Requirements to Get the Passport: Renewal, Costs and MORE

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It is essential to have this record on hand. In case, despite everything, you do not have a Nicaraguan ID and want to leave the country. You should carefully read this information about the Requirements to Get the Passport.

Identification is the file that allows residents to leave one nation and enter another. The visa gives the approval and legitimate consent to move universally. We have compiled the renewal data for Nicaraguans and the entry of foreigners.

Find out here all about the Requirements to Get the Passport!

What are the Requisitos to get the passport?

The needs that you must meet to request another identification in Nicaragua are the following:

  • Be old enough
  • Have a unique updated birth declaration (in perfect condition).
  • Personality card in perfect condition, single and enlarged copy.
  • The receipt of the delivery of the visa book delivered by any financial organization has a cost of C $ 750.00. Single confirmation of payment in installments.
  • Request for a migration preparation structure in (Windows 21 and 22 for movement) this has a Unique Estimate of C $ 5.00.
  • In the event that you are resident, present your card at any bank window, the cost is C $ 375 Córdobas.

You see? It is very simple!

Nicaraguan passport form

Another alternative to apply is through the online stage over the internet. Directly on the migration and movement page. For this, it is important to create a customer account that allows you to enroll in this entry: [Solicite visa en línea]

The form you will discover appears in the figure. Complete each of the fields with your own information. Fields marked with

they are essential to enroll. A crucial need to have the visa payment confirmation within reach, as it will be required at entry.

The online page is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once the online system has been completed, the information will be sent to the foundation and the candidate for relocation will be contacted to make an arrangement, in order to complement the documentation of the prerequisites, which are filled out as aid for the cycle, regardless of what it may be. from another application or replacement.

Get the Passport for the First Time TheRequirements to Get the Passport

, for an identification in Nicaragua they differ according to the cycle of the candidate, here we detail it:

  • For adults
  • The identification photo is taken at the General Directorate of Movement and Migration at no additional cost.
  • A Movement Officer can help you complete the Migration Preparation Form.
  • Nicaraguans who live abroad and do not have a Nicaraguan identity card, in case they make their application in the nation, they must present a unique card and a duplicate of the legitimate residence card or identification of the corresponding nation, along with a copy of a marked and staggered Certification Will, by the CSE.
  • Residents with dual identity who have never had a Nicaraguan identity card will have the option of completing their strategy with a personality report from the nation where they have an identity and a registration application stub.
  • The cost of the visa for retired residents is C $ 375.00, which must be entered at the time of processing, the original and two copies of the INSS card.

Residents who request to incorporate the married name must present an original and a copy of the Declaration of Marriage.

  • For minors
  • The parent making the visa application must submit their unique personality history. The identification photo is taken at the
  • General Directorate of Relocation and Movement at no additional cost.
  • An immigration officer can help you complete the application preparation form. In the event that one or both guardians are foreigners, they must distinguish themselves with an Identification or a
  • Legitimate Nicaraguan Residency Card.
  • In the event that the guardians are foreign residents and have never had a Nicaraguan identity card, they will have the option of completing the cycle with the identity card application stub and their occupant identity card. Present in original and duplicate of both.
  • Dual ethnic tutors who have never had a Nicaraguan identity card will have the option of completing the method with a character record from the nation where they have identity and a file claim stub. Submit original and duplicate of both. Young people in the adolescent stage with a personality card (16 years old) must present a declaration request stub.
  • Original and duplicate.
  • In the event that the minor has an identification card to date, they must present it in original and a copy of the registry.

In addition, all minors under the age of 18 need a permit visa to leave the public domain.

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  • The needs to apply for the renewal of the adult passport are the following:
  • Present the expired passport or identification card.
  • Character card in perfect condition, original and copy.
  • Unique retiree card, 2 enlarged copies of the ID card.
  • Unique verification of the bank fee of the visa book.
  • Unique migration methodology structure
  • You must pay at any bank, the cost of the passport for an adult, which is C $ 750. If you have a retirement card, the cost will be C $ 375.
  • Visit the General Directorate of Relocation and Migration (Window 21 or 22) or one of its departmental workplaces and present your Bank receipt of the identification book
  • Acquire the Migration Methodology form, which has an expense of C $ 5
  • Present the official data.

