Requirements to get the Military Notebook: Types of Notebook, Price and MORE

Review the Requirements to obtain the Military Notebook and complying with this obligation is part of the life of any citizen in Colombia, who is in the age range to do so.

Have the Military Book in ColombiaIt is part of being a Colombian citizen. Young people today need to be up-to-date with compliance with the Law, since there are many activities and opportunities to which they have access in the modern and technological world.

Therefore, it is therefore essential not to be left behind and to be up-to-date in complying with the duties and regulations that exist, avoiding fines and penalties.

Requirements to obtain the Military Notebook

In relation to this issue, on June 27, 2019, the Amnesty Law addressed to all those citizens who are in a state of remission, that is, they do not have a defined military situation.

Those who know the subject affirm that this law will be able to benefit more than 600,000 citizens who still do not have a military passport. It is important to highlight that the law of June 27, 2019, will have a valid for 18 months, you can take advantage of until December 26, 2020.

Within the Requirements to obtain the Military Notebook there is the inscription in the National Registry System. Initially, the registration in the system to access the request for the Military card:

Registration must be done before reaching the age of majority, that is, it is advisable to do it at 17 years of age. Schools sometimes facilitate this process.

If the registration is not carried out in the time stipulated for it, it can cause penalties, which can mean the payment of up to 20% of the minimum wage. Each year that has elapsed without doing so counts towards applying the sanction.

  • Access the web portal.
  • Go to the first registration section.
  • Click on the register button.
  • You will receive an email with the instructions to activate the account, by clicking on the link that is indicated.
  • Now you activate the account, log in and enter the requested registration data.
  • Press the enrollment option and start.
  • A form will be displayed on the screen that you must fill out with the name data, ID number, work data, family, address, city where you reside.
  • You must attach the scanned ID and the requested documents, in the attach files section.
  • All information is validated by the Recruitment area.
  • Once the registration in the recruitment system has been carried out, the district in which the person is registered will also be indicated and will issue you the appointment slip, to attend the first exam.
  • Subsequently, you will be notified of any indication related to the military situation.

The Requirements to obtain the Military Notebook they are all mandatory. Here we show you:

  • Age must be over 24 years old.
  • Have the status of remission, that is, an undefined military situation.
  • If you have the condition of being an only child.
  • In the case of having a marital life.
  • If you have children.
  • Maintains the father, mother or siblings due to the loss of one of the parents.
  • Child of parents with some kind of disability.
  • That it is within any of the causes contained in articles 12 of Law 1861 of 2017.

In addition to meeting the requirements mentioned above, the applicant must submit the following documentation:

  • Birth certificate.
  • 2 extensions of the identity card to 150%.
  • Extension to 150% of the identity card of the parents.
  • High school diploma.
  • Degree certificate high school.
  • A photograph no larger than 1 megabyte, blue background and with tie, jpg format, recorded on CD or DVD.
  • All documentation must be in a folder.

Types of Military Notebook

In relation to Obtaining the Military card there are two types or classes, called first and second class.

  1. First class.
  2. Second class.

1. First Class Military Notebook:

It is that book that is granted to citizens active in military service. In other words, they are serving or are serving in the military for nine months or more.

Procedures to obtain the First Class Military Book:

Once the corresponding documentation has been delivered, make the presentation of a medical exam. They can qualify for a second exam, if what is sought is exemption from military service.

If the person is found unfit for military service, they will receive a settlement receipt that must be canceled. Finally, fulfill the military service, well in the armed army, among others.

2. Second Class Military Book:

The so-called second class booklet is granted to applicants released from compliance according to the Law, compulsory military service.

Procedures to obtain the Second Class Military Book:

  • Enroll in the websiteof the Colombian National Army as explained above.
  • Have the required documentation to register, mentioned above: Birth certificate with copy, the two extensions of the identity document to 150%, if it is a minor then the identification card, also with the identification of the parents, the diploma and the certificate of high school degree, the size photograph 2.5 x 4.5 front and blue background.

Consider the following circumstances:

    • Under 25 years of age must have an ID and a copy, as well as the scanned identity documents of the parents.
    • If you are a high school graduate, a copy of the diploma and graduation certificate and a scanned copy of the same.
    • It is important to bear in mind that you must attach all the documentation in the web portal: website.
    • Confirm your email to know the date of the presentation.
    • It is essential to attend the appointment in the indicated military district and carry all the documents already mentioned.
    • If it is the case of a disability, bring the medical history to the appointment. In order to help with the classification.
  • Yes it is within the exemptions to military serviceYou must bring the documents that indicate it. The Law exempts the following:
    • Individuals sheltered by the Victims Law.
    • Children who are responsible for the family.
    • No father, mother or both and is responsible for the siblings.
    • If it is son unique.
    • If you have a brother who died in combat.
    • Children of soldiers, agents or civilians who have been in the public force but who died or were left with a permanent disability.
    • Parents with disabilities or over 60 years old.
    • Be indigenous.
    • Belong to religious orders.
    • Individuals who lost their political rights.
    • If the third medical examination is unsuitable.
    • Citizen with some kind of disability.
    • Person assigned as a worker to a company or institution.
    • Subject who works as independently.
    • Go to the appointment and make the corresponding payment.
    • Request proof of payment.

What is the price of obtaining the Military Notebook?

Having the Military Notebook generates a payment that must be made according to the following parameters:

The price of the military book is calculated approximately as 1% of the family’s assets, in addition to 60% of the monthly income. The amount obtained must be divided by the number of younger siblings who remain active studying. Additionally, 15% of the current minimum wage, for the preparation of the document.

Likewise, the citizen not registered in the requested opportunity must pay 20% of the minimum wage established as a penalty. Similarly, you must pay as a penalty, two minimum wages for each year of delay, if you are a citizen in referral situation.

Currently, what they must pay for the amnesty in force until December 2020 is $ 132,000.

The citizens with permanent physical, mental or neuro-sensory disabilities, as well as the indigenous people who maintain their identity and remain in their territory and the soldiers in barracks, they should not pay the cost of the military passbook.

Places to get the Military Notebook

The Military Notebook it will be fought in the different directions known as recruitment and reserve control, of the various forces. In the assigned district after registration and have attached the required documents.

Military notebooks, both first and second class, are cataloged with a number that corresponds to the identity card. But if it was issued before the current law, will remain with the originally assigned number, Until you request a new fax, the number corresponding to the ID will be changed.

What is the Military Registry in Colombia?

The Military card It is an instrument that certifies that the person who carries it has resolved the military situation. And then you are authorized to be an active citizen in the labor field, since it is required in some public institutions and / or private entities.

Likewise, the sanctions in the form of a fine must be taken into account, which are applied if the military situation does not resolve over time.

Law 48 of 1993 determines that military service is compulsory for all men of legal age. Consequently they must define the situation immediately upon reaching the age of majority.


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