Requirements to Form an NGO: Registration, Financing and MORE

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Do you want to join with others who have the same interest as you? If your interest is social, you may need to review the Requirements to form an NGO.

If you want to create an NGO then you are taking the right path, taking the right step. It is a way of dedicating oneself to a commendable work of social value and public and collective interest.

Find people with similar interests who have the appropriate competencies and can help you achieve the purpose you set out from the beginning of the idea.

Seek advice and embark on this path that, well taken and for just causes, will surely attract a lot of work, but also endless satisfactions. Go ahead, get going.

How to register an NGO in Chile?

According to the Requirements to form an NGO Non-Governmental Organizations, NGOs, must comply with the formality of the Registry. Must register in the National Registry of Non-profit Legal Persons. The legal representative of the NGO goes to the Municipal Secretary of the Public Registry, to carry out the corresponding registration.

Non-Governmental Organizations, NGOs, have to fill out the registration form. The National Registry of Non-profit Legal Persons is a unique registry.

Community organizations, neighborhood associations, associations, community unions, foundations and non-governmental organizations must be registered in the National Registry of Non-profit Legal Persons. This management can be done throughout the year, on the web portal, by phone and at the Registry offices.

Non-profit legal persons are governed by laws of a special nature, therefore they must be duly registered.

Within the Requirements to form an NGO is it so:

  • To manage the registration, you must do the filling out the registration form for non-profit legal entities.
  • You must present a copy of the legal document representing the NGO.
  • Have a certified copy of the NGO statutes that you want to register.
  • Submit a copy of the authorization of the accredited public body, where it authorizes the registration or NGO registration.

Registration Form

In the Requirements to form an NGO the registration of the NGO in the registry is specified. Likewise, to register it is necessary to fill out the Form. You can download the form in the following link

How many people should make up an NGO?

When reviewing the Law 20,500, it can be read that NGO Non-Governmental Organizations can be constituted as follows:

  • The Directory.
  • The Commission in charge of auditing the accounts.
  • An Ethics Commission should be created, which will monitor where the actions and the fate of the NGO are directed.

According to the recommendations of the Chilean Ministry of Justice, each of the directorates or units that make up the NGO must have at least three people working in each one respectively.

Legal aspects

Non-Governmental Organizations NGOs must be governed by Law No. 20,500 related to associations and citizen participation in the management of the public event. Likewise, the Law 19,418 which deals with neighborhood boards and other community organizations.

Law 20,500 dated February 16, 2011. The topics analyzed are:

Associations between people, there is determined a legal framework, limits, and the role of the State regarding the support of these organizations. The central idea is to allow and facilitate this type of organization among the citizens of civil society.

Citizen Participation in public management, Law 18,575 is modified and the State is shown allowing the right of citizens to participate in plans, programs, social projects. Establishing a delimitation of the field of action and competition.

This law handles the central issue of citizen participation in public management in the country. The norms related to the associative right of people in general are established, pursuing the obtaining of lawful purposes.

This right constitutes the power to establish associations that seek or have different social and cultural interests.

In addition, The law states that the State as supreme must help in the promotion and support of any association initiative that appears in civil society. In the matter of citizen participation, it is clear the establishment of limits regarding the scope of participation. In other words, the law allows the intervention and contribution of these associations in the different plans, but at the same time indicates up to where the aforementioned associations can reach in their intervention and action.

How is an NGO Financed?

According to the Requirements to form an NGO, non-governmental organizations currently have different sources of resources from which to finance themselves, which are the following:

  • They can be financed with funds from International Cooperation organizations
  • Likewise, resources from public tenders required by the State, which can be reviewed through the web portal.
  • Resources generated from the calls made by local or regional governments.
  • Likewise, through self-management through the sale of articles, products, publications, consultancies, among others)
  • Through the recruitment of partners who contribute periodically and that allow the NGO to develop projects in the medium and long term.

  • Donations cannot be forgotten, they can be occasional or occasional.

  • Both public and private grants.

What is an NGO?

They are Non-Governmental Organizations NGO, designed to work for a fairer society, without pursuing profit. They generally work for causes of public interest.

They are organizations whose labor is social and humanitarian. They are entities that do not depend on any type of public administration. Its radius of action is not only local or national but also international.

They focus on addressing poverty, catastrophes, the lack of opportunities in a region, the issue of abandoned childhood, domestic violence, child abuse, trafficking in women, the environment, human rights, education, in short, there are many situations that contemplate the infinity of NGOs currently existing in the world.

In Chile there are NGOs in the vast majority of the communes. Those who have in mind the creation of a Non-Governmental Organization must be very clear about the panorama of its development and action. In other words, knowing that the line that is followed must necessarily be manifested in social projects, in addition to having to be sustainable in the future.

Each Non-Governmental Organization works differently, some work with volunteers only, however there are some that hire professionals or experts in certain areas.

If the operation of any NGO is at an international level, it is possible that they have a headquarters or office in the country.

That is to say that a NGO must meet these characteristics:

  • They must have a humanitarian and social purpose.
  • The search for profit and making money is not your task.
  • They are independent of the state and public administration.

NGO types

According to the orientation

These can be charitable (UNICEF), empowering, service-oriented (Chilean Red Cross), and participatory.

According to the level of operation

Here are those organizations that are based on the community, there are international NGOs (Unicef), also urban ones attending to city problems and of course national NGOs (Chilean Red Cross). The campaigns generated by NGOs, they are aimed at promoting a cause.

The existence of NGOs comes to be justified by the importance they have taken in recent times. Depending on the orientation of the NGO, an important link is created between the association and the community, or population of another country. Creating an identification of the problems as well as the possibility of resolving existing conflicts.

NGOs are established in the task of raising awareness and informing the citizens of a country or locality. NGOs undoubtedly play a very significant role in the social sphere, behaving cAs protectors of humanitarian and social causes and also of the social environment.

They do not intend under any circumstances to perform roles as a substitute for the State or other organizations that carry out tasks of this nature. Rather, what they seek is to help in all areas that are required.


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