Requirements to Get Married: Documents, Costs and MORE

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The Requirements to get married in Peru They are very simple, the most important thing is to have the desire and commitment to form a family with the ideal person and together meet goals both individually and as a couple.

Besides Requirements to get marriedThis article also mentions other aspects such as: The necessary documentation, the cost of the marriage, when the couple are divorced, the presentation of rings and other data.

What are the requirements to get married in Peru?

To get married in Peru it is necessary to comply with the Requirements to get married, which you will know below:

  • The witnesses: Normally each member of the couple must have 2 witnesses, for a total of 4 (one of each sex). These must be of legal age, nor can they be related to the couple. Therefore, they must have a friendly relationship with the couple for a minimum of 3 years, and attest to the competent body that there are no limitations for the couple to join in marriage.
  • Preventive Counseling Certificate: In accordance with Law No. 26626 which states that its validity cannot exceed 30 days according to the date the marriage was celebrated. This procedure can be carried out in a health center that depends on the Ministry of Health.

To know in detail the Requirements to get married in Peru, you can enter this web portal where you will find extended information.

Documents Needed to Get Married in Peru

The documents required to get married in Peru are part of the Requirements to get married and it depends on what each entity requires, they must also meet in a specific period of time, which depends only on the couple. These are as follows:

The Birth Certificate

Each member of the couple must provide a certified copy of this updated item. If any individual is registered in the Province of Lima, said departure cannot have a period of expedition greater than 3 months. In the case of being registered in other Provinces, the validity period must be 6 months.

Proof of Service

This can be a phone, water, or electricity bill. It is asked to corroborate that at least one of the couple lives in the chosen district to marry. In the case of not living there, request the transfer if authorized.

National Identity Document (DNI)

The DNI of both the couple and the witnesses must be presented in original and copy. Remember that they have to be individuals of legal age and more than 3 years in a friendship relationship.

They must not be family and also the copy of the documentation must bear the stamp of having voted in the last votes.

Payment of the Right of Marriage Opening

Said payment allows the beginning of the elaboration of the marriage decree.

Medical Exams

It is requested by the municipality chosen at the time of consigning the other documentation.

The Certificate of Singleness

To process this certificate in some municipalities it is required to the affidavit of the couple regarding your marital status.

The Publication of the Marriage Edict

When the marriage decree is acquired, it is taken to the municipal newspaper. Marriage can be celebrated on the 9th after the edict is published, it is valid for 4 months.

This procedure refers to the public notice of the marriage to be celebrated, with the aim of revealing the possible prohibitions that may exist against the union.

Costs to get married in Peru

It was previously named as one of the Requirements to get married in Peru, the receipt of payment of the right to celebrate the marriage. The amount paid for this right is different in each municipality where the marriage is celebrated.

Therefore, and considering the location where the marriage takes place, its value is located between 198.10 and 530.60 nuevos soles.

It should be noted that, when the marriage takes place within the municipal territory, its value will be lower from Monday to Friday during business hours.

Divorced Boyfriends

When you are divorced and you want to get married again, the first step is to verify the requirements and documents that are needed to do the procedure. Therefore, Requirements to get married extras that must be presented are the following:

  • Documentation verifying the dissolution of previous marriage.
  • The affidavit of descendants and assets, where it is reflected that they do not have parental authority over minor descendants and do not manage their assets.
  • For divorced women who want to marry within 300 days of their divorce, they must submit a medical certification of pregnancy, which must be negative.

Requirements for Marrying a Foreigner

In the case of a marriage of a couple where both members are Peruvians, processing and consigning the documentation is a little easier. This is due to the fact that the corresponding agencies are close and the delivery periods are more flexible.

But if one of the bride and groom is not Peruvian, he must be careful when gathering the documentation with the couple and being able to open the marriage file.

The above, in order to do not delay the celebration of the wedding. Starting with the paperwork as quickly as possible is recommended.

If for any reason one of the couple cannot go to the country until the date closest to the marriage, they have the opportunity to send a legalized power of attorney Through the consulate of Peru established in the country of origin, so that it is legalized in the same way by the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Along with this document, a number of previously supported requirements must be attached to open the marriage file.

In such a way that, the member of the couple who is in Peru must take care of all the preparations only for a time, so he has to organize.

It should be taken into consideration that every municipality contains different qualities to present the Requirements to get married in Peru.

All documentation must be legalized by the Peruvian consulate in the country of origin and be apostilled (The Hague Convention to prove authenticity).

Additionally, they have to be translated into Spanish by a certified translator from Peru, as appropriate. For this reason, it is necessary to corroborate with the municipality each quality of the requirements. Next, the steps to follow to marry a foreign fiancé (a) are detailed in general:

Requirements for Civil Marriage

  • The birth certificates of both.
  • The immigration card or the passport in copy.
  • The certification of single status from the country of origin (foreign boyfriend / girlfriend) The documentation confirming the dissolution of the marriage or the death certificate of the previous spouse.
  • The criminal record.
  • The sworn declaration of temporary residence in Peru, proof of payment of basic services, or the sworn declaration of the interested parties.
  • Medical certification and proof of counseling with a validity between 15 and 30 days. If you send the documentation, tests must be carried out to rule out diseases such as tuberculosis and venereal diseases.
  • The payment that corresponds to the marriage, which is different according to the time, place and date of the celebration.
  • Witnesses who are not relatives and who meet with the couple at least 3 years. They must also consign the DNI in original and copy (verify in the pertinent municipality if it should be legalized).
  • Proof of nationalization in the event that one of the bride and groom has a permanent status as a provisional resident.

NOTE: After knowing the steps to follow for the marriage, it is essential to know the maximum validity that the documentation must have and record them.

The municipality requests that the marriage decree is published by a well-known newspaper. From the 9th after making the edict public, they can marry

Procedures for Religious Marriage

To open the marriage service, you must have on hand the documentation requested by the church where you are going to be married. These should not have valid for more than 6 months. After having them, you have to go to the archbishopric of the corresponding jurisdiction to be legalized.

The foreign groom (a) has to consign the documentation in his church so that the transfer of the marriage file is made 6 months in advance as stated in the requirements of the Parish El Sagrario de Lima in the Center of Lima, and between 3 and 6 months as indicated by the Parish of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal of San Isidro.

The named periods are only a reference for the 2 places, it is essential not to fail to check available dates and other questions regarding the informational section of the church in which you will be married. To then make the exchange of marriage vows.

Requirements for Religious Marriage

  • The valid and legalized baptismal certificates.
  • The identity documents in copy.
  • Affidavit of the civil status of the betrothed, proof of singleness or widowhood.
  • The affidavit of residence.
  • Legalized certificate of the grooms talk.
  • Passport-size photos.
  • Interview with the spouses.
  • Present 4 witnesses (2 witnesses for each contracting party).

Rings Presentation

In civil marriages no need to wear the rings. However, it is an aspect that is the decision of the couple.

It is suggested that if the couple wants to give each other something, it is an element where there is a connection, and that it is different from the rings. This is because traditionally rings are worn at a church wedding.

Other Requirements for Church Marriage

It is essential to know what marriage means, and commitment that is agreed with him, both socially and family, where the union of a woman and a man is formed. Marriage supposes the agreement of always being with the person that was chosen, or for a long time.

However, the relationship after marriage works, but if they fail they can divorce. So you have the opportunity to get married again.

The decision to get married is transcendental in the life of a person and therefore in the life of a couple. It is not only knowing the Requirements to get married in PeruIt is the commitment and maturity that must be had for the relationship to last over time.


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