Requirements to get a Cellular to Payments in Claro in Colombia

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Do you want to buy a cell phone? we will tell you what you need to know about Requirements to get a mobile phone for installments in Claro In colombia.

Generally people are eager to acquire cell phones, but they prefer those with a higher price, and if they do not have the money to make that much desired purchase, they are left with the frustration of not making the purchase effective.

But if they get a company that gives them the opportunity to acquire it in installments, the most likely thing is that they will buy it, even if in the long run they will have to pay more money, but in a more comfortable way, than what the Smartphone is initially worth.

Read on and you will get information that will surprise you.

What are the Requirements to get a Cellular to Payments in Claro?

According to the Requirements to get a mobile phone for installments in ClaroIt is essential to have credit experience and hire an adequate data plan.

You cannot acquire the equipment, to have a voice or data plan with another operator. Since the equipment acquired in Claro Colombia cannot be used in another operator.

In Clear You can access and choose the cell phone you want, in addition to also choosing in how many interest-free installments you can pay for it.

The process is the following:

  • The user will be subject to a credit evaluation.
  • The fees will be charged to the monthly telephone bill, but without interest.
  • Everything must be done according to a payment schedule.
  • The payment term is as chosen by the user 12, 18 or 24 months.
  • The equipment must be purchased with Claro Connection post-payment plans.
  • You can visit any Customer Service Center office.
  • In addition to the installment contract, You must adhere to the contract for the equipment being purchased.

As you can see, it is very simple just go to a Customer Service Center with your identity card and talk to the advisors of Claro Colombia that will guide you so that you can make an excellent acquisition of equipment.

Process to Acquire a Cellular Installment

With the Requirements to get a cell phone to installments in Claro, You can understand what is the process in Colombia to acquire any cell phone through financing.

The essential cell phone in today’s life, which is part of everyday life. Nowadays, more and more people use a mobile phone in their daily work. Therefore more individuals are interested in acquiring equipment that supports the activities and tasks of work and daily life.

After that, the conditions of permanence with the operators and the new options to acquire cell phones through financing no longer exist. Strategies were put into practice to acquire cell phones in a more accessible way.

As in any credit application, the customer’s credit experience or history will be verified, According to this, an analysis of the credit and payment capacity will be made.

Depending on the customer’s ability to pay, you will determine the equipment options that you can purchase. There are operators that give discounts if financing is accessed, or you also offer very low interest rates, or installments without any interest.

The recommendation is to pay as soon as possible, not to extend the debt so long. Do not accept conditions that are not convenient for the pocket and also consider the life span of cell phones, given the news and the current fast update.

Take into account brands, models, prices, financing and duration of financing.

Can You Acquire a Cell Phone without Credit Life?

Generally, in large chain stores and warehouses, they issue credit cards for their affiliated clientele regardless of the credit experience. In addition, may have the possibility of receiving credit for the purchase of Smartphone.

So if the person does not have the expected credit experience, Claro Colombia may authorize you to use a basic voice or data plan. After three months, and the client has made payments on time, Claro’s operators will make an evaluation with a view to the possibility of financing equipment with an established limit for its price.

However, the entire operation of mobile telephony contracts in Colombia has undergone changes in recent times. People started buying unlocked phones from carriers.

Subsequently, the conditions of permanence of the contracts were eliminated, of the mobile telephony services. This means that you can purchase equipment from any operator, regardless of whether this purchase has been in installments or financing installments, to be used later by other operators.

This works as follows: you can purchase a device with the respective plan, the following month you can change to another operator or cancel the current service contract, no matter how many installments remain to be paid. Since the equipment is charged independently of the voice or data plan that you have contracted with the other operator.

In other words, you cancel the service with the initial operator, but continue to pay the equipment fees as it is in the contract.

Claro services

The company Clear offers a number of services to the wide Colombian clientele, among which are:

Telephone lines. IP telephony, Distributed PBX, virtual PBX, long distance service, lines 01-8000, Mobile PBX, virtual PBX, Television, New Television, Satellite Television, Multipoint, Internet, Wireless Internet, fiber optic Internet, cable Internet, Mobile Internet, Dedicated internet, safe internet.

It also has Speed ​​Test, T-solve, Wifi repeaters and wired point, Data, Transactional Data, LAN to LAN Connectivity, Connectivity between sites, Cloud, Business Virtual Servers, Virtual Data Center, Office 365.

On the other hand, it contains: Web page, Business Security, Accounting Software, Virtual Server Backup, ADM Sales and Purchase Manager, My Digital Business, Business CRM, Mobile, Mobile Voice, Roaming, LDI, Mobile IP Telephony, Claro Directo, MDM, Mobile Advertising, iot.

Finally, it culminates with the part of Connected Businesses, Vehicle Management, Wifi Marketing, Everything Claro, Multiplay, Mobile Plans, Own Channel, G-Suite with 300MB of speed, Business resale plans.

In addition, you can make inquiries and requests through the chat, make the hiring of bags of minutes, messages. You can download invoices and payments to be made online.

The service My clear Company and Business, It is a service so that the company can make online transactions and service requests.

What is Claro?

Claro is a Colombian company established in 1994 with the name Comcel. In 2012 the name changed due to the acquisition by the Mexican telecommunications company called América Móvil.

Clear It offers mobile phone service, fixed line, cable television and broadband. It offers 2G, 3G and 4G telephony. The company was the process of unification of recognized brands Comcel and Telmex, paved the way for the Claro brand, on June 26, 2012.

The telecommunications services distributor América Móvil maintains activities in countries of America and the Caribbean, with more than 18 countries receiving the services. It has approximately 225 million customers with millions of fixed service lines, 13 million with broadband use and of course more than 10 million television subscriptions.

The telecommunications company Claro Colombia maintains its commitment to the region and closeness to customers.

Claro Colombia is a brand that seeks to offer innovation, coverage, good service, entertainment, fun. Claro Colombia maintains a campaign in favor of the environment called Give the planet a break and be an ally of nature. It consists of asking people to return Claros equipment that is no longer in use.

These can be remote controls, modems, decoders, that are not in use because the service was canceled.

Among the innovations offered by the company in Colombia is the Claro Club. It is nothing more than a program of benefits to users of households and individuals, both prepaid and post-paid.

By joining this Club, you can get discounts, promotions in the different affiliated stores, shops and establishments throughout the country. Users can go to the web portal and fill out the form or download the MÍ Claro application.

You can choose from several categories: entertainment, food, travel, transportation, clothing, health, accessories, wellness, among others.

Coupons are downloaded for the use of benefits, as long as the client is active. Anyway, Claro always attentive to its clientele.


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