Requirements to get a Chamber of Commerce: for the first time, what it is and MORE

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The Requirements to obtain the Chamber of Commerce certificate they are becoming faster and easier to record. This document is necessary If you want to start your own business in the City of Bogotá and later register your company in this private organization.

Do you have your business in mind and don’t know what you need to make it happen? Quiet! In this article we will provide you with all the Rrequirements to get Chamber of Commerce, Depending on the condition you are in, tips to make your dream come true, all the legal documents that you must fulfill, among other obligations that you must fulfill to make your dream come true.

We invite you to read the entire article to the end and clarify all your doubts!

Requirements to obtain Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce It works mainly in Colombian cities that carry out commercial activity every day, such as Bogotá, Medellin, Cucuta, Barranquilla, among others. The previous ones have suffered a positive change in its commercial activities and architectural structures, thanks to the presence of this private institution that has served as companion to grow and innovate new companies.

Besides, the Chamber of Commerce It has been present in the important decisions of each of these cities, whether for the creation of airports, highways, ports, among others.

In this article we will base ourselves primarily on the Chamber of Commerce of the Capital of Colombia, Bogotá. This institution allows the approval and encouragement of public and private companies.

Therefore, if you are determined to start a new business or have an idea to create your company, you must have all the necessary information to comply with the Requirements to obtain Chamber of Commerce. In this section we tell you what you want to know!

Registration of a new company

  • Decide a new name for your company: This must be unique in its activity, that is, it cannot have the same name as another business that is based on the same lucrative activities
  • We recommend that as soon as you are determined to create your business, you you enroll immediately to keep the right of the name that you decided to choose for your company
  • Not sure if your name is common in the area? Query in «Evaluation of my Project»

Type of Business Company

  • This point is very important, since you will be able to define what your venture will be based on under the arguments of the current legal bases
  • The main commercial companies are: Anonymous, Collective, Mixed Economy, Foreign, Associative Work, Sole proprietorship, among others
  • Preferably consult a lawyer who has knowledge of commercial activity

Creation with the support of the Public Notary

  • Document stating the creation of the company.
  • Said letter must have the signature of the main partners or creator of the company. In addition, the validation of the notary public.
  • It must include the appointment of both fiscal and legal person in charge.
  • The letter must be registered and subsequently revalidated by the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Fiscal Commitments.
  • You must take into account the tax obligations that you will have once your company is approved: Income Tax, VAT, Industry and Commerce, among others.
  • Commitment to Social Welfare.
  • Basically it is the proof of registration in Social Security.
  • In addition, the Inscription of the Pension Fund corresponding to the city of Bogotá.

For this institution it is important that each of its future clients feel identified and accompanied during this process. Consequently, this video below will explain part of what you should know to meet your first Requirements to obtain Chamber of Commerce in Bogota.

Remember! Your commitment and dedication can make your dream come true.

Requirements to get a Chamber of Commerce for the First Time

Now, it is crucial that you know all the steps necessary to complete the registration of your company in this body. That is, once you identify the type of company you want to undertake, you can continue with the RRequirements to get Chamber of Commerce for the first time. Still don’t know what they are? We tell you each one of them!

  1. You must have a computer with internet access. Next, use a trusted browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Opera.
  2. Login To the next one link. Subsequently, Mark the option »Request the Constitution of your SAS».
  3. When you open the pop-up window, Choose depending on where you register your company.
  4. Click to continue». Next, you must mark «Step 03» called «Create company»
  5. Choose the type of company
  6. Fill the tables corresponding to the registration questionnaire
  7. Read and Accept the conditions and terms proposed by the institution
  8. By last, click to «Create Company» Ready, you will be registered in the Chamber of Commerce!

On the other hand, when you finish this procedure you will have to complete the «Mercantile Registry». The latter generates the public recognition of your company, to represent the quality and safety of your business in front of customers and suppliers.

Commercial register

  • Validate the quality of your business activity

Commercial Registration

  • To create your Commercial Registration, enter this link
  • Remember to keep this document current. Therefore, the renewal must be carried out in the first three months of the year.
  • One of your obligations with the institution is the timely cancellation of your «Mercantile Registration». You must present «Certificate of National Taxes and Customs or Industry and Commerce» at the offices of the Chamber of Commerce
  • To cancel this commercial document log in in «Create my Company»

Benefits of being Enrolled

  • Legal certificate of the quality and complete information of your company
  • Legal representation
  • It allows to strengthen relationships between new suppliers and other companies
  • Attests to the existence of the business operation
  • Complete and updated information on the chief members and the time it was created
Important! If you want to know more about the Mercantile Registration, we invite you to click on the following link.

