of benefits and requests that come out of society in a political way and basic plans. It is the conduction of the requests of the voters, presented as the most suitable entity to gather the needs and opinions of society.

This is possibly the issue that we notice the most when we are in elections. The progress of the political activities of the parties, in actions and events. These constantly, they try to express their opinions and to obtain the greater possible amount of adhesion.

It is evident how the Political Parties have shown their defense in terms of basic values. Which many of them are accepted all over the world. This is found in a large number of voters, thanks to general and unclear political speeches.

In conclusion, the political world is the one that forms large groups, known as the so-called Political Parties. Through them the citizens are able to express themselves, and at the same time raising awareness of their rights. As well as being empathetic with respect to common feelings.

What is a political party?

As established by the National Constitution, a Political Party is an essential organization within democracy. It is a fundamental institution for politics in the country. Among its functions is that of choose the candidates for the elections of public positions.

Legally it has guaranteed the right to its formation, structuring, own direction and the execution of its functions. Any individual can create or be part of a Political Party. Taking into account what the Constitution establishes Provincial and Law 6,808.

District parties distinguished by name in various districts. They have the possibility of requesting their distinction as national parties. It is important to highlight that political parties have the possibility of make alliances between them.

There are citizens who cannot join a political party. And these are: Those who are outside the electoral roll, the personnel who are rendering services in the Armed Forces. Likewise, employees of the security forces who are providing services.

Continuing with the affiliation, no citizen can double affiliation in a Political Party. He first has to resign and then join another party. The resignation can be made official, personally or through a telegram at no cost, in front of the Electoral Secretariat of your district. The registry of affiliates to any Political Party is public.

However, internal party elections are held frequently. The naming of candidates for national election positions are attributed to true primary elections, synchronized and unavoidable. This applies to the entire Argentine territory, to all Political Parties and on the same day.

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The Political Parties are entities that represent the ideals and proposals, which emanate from the citizens. Through them, actions can be carried out for the benefit of the population.

If you are interested in contributing to the changes that the country needs. We hope we have helped you with the Requirements to Form a Political Party in Argentina, and be the voice of those most in need.

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