To obtain your passport, you must present yourself at the identification transport window with the driving record and a distinctive proof file in original.

Processing of a new passport for minors As indicated by the Movement and Foreigners Service, the Requirements to Get the Passport

  1. of minors are the following:
  2. Present a unique birth certificate, updated and in perfect condition.
  3. Identification card of the two tutors in perfect condition Single and enlarged copy.
  4. Proof of bank payment of the identification book.

Single migration form.

  1. You must realize that:
  2. The legitimacy of identification for those over 16 years of age is 10 years.
  3. The photo you will use for identification is taken at migration workplaces.

The legitimacy of identification for children under 16 years of age is 5 years.

Renewal of minor passports

  • Nicaraguan citizens must present the following precautions:
  • Previous passport, Single and enlarged copy of the birth declaration.
  • Identity card of the two tutors in perfect condition, single and enlarged copy.
  • Proof of bank delivery of the identification book.
  • Migration form.

Expenses are equivalent to when they were first requested.

Costs of Getting the Passport

  • The expenses depend on the age of the minor and the payment can be made at any bank office in the country; With the exception of the renewal form, an application that is obtained in the immigration and foreigners box. The cost of the form is
  • C $ 5.00 Córdobas must be paid at the migration box. For those over 16 years of age the expense is C $ 750.00. Cordobas can be paid at the windows
  • BAC, BANPRO, BDF and BANCENTRO. The cost for children under 16 is C $ 350.00

Cordobas can be paid at any bank office in the country. Alternatively, you can make the quick administration credit in the migration box which costs C $ 300.00

córdobas and your file is delivered in 24 hours, it should be noted that the ordinary cycle lasts 8 business days.

When the delivery of the passport, you must go to the Directorate General of Movement and foreigner, located in (Window 21 or 22) or in one of its Departmental workplaces. Present your subscription voucher or proof of the identification book.

Validity of the Document

Article 21.- Foreigners to enter the Public Domain must have a substantial legitimate identification for more than half a year, and a comparative pass visa granted by a Nicaraguan Political Representation or Consular authorized abroad.

Who Issues Passports?

To apply for a passport, you must visit any immigration office in your area. These are the main addresses in the country, so you can locate the ones closest to your place of residence.

  1. Managua Headquarters located at the Tenderí Traffic Lights 300 meters to the lake, Hours of Operation Monday – Friday | 8 am to 5 pm
    Phones: 22512271 – 22512272
  2. Masaya: From the police 2 blocks north.
  3. Grenade: From the María Auxiliadora chapel, half a block down Calle Real Xalteva.
  4. Carazo: Where were the courts from 1 c. To the East.
  5. Rivas: From the International School of Agriculture, ½ block north.
  6. Lion: From the corner of the banks 25 vrs. to the north.
  7. Maroon: In front of the customs warehouses. Phones: 23422208
  8. Chinandega: Petronic Santa Ana 2 c west. Phones: 23412844
  9. Madriz: In front of the Municipal Market 19 de Julio, next to the Fire Station.
  10. Estelí: Briomal Products 1 block east.
  11. Matagalpa: In front of the Municipal Stadium.
  12. Juigalpa: In front of the Rooster more Rooster.
  13. Saint Charles: Adjacent to the Malecón de San Carlos, sector Nº3.
  14. New Segovia: Behind the National Police building.
  15. Jinotega: From Victoria Mota Hospital 1 block west, ½ block north.
  16. Bluefields: Bº. Fatima, next to where the gas station was.
  17. Puerto Cabezas: Filemón Rivera neighborhood, adjacent to the National Police.

Business hours in all immigration offices: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm Saturdays from 8 am to 1 pm, except for Managua whose service is Monday to Friday.

Success, thanks for reading the Requirements to Get the Passport!

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