Natural person

In another order of ideas, if you love yourself to register as a natural person this is the section you need to read, but Do you still not know that it is a natural person? The latter is an individual who is responsible for all his personal obligations, in this case the business and all commercial assets obtained by this activity.

Likewise, it is important that you know that if you wish to register under this modality, you will not be responsible for canceling the Value Added Tax (VAT).

If you want to register your company as a natural person, you have to enter all these Requirements to obtain Chamber of Commerce in Bogotá:

Mandatory requirements for a natural person

  • Original and copy of Identity Document
  • Revalidated registration of the Single Tax Service (RUT)

Natural Person Chamber of Commerce

  • Form that contains all the necessary data for this procedure. Choose «Headquarters of the CCB» to find them
  • Single Business Registration Form
  • Business activity plan and project (Corresponding to Natural Person)

Natural Person Registration Registration

  1. Login from virtual form for enrollment in the following link
  2. Choose depending on where the address of your company is located
  3. Mark «Option 03» and create your company
  4. Writes the mandatory fields on the website

Do you have any questions about this process? The Chamber of Commerce It has a virtual operator called «I am Andrea» who will clarify all your doubts. Check with her immediately!

What are the Circumstances in which you may not have been?

However, the Chamber of Commerce It is very strict to approve the registration of a company and validate its Mercantile registration. Consequently, we want to explain to you what are the situations in which you can not be under any circumstances:

  • Not having developed any illegal activity that has legal registration and sanctions
  • Being sanctioned or being dismissed under the discipline of public functions
  • Have had any problem with tax processes
  • Possess sanctions for exercising trade or professional activity in a public manner
  • Not having had any money laundering penalties or being related to the financing of any illegal activity

Mandatory regulations

  • The lawyer or legal person that supports the business must be under the same conditions
  • The registration and payment of the Commercial Registration can only be carried out as long as the above requirements are met
  • If the Chamber of Commerce discovers that the affiliate does not comply with these requirements, will immediately cancel any contract or document that relates to the institution and the company

Step by Step

In the same way, if your wishes are to start a new business or company in the City of Bogotá, you will have to take into account the Next steps:

  1. Check that the name of your future business is available on the page of Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Study well if your company will generate the performance you want and of course, channel all the ideas to start a successful business.
  3. Presents all the documents of legal basis in the Public Notary
  4. Firm the creation of the company, under the creation of a company. Said record must be presented in original form and in at least two (2) copies.
  5. Register your company in the Chamber of Commerce. Subsequently, it performs the Registration of the Mercantile Registration.
  6. Preserves the original document and a copy that certifies the registration in this institution. At the same time, check that all the data corresponding to the business are correct.
  7. Introduce the Tax Registration Document (RUT).
  8. Get an exclusive bank account for company movements.
  9. Enroll to the company in the Social Registry.
  10. Certification of the registry of the National Health System.
  11. Send an opening letter to the District Planning office.

What is the Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber of Commerce For 140 years he has been the faithful companion of businessmen in the City of Bogotá and in other cities of Colombia. For this reason, this private institution allows its affiliates to create their companies, businesses and ventures easily and quickly, under the regulations of consigning all Requirements to get Chamber of Commerce.

Now, this institution has been part of the architectural and structural change that Bogotá has undergone in recent years. In addition, it has been the Main protagonist to promote the commercial development of the city.

Reestablishment of the conferences
Mundo Aventura Amusement Park
Creation of an Ecological company CAEM
ArtBog, Bogotá Music Market, Bogotá Fashion Week, among others

The Chamber of Commerce has promoted this and much more, to make Bogotá a modern and creative city. So yes you are determined to be part of the change and the innovation of the city, you must undertake that business that you think so much.

You will only have to enter all RRequirements to get Chamber of Commerce. Next, we will leave you other cities where this institution also works:

Remember! The Chamber of Commerce is there for you and for your ideas.

Bogotá, a city where ingenuity and ideas come to life!


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