Requirements to Get Married: Costs, Marriage Certificate and MORE

The Requirements to get married are mandatory to celebrate the marriage union in the Civil registration. That is, if you are currently committed to the person you decide to share the rest of your life, you must comply with all the necessary documents to process the marriage act.

As well as, after completing the procedure for the Civil registration the ecclesiastical act can be processed. For the latter, you must consign a series of documents that must be presented at the Catholic parish.

As well as, take into consideration the Marriage certificate to revalidate the procedure before the Law.

Do you want to get married in Chile? Do not wait more! Read this entire article to complete everything related to the marriage act and live your life experience.

Requirements to marry by civil

Certainly, choosing the person who will be with you the rest of your life is one of the most unforgettable experiences of the human being. Therefore, there is the act that celebrates the union of the two individuals known as «Marriage«.

As well as, they exist two (2) different methodologies to contract marriage and witness the love of each of the people who make up the couple. Although one of them «Civil» is mandatory for all citizens of the country and also revalidates the union before a Civil registration.

However, there is another procedure «Marriage by the Church» that it is not necessary to consume it. Similarly, this celebration adopts a set of ecclesiastical characteristics important to the practitioners of the Catholic community.

That is, if you currently do not practice this religion, you should not marry for the church if you wish.

Now, to consummate the marriage in the Civil registration you must comply with a series of Requirements to get married. The latter occurs with the objective of celebrating a completely legal act before the Civil Code of the country. So, if you have expectations of marrying civilly in the coming years, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Marriage application form in the Civil Registry who wish to marry
  • Have previously approved the pre-marriage course dictated by DIF for future spouses of the country
  • Applicants must have the certification of their birth certificates
  • Similarly, once the future spouses meet the Requirements to get married they must consign a series of documents. Consequently, these will be evaluated and checked by the registry workers. Next, we will tell you the documents that you must present on the day of your civil wedding:
  • Original and copy of the Birth Certificate of each of the spouses
  • Singleness document
  • Information of the witnesses of the act
  • Marriage file
  • Marriage edict
  • National Identification Card

Steps to get married through the Civil Registry

  • Find the Civil Registry office closest to your home. In addition, you must follow the instructions offered by the officials of the place
  • Ask at the Cashier for the turn in which you want to celebrate the event
  • Give information from witnesses
  • Ready! Everything is prepared to marry by the civilian. Then, What are you waiting for?

Marriage certificate

Now, one of the most important documents in your life is the Marriage certificate because it represents the legality of the event before a public body. That is, when you get married you must keep this document that validates the union with your spouse before the Law.

In the same way, this certificate is necessary for other types of legal procedures, such as distribution of inheritance, separation of assets, registration of future children in the Civil Registry of Chile, among others.

Likewise, once you meet all the Requirements to get married and later, the civil wedding takes place, you must request your marriage certificate. Don’t you know how to do it? Quiet! We tell you all the steps.


  • Sign in to «Chile Adviser»
  • Click to «Obtain Marriage Certificate»
  • Select «Marriage Certificate with Inscriptions»
    Click in «get certificate»
  • Scribe the RUN corresponding to the document
  • Mark «Add to cart»
  • Sign in your email to receive the Certificate in this way
  • Waiting the message to your email
  • Opens the document and check if you have the corresponding (60) days of validation
  • If you want to download you only have to Mark the option «Download»
  • However, for save the document on your computer just change the option from «Download» to «Save»

Certified Offices

  • Locate the Civil Registry and Identification Office closest to your home
  • Notify the purpose of the visit (Issue the Marriage certificate for everything)
  • Cancel the corresponding amount to request this type of marital procedure
  • In seconds they will give you the Marriage Certificate


  • It can be done throughout the year on the official website or in the Civil Registry offices
  • If you carry out the procedure on the website or by phone, you should not cancel any tribute. However, if it is carried out at the Civil Registry Offices, you must cancel an amount of $ 1.90


On the other hand, it is essential to remember that this act unites the lives of two people who are determined to be together. However, like all procedures, a series of taxes must be canceled in order to certify the marriage before the Law.

