Requirements to Import in Colombia: Benefits, Step by step and MORE

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The Requirements to Import in Colombia they are crucial to starting a new business. Consequently, you must comply with each of them if your wishes are to start a new business that stands out from the rest. For this reason, we decided to tell you everything related to Foreign Trade and all the steps you must take to import.

In other words, in this article we will provide you with all the information about prices, modalities and details about importing into Colombia. Keep reading and diversify your business!

What are the Requirements to Import into Colombia?

First of all, many countries live off merchandise transports with the aim of consearch goods and products. Undoubtedly, most Latin American countries, especially Colombia, are the main importers from industrialized countries What United States and China.

Therefore, if you are a merchant and decide to bring your merchandise from abroad you should know all the Requirements to Import in Colombia.

Still don’t know what they are? Quiet! In this article you can find each of them. In addition, we remind you that this will be essential to start a legal and modern business.

Know the tariff subheading

  • Locate the merchandise according to the tariff imposed by customs
  • Later, you will be able to know the taxes and regulations according to the merchandise you want to import
  • Then go to «DNI Colombia» to know the first ten (10) digits of your merchandise

Registration with the Chamber of Commerce

  • You must present your personal documents (Single Tax Registry – RUT)
  • After that, declare the business activity you belong to

Market analysis

  • Check the prices of merchandise abroad
  • Check the cost of transportation
  • Study all the costs associated with importing

Choose the product

  • This will be according to the import requirements that the merchandise requires.
  • Check if the product is affiliated with an institution, such as the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce, Environment-Preservation, Transportation, Customs, among others.
  • Goods with a value greater than $ 1000: Query to «My product» and use the user manuals
  • Products with a value under $ 1000: Consign your RUT and Registry that certifies importation. For more information, click here

Import papers

The most important thing is that you have the following documents for to declare and subsequently, remove Customs merchandise:

  • Purchase invoice
  • Import permit certificate
  • Origin of the product (Company that sold the good)
  • Shipping details (Transportation)
  • Customs declaration
  • Personal Identification Documents
  • Registration of the company requesting the merchandise

Types of Import

Now, the policies of Foreign Trade of Colombia has declared different modalities to declare international merchandise that enters by sea or air.

As a result, you must inform the customs authorities under what concept the goods and services you purchased enter. Still don’t know what these types of import are? Here we tell you everything!


  • Legally enter the national territory with a definitive stay
  • Then, cancel the corresponding customs taxes
  • This is the most common type of importation of goods and services that enter the country.


  • According to the Law, they are those that are exempted from customs charges
  • The disposal of imported goods and services under this modality will be restricted

Re-importation by outward processing

  • They are those goods that are exported temporarily with the intention of repairing or transforming them
  • Customs charges will be charged, including additional costs for the repair
  • The merchandise will be free of disposal

In the same state

  • It will not require a customs tax charge as long as the merchandise being exported has not had any alteration and is reimported in the same way.
  • Customs taxes will only be paid internally

Warranty Compliance

  • I do not know they will cancel the corresponding customs taxes.
  • That merchandise that is repaired abroad or has been found to be defective.
  • It does not comply with the purpose for which it was imported.

Transformation or Assembly

  • Authorized by the National Customs System.
  • They are imported only to undergo these processes.

Shipments with emergency condition

  • They are shipped under this condition by air transport.
  • The value of the merchandise cannot exceed $ 500 to $ 2,000.
  • It cannot exceed 20 kilos.

Remember! Being informed of each of these modalities will give you will allow to enter the merchandise that you want so much legally according to the policies of Foreign trade. If you want to know more about them, Mark «My imports».

