Requirements to have Neighbor Box: Steps, Earnings and MORE

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If you are a wholesaler the Requirements to have Neighbor Box they interest him. Continue reading the article and learn everything about Neighbor Box.

Know what are the benefits of implementing Neighbor Box and at the same time provide a service to the community.

Caja Vecina is a channel that allows to provide service to Banco Estado customers. It is available throughout the country, in commercial premises previously selected by the Bank, where it is possible to carry out transactions with Banco Estado products.

It is a project directed by Banco Estado, committed through Caja Vecina to provide clients with financial and non-financial services, carrying out operations comfortably.

Dare to be part of this project and you will see how your sales will also grow in no time.

What does it take to have a Neighbor Box?

Within the Requirements to have Neighbor Box the following:

  • Be a client of Banco Estado.
  • Be owners of micro-businesses or small businesses.
  • Have a very good relationship with the community.
  • They must be very present and be recognized by the community local.
  • They must certainly have the credibility of the community.
  • Likewise, being businesses that generate responsibility and empathy with customers.
  • Have a Banco Estado card and of course the code of the ATM.

To carry out transactions such as deposits, cell phone recharges with cash, bill payments, among others, it is not necessary to meet any requirement.

Steps to have Neighbor Box in my Business

In the Requirements to have Neighbor Box There are the steps that lead you to be able to have Caja Vecina in the business, and they are the following:

  • In principle it should be a formally incorporated business.
  • Have twelve VAT payments a day.
  • In the case of being a free fair, it must have two patents of antiquity.
  • The business must have good business references.
  • The implementation of the Neighbor Box it has no cost any.
  • Enter the Caja Vecina website and fill out the corresponding form.
  • You can also contact the number 600 600 54 54.

Earnings from having a Neighbor Box

For the realization of the transfers from Caja Vecina the cost to pay is zero. But only fund transfers can be made between Banco Estado products, between own accounts and third parties.

In Caja Vecina, Banco Estado cards must be used, such as: Rut account, checking account or electronic type checkbook. Cards from other banks cannot be used.

Can be done retreats of money from the amount of 1.000 pesos up to 200,000 daily pesos. The amount to make the withdrawal depends on the tenant of Caja Vecina.

In the case of cash transfers, balance inquiries and for payments charged to bank accounts, they must be clients of Banco Estado, since they have a bank card and password. In the case of deposits, bill payments, mobile top-ups with cash, it is not required to meet the requirements.

Likewise, cash transfers cannot be made with cards from other financial entities. Credit payments from Banco Estado and payment of services / purchases do not pay commission. free services.

For making cash transfers from Caja Vecina you must pay 200 pesos. The amount of 200,000 pesos is the maximum amount allowed. In the case of money transfers to Banco Estado’s own accounts and also to third parties, the maximum amount is 500,000.

For the international commissions the payment is 1.90% of the total amount of each transaction. These are charged online when accepting the operation in national currency.

What do you do with a neighboring box?

According to Requirements to have Neighbor Box, the client can carry out various procedures, requiring only the ATM card or the RUT account of the State Bank. Between the Procedures to be carried out with Caja Vecina are the following:

  • Carry out cash withdrawals.
  • Make deposits to Banco Estado accounts.
  • Money transfers can be made from Banco Estado accounts.
  • Transfers can be made between Banco Estado accounts.
  • It can be done payment of services.
  • Pay loan installments.
  • Also, the payment of cards.
  • Balance inquiries can be made.
  • Also pay bills.
  • Make SOAP payments.
  • Banco Estado dividend payments.
  • Can be done Fonasa bond payments.
  • Key change.
  • Make a credit card advance from Banco Estado.
  • Likewise, do recharge to mobile phones.
  • Also, make contribution payments.

It is important to know that for cash transfers and for fund transfers through Caja Vecina the maximum amount allowed is 200,000 pesos, while if they are transfer of funds to third parties the amount is 500,000 pesos.

Through a connector or terminal, which is called POS, the operations of Caja Vecina are carried out. With this connector, communication is established immediately with the central system of the Banco Estado and issues a verification receipt, thus certifying that the transaction was carried out successfully.

Likewise, you must have a password for any type of transaction.

Caja Vecina is present in all the communes of Chile. In this way, financial and non-financial services are brought closer to all residents of Chile, no matter how far the commune is.


Neighbor Box offers countless benefits to all affiliate users and customers, including the following:

  • It is a company with certification B.
  • Neighbor Box has a network services and attention available in stores, fairs, hairdressers, boats on the Island of Chilióe.
  • Procedures and payments are made in less time.
  • It offers care in remote places, avoiding traveling to branches or payment sites.
  • The opening hours are long.
  • Caja Vecina is located throughout the country.
  • Ease of having cash on hand.
  • Credit cards from Banco Estado can be used.
  • Allows you to make cash deposits.
  • Make contribution payments.
  • Allows you to pay Fonasa medical consultation bonuses.

Likewise, there are benefits for the business:

  • You allows to increase the flow of customers of the business.
  • It allows expand the business.
  • Exclusive bank services can be delivered and the business differentiated.
  • It can earn commission with the provision of banking services.
  • You can become a strategic partner of the Bank.
  • A service is provided to the community.
  • It allows the development of the commune since the money is used and circulates in the same commune.

What is it?

The Neighbor Box in principle eIt is a system that makes Chilean citizens, whether or not clients, have access to the Banco Estado. Likewise, Caja Vecina facilitates the life of the user, since no matter how far away they are, they have access to the different financial services offered by the Bank.

Caja Vecina is a novel way of attention for Banco Estado customers, arranged in commercial premises and that operate with different types of account such as checking account, savings account, electronic checkbook, Rut account, Consumer Credit and Mortgage, credit card, line of credit.

In addition, you can make cash deposits, money orders, transfers between Banco Estado accounts, credits, balance inquiries, telephone recharges, payment of services and dividends.

What the State Bank intends is to have a scope greater access to financial services.

Caja Vecina is a company that belongs to Banco Estado, a financial group that devised this system that makes it easier for users who live far from downtown areas to have access to financial services.

Giving them the opportunity to do so through commercial premises, shops and warehouses in the communes. It is established as a correspondent banking network that brings the most usual operations of the Bank closer to the commune.

Making use of Caja Vecina is easy and convenient with the debit card or the Rut account, you can carry out operations with total security. Each operation is deployed through an electronic terminal called POS, this communicates with the bank’s system and then issues a receipt of the transaction carried out.


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