That is, in addition to the costs of the wedding that you wish to do once the civil wedding takes place, the costs of the procedure should be considered in the Civil registration.

By civil

  • On the outskirts of the Civil Registry and Identification facilities and during non-work hours: 32,520 pesos
  • Not including the offices of the Civil Registry and Identification, but in working hours: 21,680 pesos
  • In the same offices of the Civil Registry and Identification and during working hours: It does not include any cost, except for the value of $ 1,830 of the marriage card

For the Church

  • It will depend on the preferences of both spouses. That is, it will include everything related to dress, reservation of party rooms, type of church where they want to get married, car rental, music, among others.
  • Without a doubt, it is one of the highest costs in this type of procedure. Approximately they range between 120 or 150 thousand pesos
  • In addition, you must take into consideration that to marry in the Church you must have a collaboration for the Ecclesiastical Parish

How to marry a foreigner?

Now, several Chilean citizens decide to enter into marriage between their same nationalities. However, there are other types of marital unions in which they are not necessarily between Chilean citizens, but with foreigners.

Consequently, the migration from other countries of the world to Chile has caused the mixing of cultures and marriage between different citizenships.

Certainly, to marry another citizen of foreign origin, the Requirements for Marrying Foreigners. So, are you in love with a foreigner and want to marry him / her? Know all the information you need to achieve it!

  • Civil registration: Attend the certified offices of this body. In addition, consign all the documents explained above. As well as, include the permanent or temporary residence document of the foreign spouse
  • Wedding shift: Take into consideration the date and time assigned by the Civil Registry to carry out the marriage procedure
  • Witness Signature: The two people who accompany the spouses to be witnesses to the marriage act. As well as, both They must sign the certificate of the marriage of the spouses. In addition, witnesses can be Chilean citizens or foreigners who understand the official language (Spanish)
  • Patrimonial regime: It is the procedure that is carried out prior to the civil wedding. The latter has the purpose of separating marital property at the time of a separation event. However, if the future spouses decide not to carry out this procedure, they will be accepted under the partnership to share goods and properties in the same proportion.

Although, marrying a person who is from your country is exciting. But there are people who consider it more «special» to marry a foreigner. First, the multicultural sharing of both spouses becomes evident. Afterwards, getting to know the city of your future spouse and adopting new cultures is an enriching experience for every human being.

Requirements to marry in the church

Today, many people celebrate the act of marriage in churches. That is, the devotees of the Catholic religion decide to consummate their marriage act in the presence of God. Therefore, it will be necessary to meet a series of Requirements to Get Married in the Church and steps to have a successful and unforgettable wedding.

Do you want to get married in the Church?Here we tell you everything in detail!

  • Attend Church at the parish closest to the spouses’ domicile or the one they choose for that special day
  • In Chile to celebrate the ecclesiastical act, the Church where one of the future spouses was baptized must be chosen
  • Baptism certificate for both grooms
  • Personal Identification Document
  • Civil Marriage Book issued by the Civil Registry
  • Contribution to the corresponding parish

Later, when you meet all these requirements, they may request the Church where the ecclesiastical act will be held. Next, we will tell you each of the steps during the Catholic wedding:


  • Choose a Church of your preference
  • Reserve the marriage ceremony for the available date
  • Present the civil certificate where the union is certified by the Civil Registry
  • Present the baptismal certificate of the future spouses valid for approximately six (6) months
  • Both bride and groom must complete the pre-marriage course
  • After performing the ecclesiastical act, there is a period of eight (8) days to validate before the Civil Registry


  • The ecclesiastical act can be carried out in the Church of the parish chosen by the spouses or in another address with the certificate of the parish priest that authorizes the marriage outside the spaces of the Church
  • Marriage talks: There are four (4) talks that consist of a pre-marital course that the Catholic religion has. In addition, this hour or two (2) hours of talk will be to meet the future spouses and their purposes in the marriage
  • Present the proof of the ecclesiastical act to the Civil Registry
  • Remember! Ecclesiastical weddings have a higher cost than weddings celebrated by the Civil Registry

Are you in love and want to get married? Do not wait more!

Get married in Chile!


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