Step by Step to Import into Colombia

Now once you meet all the Requirements to Import in Colombia you must follow each of these steps to have a process legal, simple and fast:

Create your company

  • First, if your dream is to create one of the best companies in Colombia, this is the first thing you should do
  • Second, innovate and make your business idea come true

Register with your RUT

  • This is one of the main requirements if the majority of your merchandise is imported.
  • Registration is done through DIAN

Research the product you want to import

  • This is very useful, since you can find out the tax benefits that you can obtain when importing the merchandise
  • Also, you can check the value of the merchandise abroad

Tariff position

  • With the ten (10) digits you will be able to see where your product is
  • This step will give you all the help about locating your merchandise
  • Consequently, it allows you to know the import regimes: Free (Import freely into the national territory), Previous (Prior Authorization of the Ministry of Commerce) Y Denied (They cannot be imported into Colombian territory)

Permits with VUCE


  • Explanation about the sale and import of the product
  • Place of delivery of the merchandise
  • Value of the merchandise and under what modality will it be declared
  • Conveyance


  • Hire the company that will be in charge of receiving your merchandise at the nearest port
  • Check in which customs warehouse your merchandise will be transported

Currency exchange

  • First, you must go to the Central Bank of the Republic to be able to do this procedure
  • Subsequently, you must provide information about the means of payment to be processed

Get your merchandise

  • Show the product purchase invoice
  • Then, pick up the company that received the merchandise from customs
  • Cancel customs duties and taxes

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Important! If you are interested in obtaining the guide to import, we invite you to «Download My Guide»Provided by the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Colombia.


On the other hand, the import of merchandise each day reinforces the International Trade between countries. As well as, one of the advantages that has to apply this type of trade is the diversification of products in Colombia.

Likewise, it allows the development of macroeconomic policies necessary for reinforce and stimulate foreign trade.

So, if you decide to create your company and import your merchandise, you have to be informed of the Benefits What will it bring you if you join this process:


  • Improve the quality of your products
  • Your company is listed as one of the best on the market
  • Diversify your inventory
  • Quality certification
  • Advantage over the competition
  • The import cost is usually lower than the cost of producing it yourself
  • You can get the payment of your taxes to be minimal
  • More national competitiveness
  • Access to a network of exclusive clients
  • Increase your sales and reduce the cost of unit production
  • Productive efficiency
  • Development of the import sector

In another vein, in recent years it has increased import of Chinese products to the national territory. I mean, every day I know reinforce the international relations between both countries.

Similarly, the Asian country allows Colombian merchants to access products at low prices. Then, Are you thinking of importing your products?Check out everything China has to offer!

Chinese products

  • Textiles and clothing
  • Technological innovation
  • Culinary specialties
  • Seeds
  • Wood
  • Other services

How much?

Now if you already met all the Requirements to Import in Colombia and you investigated about the product you want to import. Then, you can continue to make the purchase that you want so much abroad. Likewise, we recommend that you read the reputation of the seller of the merchandise and its quality of service.

Later, you can enjoy the safe, legal and fast purchase of your international product. However, it is important to be aware of the price that you must pay once your merchandise steps into the national territory.

Therefore, if you are still not informed about the costs that you will have to pay as soon as you withdraw your products, read this section and know how much it costs to import into Colombia.

  • Shipping fee $ 28
  • Consignee’s Signature $ 6
  • Packaging materials $ 5
  • Costs associated with the nationalization of the product $ 20

Meanwhile, we recommend you one of the best companies for the shipping and delivery of your goods. «DHL Express». In the latter, you can obtain various services and a variety of rates depending on the area where you collect the imported product. For more information, see the «DHL Express Guide» in PDF version.

What is Import?

In short, import is one of the world’s recognized means of trade. In addition, they are the products that are obtained under the presence of foreign trade, that is, that merchandise manufactured in industrialized countries.

Although, Colombia is one of the main importers in Latin America, and its merchants demand more and more products of Asian origin and the United States.

However, to make the purchase of products abroad, a series of Requirements to Import in Colombia. According to the foregoing, once you submit each of the documents necessary to make your purchase abroad, you must proceed to declare the import type to which the merchandise belongs.

Also, the sales history, quality and prices of the foreign supplier company in order to avoid scams and loss of the product.

It is important to note that, each time imports increase, so does the diversification of products in the country and its competitiveness.

Finally, if you are determined to start a new business that requires international merchandise, we recommend you cancel all expenses related to importation and later, enjoy your merchandise. Don’t think about it anymore, renew your inventory!

Colombia diversifies, Colombia imports!


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