Requirements to hold a teaching position: Who can do it and MORE

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Teachers are important people in a society, that is why this article will explain the importance of Requirements to certify a Teaching Position. Take note!

The teacher is the person who is in charge of teaching preferably middle and high school students. That is, without their presence the students would not be prepared for reality.

Teachers are those who provide us with knowledge at any educational level. For this reason, education in Argentina is essential for all citizens.

To qualify as a teacher you must do the following steps.

Requirements to certify a Teaching Position

Teachers who wish to qualify will have to follow a series of requirements explained below:

  1. Be a native Argentine or naturalized where. In addition, you must be fluent in the Spanish language.
  2. Must be rendering service according to the promulgation of the law in the position that you want to hold.
  3. The teacher must contain your title to obtain the position and time of the respective subject.
  4. The teacher may not be titled as long as the citizen enjoys a retirement or pension in any authority of the nation.
  5. If the teacher gets a serious misconduct Due to any problem that has happened to you, you will not be able to aspire to securitization.
  6. It should not contain more than five fouls that do not contain justification in the school education.
  7. The teacher must have the input of collaboration in the pedagogical tasks conducive to the organization.
  8. The teacher must have the certificate of the psychophysical fitness updated.

Requirements to certify a Teaching Position: Chairs, Position and Hours

According to article N ° 4 of the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (2005) highlights the following:

  1. The teacher must comply with approximately 45 hours in a subject.
  2. Must complete having two positions of instructor or practical teacher or a position of a normal day except driving.
  3. The teacher must hold the position of a normal day, at least 20 hours academic.
  4. Full professors must contain 12 hours of the subject, in the position of pedagogical counselor or conduction.
  5. This is aimed at all teachers who work in places as a per-position regime, where they must accumulate at least 48 hours.

Documents for the process

Teachers who meet the requirements to certify a Teaching Position, must collect the following documents:

  1. The teacher must bring an original and a copy of their respective identity document.
  2. You must have your university degree.
  3. Work sheet where the teacher must complete with information regarding the subjects or hours.

The teacher must comply with these documents because they are reviewed through the Ministry of Education.

Education secretary

According to him article N ° 7 of the The Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (2005) highlights the following:

The Ministry of Education will send the following to the different addresses in each place:

  1. Complete form of teacher data, highlighting the positions and hours you want to secure.
  2. Form for the teacher to execute the sworn declaration of the positions or hours that it contains in all places depending on the Ministry of Education at any level and field.
  3. Worksheet in which the teacher must perform the choice of positions or hours when it exceeds what is mentioned in article N ° 4.

The individuals that make up the board will recommend the outstanding forms or forms to the Directorate of each place.

It is important to note that schools have a time of approximately 15 working days to receive the appropriate forms to be sent to the Classification Board.

The Classification Board with viewing the information fulfilled regarding the items. The institution has an approximate time of 30 continuous days in which they must send the documents to the Administrative Directorate (DAD).

On the other hand, the educational institution has a response time of 60 continuous days for checking the Requirements to certify a Teaching Position.

How do you enter Teaching in Argentina?

The teaching position is aimed at citizens teachers to Nacional level, who want to aspire to qualify as a teacher for their journey.

The levels to which the teachers aspire with the tenure are the middle and upper levels in organizations in national territory.

To aspire to teaching, the teacher must go to the nearest agency of the (SAD).

It is important to emphasize that to expedite the application, the process is in person. That is, the teacher must be aware of the website of the (CGE). On this page you can view the list annually.

How is the process to certify a Teaching Position?

It is important to note that those who aspire to the teaching position must register in the places where they want to enter. Therefore, registration must be made when the teacher has completed the form and show the documentation of interest.

To certify, the teacher must have minimum 3 years old. In addition, the person must have a maximum of two positions as long as the employment of each position is different.

Who can title?

All those professional people who make up an educational institution can be titled, having their degree and many years of experience in the workplace.

Teachers must accumulate hours in the institutions established by the organization and must not contain less than five unexcused absences, which is a primary requirement.

It is important to note that teachers must contain a score of 25 points, that number can be increased as long as the person has more working hours and an equal score.

University students who are concluding their teaching studies and have passed the 60% of their subjects They can be presented in the courses dictated by the Secretary for Teacher Affairs.

These talks will serve students in their career as a teacher to obtain their certification.

What does it mean to certify a Teaching Position?

Through the representation of the teachers’ union, it was established to create a process for certification that benefits all teachers who are at the intermediate and higher level in all forms and professional preparation.

What are the functions to carry out the teaching position?

The teaching positions are all those that are related in educational institutions. If the citizen has any of these positions, he will be able to access the securitization.

These positions must be carried out with responsibility, commitment and dedication to impress the authorities that make up educational institutions.

  1. You must participate in the educational activities internally and externally of the organization.
  2. Ensure that students prepare in the different subjects.
  3. Increase the advancement in education no matter what level you are.
  4. Promote the study project for each student.
  5. Contribute to projects to advance the educational institute.
  6. Every teacher must watch over and commit to teaching students.

Charges to securitize

Titled positions will be communicated through the website of the Ministry of Education or the teacher can also attend the nearest office depending on the approved list.

Depending on the province or place in Argentina, the charges may vary but most are the following:

  1. Master of Degree, Master Warden of Initial Level.
  2. Grade teacher regarding special learning.
  3. Special teacher of foreign language.
  4. Outstanding professor in the specialty of agronomy.
  5. Educator in the physical education subject.
  6. Teacher who stands out in the field of art education.
  7. Teacher who attends the day for special school.
  8. Degree Master and guardian who is in charge of the modality of education for adults and young people.
  9. Teacher who excels in special education. That is, in relation to the lack of freedom.

Up to what age can the person be titled?

The laws entrusted to the educational system in Argentina refer to national institutions, which have to meet a certain age to qualify.

To apply to aspire to securitization the age maximum is 55 years and have fulfilled their work responsibilities, performing all the requirements to certify a teaching position.

It is important to mention that before the minimum age was 50 years, but there have been changes in the National Legislature of Teaching.

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