Requirements to Get Married: Documents, Costs and MORE

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Are you going to take the next step with your partner? Then know the Requirements to get married it is essential. Also, you are probably interested in knowing about the cost of getting married, if you should do it for civil or church, and what documents you need.

The marriage It is the formalization of the union of a couple. For some it is the first step to living together and having a family. For others it is nothing more than the possibility of having a stronger bond with their partner. It is probably both, but either way it is an event that takes its legal part and, if you will, religious.

Today we will be talking about the aspects of Get married in Ecuador, so you can take your precautions and get married properly. Good luck!

What are the Requirements to Get Married in Ecuador?

Let’s start with the Requirements to get married, These are the ones that will allow you to complete this event, along with the necessary documents. We cannot reiterate enough the importance of knowing and adhering to them to the extent possible.

First of all, keep in mind that you have the possibility of getting married in two ways: by civil or by church. We will talk to you later about what exactly each of these two routes consists of.

For now, what you should know is that Civil marriage It is more of an administrative process, in which the union of the contracting parties is legalized.

On the other hand, marry in the church It involves a set of religious beliefs and guidelines that the church establishes and that the contracting parties must follow. Both can be big events, believe it or not, but for now you should be aware that the requirements for each of them is different.

How is this? Let’s see!

Marry for the Civil

  • When you and your partner have made the decision to marry in this way, then one of the two should approach the Civil Registry Office of your locality. There you will have to express your wishes to get married, so that you can reserve the date. Do it at least 15 days (max. One month) in advance of the desired date.
  • By the time you schedule the marriage in the Registry, you must have defined who will be the witnesses. There are two (02) witnesses who can be family or friends.
  • Sketch of the place where the marriage is going to take place so that you can deliver it right there in the Civil Registry. Also, do the fee payment for the realization of the marriage outside the Registry.
  • Finally, if a minor is to marry, the person with parental authority must be present.

It is not necessary for the marriage to take place outside the Civil Registry, just a possibility.

Marry by Church

  • You should approach your parish to see what dates they have available and to be able to schedule the marriage. This should be done at least one month in advance.
  • Both (the couple) must be baptized and have done the confirmation.
  • You must perform the Pre-marital course, whose date will be indicated in the parish.
  • Have two godparents.
  • Know the cost of decorating the church and if you have to contribute money to something.

Now that you know the Requirements to get married, we can go on to explain what documents you need, depending on your particular case.

Documents Needed to Get Married in Ecuador

The documents needed to get married They are not only a function of whether the wedding is done by civil or by the church, but they can vary if one or both parties have a special characteristic. It may be that one is a foreigner, a minor, a widower, a refugee or a public official in the defense sector.

In these cases the documents may vary, as we will see below.

Marry by civil

  • Payment of the procedure, which will vary if it is in the Civil Registry or outside.
  • Original and copy of the identity document of the couple, that is, of the citizenship card.
  • Original and copy of certificate or ballot of each member of the couple.
  • Citizenship card and voting certificate of the two witnesses, both the original and the copy.
  • Birth Certificate if there are minor children in common.
  • Special Curatorship Protocolized if there are children under parental authority.
  • Solemn Inventory of Assets, previously carried out before a civil Judge, in the case that assets of minors are administered under parental authority.
  • Affidavit of not having parental authority, if this is not exercised. This procedure is carried out in a notary’s office.

In addition to these documents, other specific documents must be presented in each case.


If either or both parties are minors, they must also bring:

  • Certified copy of Birth certificate of the minor person. This will only be valid for 90 days from its issuance.
  • Original and copy of the citizenship card and voting certificate of the father, mother or person with parental authority.
  • Death certificate, if either parent is deceased.

If any of the parents cannot exercise parental authority, they must authorize whoever exercises parental authority.


If either party or both are divorced, they must also bring:

  • Certificate with update of the marital status of the divorced person.
  • Marriage certificate, and as an annex the sub-registration of the divorce.
  • Certified copy of the divorce sentence. This must be issued by the corresponding court or the Civil Registry Office.

You must take into account two aspects: first, the woman can only marry after 300 days of having signed the sentence in the Civil Registry. Second, the man within the following year was the actor in the divorce suit.

Member of the Armed Forces

If anyone is a member of the Armed Forces then they must also present:

  • Original and copy of the Military credential.


If any of the contracting parties has been widowed, they must also submit to the Civil Registry:

  • Original and copy of the identity card with the update of the marital status of the widower / a.

If it is the woman who has been widowedYou cannot marry until 300 days after the death of your former spouse. This can be solved through an intrusive procedure where, in the case of being pregnant, the future husband recognizes the child as his.

