Requirements to Form a Political Party: Types, Functions and MORE

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The political parties they are the beginning of any political period by some deputy. These encourage the inhabitants of a state to feel identified with the idea of ​​improving the state with set goals, in this way, here in Manage it we will tell you the requirements to form a political party in Chile.

Nevertheless, to get to create a political party, the person who wants to lead or direct the movements of the same will have to have studied or have knowledge in the judicial and inclusive field. Since in this way, it will be noted that there is a preparation to command the future campaign to the parliamentary elections.

On the other hand, these political parties are the pinnacle of any presidential process and this is important in any country. Although, to establish an organization for presidential or municipal purposes you will have to go through a much longer process in terms of time.

Now, based on the aforementioned, we could say that these organizations work in such a way that prepare the next leaders from any country, including future state governors. However, it is necessary to emphasize that to be part of a political party you must have experience in the legislative environment.

What are the Requirements to Form a Political Party in Chile?

A qualified political party has the right to participate in any presidential primary or general election. The following information is the requirements for a new political party to have the right to participate in elections or failing to form one:

  1. Invoice or proof of presentation
  2. Foundation note containing the identification of the same
  3. Declaration of any entity attached to the party
  4. Proof designated to allies and attorney-in-fact
  5. Creditors’ Act

On the other hand, the political party must hold an assembly or convention in which temporary officers will be elected and a party name will be designated. The designated name shall not be so similar to the name of an existing party as to mislead voters, and shall not conflict with no current political party.

However, this is a requirement since as a political body it has the right to prior request to the secretary of state. Now, if you have already reconciled all the procedures to form a political party, must deliver them to the administrative authority state to conclude the enrollment process.

Although, a newly qualified political party must determine which legal provisions Existing political party will continue to run its activities. Newly qualified temporary political party officials must submit notification of their selection to the Secretary of State no later than 30 days later.

A qualification is also a requirement

In accordance with the Election Code section, it must also determine what existing legal provisions the political party will follow to conduct its presidential primary election. For this there must be an evaluation by the state to determine the score of your new political party.

However, if the political party has not elected permanent officers, temporary officers shall notify to the Secretary of State regarding your selection on or before the 125th day prior to the presidential primary elections.

What’s more, if the political party does not meet the requirements, or is not selected with a good score, it is possible that this will have to carry out another type of political strategy to have the approval of the state administration.

Types of Political Parties can be formed in Chile

There are different political groups within the Chilean government branch. These are different depending on the function they want to exercise in the country or in the state. However, they will be mentioned below some types of political parties:

  • Revolutionary parties.
  • Splits.
  • National integrations.
  • Political unity.
  • Alliances with the people.
  • Justice projects.
  • Democratic movements.

These groups or types of political parties are defined by their functions within the state. Some are based on releasing political prisoners, creating state reforms and even creating new laws. These branches or different groups are determined by the state administration and its executives.

On the other hand, any organization that wants to become a political party must take into account unique regulations. First, National party committees cannot accept or direct funds outside the limits and prohibitions of federal law. However, you must meet the requirements to form a political party.

SecondCertain activity of state, district, and local committees, called federal electoral activity, is uniquely regulated. In third place, party committees are restricted in how they can support certain tax-exempt organizations.

Based on the above, the recommended is that you follow the three steps mentioned in order to be successful in being defined as a political party. Because the faster you get your roles in detail, the faster you can create an advertising campaign to publicize your proposals for your future term as a political representative,

Who Can’t Do It?

All citizens with fundamentals in the political issue can create a political party. Nevertheless, those who have had antecedents criminal or are in custody for having committed a crime will not be able to create the same, at least until their charges have been completed for violating the laws of the state.

Although, these parameters will depend of the person and their life record with society. In the eyes of the state administration, it is feasible to consider a person who has not committed crimes or mistakes, one who has. In any case, the best thing will be not to be in trouble with the authorities to create the party.

Also, it is necessary to mention that to create a political party You must reconcile all the aforementioned documents, and these include a proof of identification with a criminal record, that is, you will have to answer for your actions, in the event of having made a mistake.

Instead those who have not had problems with the government they will be able to form their political group without any inconvenience. So our recommendation is that you try to go unnoticed by society, in this way you can be recognized as an authority.


The main objective of political parties is to join people who have similar views on government together. These groups work to participate and influence the government by having their members elected to a government position.

Although many people choose to associate with a certain party, not all share the exact same beliefs. However, core beliefs about how government should be run are shared. Besides these, there are other functions which will be explained below.

The political parties they have many different functions. Your main job is to stay true to a basic set of beliefs. This enables voters to understand the basic beliefs of a candidate who is registered with one of the major parties. Imagine having to choose between fifty candidates.

This is because the time involved for each citizen would be overwhelming, political parties also help simplify the voting process for voters. In elections for an office of the federal government, such as president, senator or representative, the parties have nominations to choose the candidate.

It should also be noted that, political groups too They provide many support activities for their candidates. They organize fundraisers, distribute literature and they encourage people to register to vote.

As an election draws near, they can conduct surveys and make phone calls to encourage voters to get out and vote. Each party helps guide voters by publicizing the party’s belief on issues of importance. This helps voters know which party best matches their individual beliefs.

How are political parties composed?

The main political parties are composed at the local level (usually county), state and national.

That is to say, are constituted by Party leaders and activists are involved in choosing people to run for public office, managing and financing campaigns, and developing positions and policies that appeal to party constituents.

They are also made up through nonpartisan elections, in which candidates effectively run as independents with no party affiliation). In partisan elections, the party participates in the identification of candidates, the provision of professional personnel.

What is it?

A political party is an organized body of like-minded people working to elect candidates for public office who represent their values ​​in politics. In Chile, home to a strong two-party system, the main political parties are the Republicans and the Democrats.

Political parties are not corporations or political action committees. They are also not non-profit groups or charitable organizations. In fact, political parties occupy an important space in Chile.

Furthermore, as organizations they have private interests but perform important public functions. Those roles include conduct primary elections in which voters nominate candidates for local, state, and federal offices, as well as host elected members.


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