Requirements to Import: Documents, CIEX and MORE

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The Requirements to Import They comprise a series of steps and provisions required by the Import and Export Procedures Center (CIEX) from El Salvador if you are in the import business. In this regard, if you need to buy goods, raw materials or supplies abroad, then this article will interest you! Do not stop reading it.

The CIEX relies on digital technology to offer you a versatile and fast platform that allows you to carry out your procedures associated with import processes in El Salvador. For this reason, this body will first require you to register in the Import System. Thus, with this step, importers will be able to perform various customs services, duty payments, and paperwork quickly and comprehensively.

What are the Import Requirements?

Salvadorans use the import business a lot to satisfy key needs of the population and industry. Such is the case of food, raw materials, intermediate products, oil and inputs for various industries. Therefore, if you are a private person or have a company that needs to import some good or input, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Present the purchase invoices or the document of ownership of the property to the competent authorities.
  • Show the documentation related to the mobilization of the products to be imported.
  • Manage the Tax Identification Number (NIT) associated with the importer.
  • Register in the Import System (SIMP).

Remember that the NIT must be processed at the Taxpayer’s Office of the Salvadoran tax agency. Also for ease, you can use a PC or your mobile phone and access the official link of this institution, required documents section, for more details.

Documents Needed to Import

According to the foregoing, the Salvadoran Ministry of Finance usually requires a minimum documentation for the importation of products or merchandise that generally does not require compliance with tax commitments.

In these cases, upon presentation of the import documents, the customs authorities will authorize the entry of the imported goods. In this sense, the basic precautions for importing merchandise without special restrictions are:

  • Billing document or proof of purchase of the good or input
  • Transport invoice for the merchandise or imported product. In these cases, the importer may consign the shipping manifest (BL) or the Mobilization Guide of the merchandise or product.
  • In the case of importation of restricted entry products into the country, it is necessary for the importer to present the permits, licenses and authorizations that may be applicable

This is important: If you are an importer, remember that you should not only have on hand the collections required by the Ministry of Finance of El Salvador. You must also register with the Importation System (SIMP) that handles the CIEX. In that way, beyond meeting the Requirements to Import, You must be registered on the SIMP platform for greater control of your operations.

Consequently, later on, we will give you details of the registration process in SIMP. Thus, you will be able to join an integrated system of procedures and communications on import business with any country. All this, duly organized and updated according to the provisions at the legal and technical level established by the Salvadoran Government in customs matters.

Import Being a Non-Domiciled Company

If you are the owner or the Legal Representative of a company whose domicile is not in El Salvador and you need to register with SIMP, don’t worry, we are going to explain what you should do. In these cases, you must present to the CIEX a series of precautions:

  • Original and photostatic copy of the Tax Identification Registry of the original nation of the company
  • Notarial authorization or power of attorney to the representative of the organization in El Salvador
  • Unique declaration of importer of the representative of the company in El Salvador
  • Tax Identification Number of the company’s attorney in El Salvador
  • DUI and NIT of the representatives of the parent company in El Salvador, delegates to carry out operations on their behalf

Additionally, for more information you can consult the pagea from CIEX and document you much more. Also, you can contact the telephone numbers 22818000; 784251277 and 78593025 (Monday to Friday during office hours). Likewise, you have the official email address to make your inquiries.

Import and Export Procedures Center (CIEX)

In another vein, the Government of El Salvador through the CIEX establishes all public policy related to import and export operations in the country. If you are a natural or legal person and you need to import goods, intermediate products or inputs, the following will interest you. Indeed, we are going to point out to you the importance of CIEX for importers.

  • CIEX will allow you to complete the registration process in the Import System (SIMP).
  • It will facilitate the entire system of procedures and procedures to import online: request documents, channel permits to import products or goods of a restricted nature, make tariff payments, among other services.
  • Provide you with the necessary technical and digital guidance to optimize foreign trade operations with the countries of the world.
  • Consolidate and digitally update the entire legal regime with rules and regulations that apply to imports to make procedures more expeditious and reduce setbacks when importing goods and supplies.
  • It will guarantee you comprehensive care as an importer, since this body is multidisciplinary to attend to any technical or administrative query about the import trade of goods.
  • It offers you a constantly improving service to offer you information and digital services 365 days a year. For that the CIEX It provides you with its digital link, call center and online mailbox address.
  • Support you in connections and contacts with customs officials and border authorities when problems arise during an import process to El Salvador.

If in addition to the above, you also need to know the functions of the CIEX in the business of product exports from El Salvador, Do not hesitate!. We invite you to carefully review the official link of the CIEX in your section of the export system. In addition, in this link you will also find out about the Requirements to Import.

Import System (SIMP)

Remember that SIMP will allow you to carry out your import procedures with a safe and fast digital platform. Therefore, it is a necessary requirement to register in said system to optimize your foreign trade operations. You don’t know how to register, stay calm! here we explain it to you:

  • Find a PC or mobile phone with a good internet connection
  • Access the official website of the CIEX
  • Locate the Users Guide route and download the guide to register at SIMP
  • Create your username and password following the instructions in the guide and complete the requested information
  • Keep in mind that the user created is only for the importer record
  • Complete the SIMP registration

Then, deposit the required documentation at the CIEX main office located in the Banco Central de Reserva de El Salvador (BCR) Building. Alameda Juan Pablo II. North Avenue. San Salvador. However, if you still do not know what documents you need to submit to complete your registration in the SIMP, we are going to list them for you:

  • Importer form or file signed by the company’s legal authority to carry out the procedures in the CIEX.
  • Original and photocopy of the Tax Number.
  • Present the taxpayer code.
  • Mercantile Registry of the company in original and copy.
  • Minutes of the meeting that evidences the appointment of the Legal Representative for the management of import.
  • Legal document with tax incentives for the importer (if applicable).
  • DUI and NIT of the company representative (if it refers to importing companies).
  • The same previous records but of the persons delegated to manage acts on behalf of the importer.
  • Keep in mind that if it is a company that is not domiciled in the Central American country, but has a representative, check what is indicated above in this article.

What is Import?

In sum, the import process is a somewhat complex and dynamic international trade activity that seeks to move goods and supplies from one country to another. In this sense, this activity contributes to the economic development of a nation. For this reason, sometimes low-cost and quality products can be imported, but national production can also be affected.

In El Salvador, this activity is vital for the business of individuals and companies. In this regard, this country depends a lot on international purchases of inputs for food, intermediate products, hydrocarbons, among other lines.

That is why it is so important that importers residing in El Salvador know the digital mechanisms available to the Salvadoran Government to effectively attend and control foreign trade. As well as, it is necessary to know the role of CIEX, digital registration in SIMP and the Requirements to Import, to streamline the complexity of these commercial procedures.

Importing into El Salvador is now easier and faster!

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