If not, you should try medical report, before the Civil Registry Judge, who is not pregnant.

Resident or non-resident alien

If any of the parties is a foreigner resident, you must also submit:

  • Original and copy of the current census.
  • Also, the passport and visa.

Yes not resident, they must present:

  • Migratory movement.
  • Legal permanence of a total of 75 days.
  • Original and copy of passport and non-immigrant visa.
  • Birth certificate apostilled and legalized at the corresponding Embassy or Consulate. The marital status must also be there. If it is in another language, translated.
  • Affidavit of the contracting party before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, so that it can issue a certificate. This in the case that there is no diplomatic representative in Ecuador.

Active Duty Police Member

If either of the parties is a member of the police, they must present:

  • Original and copy of the Police credential.
  • Marriage Authorization. This is issued by the General Command.


If either of the two contracting parties is in a state of refuge, they must attach:

  • Original and copy of the Shelter Identification Card.
  • Also, current census.

Marry by Church

Finally, at marry by church the documents that the couple needs to present are:

  • Certificate of baptism.
  • Civil Marriage Certificate.
  • Premarital Course Certificate.
  • Identity card where the marital status is reflected. The copy must also be presented.
  • Original and copy of the identity card of the godparents.

Knowing these Requirements to get married, you are ready to take the next step. You can enter this link to see the Frequent questions in the Civil Registry on Marriage.

All documents must be legible

Marry for the Civil

When we say Marry for the Civil, we refer to the marriage that takes place in the Civil Registry of a city. It is a procedure that allows the legalization of the union of the couple, including the separation or formation of assets and the signing of the Act by the contracting parties.

This is characterized by not having religious nuances, because although it can be carried out simultaneously with the religious marriage, in itself in a legislative process.

However, something that seems very relevant to us and that you should know, if you don’t already know it, is that it must be carried out. That is, to establish a marriage before a society, with all that it entails, the civil marriage must be done in addition to the religious one.

Usually this is done first and then the church wedding. However, you have the possibility of doing it in the same parish. As we discussed in the section of the Requirements to get marriedYou can indicate in the Civil Registry that you will carry out the wedding in another place and pay the total of the procedure.

The only limitations would be, perhaps, those established by the parish. Finally, if you do not want to carry out the marriage either in the Civil Registry office or in a parish, you can do it wherever you like. Again, you just have to indicate it in the Registry.

Marry in the Church

For Marry in the Church You must first be a believer in your religion. The most common religion in Ecuador is Catholic. Thus, if you are going to get married in a parish, the ideal is that it is the one you frequent.

Sometimes you may be registered in one parish, so authorization is required to perform the ceremony in another. Also, sometimes the parish requires a contribution to make the wedding, can also offer decoration services. Our recommendation is that you go ask at the parish of your preference.

Getting married in the church is the union of the couple in soul, body and spirit. Both make vows between themselves and God, to obtain the approval of this to said union. They are blessed and supported by all members of the parish.

On the other hand, sometimes you can take a priest to the place where you want to have the wedding to bless the union. It is not necessary to marry in a church, but the presence of the priest is enough to have a religious marriage. Again, ask for this possibility if it is what you want.

You need to marry in civil law and, if you wish, in church.

Requirements to Get Married: Costs

Almost to finish, let’s talk about the Marriage Costs. In general, there are the costs of processing and those of celebration.

The processing fees can be received both in the Civil registration as in the Church. Thus, getting married in the Registry office has a value of $ 50.00 dollars, while to marry in another place a value of $ 250.00 dollars must be canceled from the Registry.

The parish You may require a minimum contribution amount, request a free consideration donation, or ask for nothing. You can also offer decoration services, but that is at the discretion of each parish. Sometimes the most famous parishes simply charge for the wedding.

As for a marriage elsewhere, it may vary depending on the couple’s budget. Some decide to hire a Wedding planner (Wedding Planner), while others leave a budget to the godparents to do the decoration. They can also do it themselves.

A simple wedding can cost anywhere from $ 60.00 to $ 450.00. If you are really interested, look for offers and build your budget.

Requirements for Marriage: What is it?

Get marry it is the act of marrying another person. It is a civic union, if you want a religious one, of two people who want to share more than an informal relationship. It is carried out before the Civil Registry, either in their offices or where they are notified.

Then, if you want, you can get married in the parish of your choice. Some people choose to carry out the civil and the religious in a separate location, carrying out the pertinent procedures for this to happen.

We hope we have helped you with the Requirements to get married, the documents you need in each case and the approximate costs of your wedding. Also, that you have no doubts about both marriages.

Until next time!


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