Requirements to Join ARL: know the Documents, What it is and MORE

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All companies in Colombia with many or few personnel must affiliate their members to the Occupational Risk System. For this reason, here we inform you about the Requirements to Join ARL.

The objective of this affiliation is for each company to protect its workers so that they are not helpless at the moment of an occupational accident that endangers their life or health.

What are the Requirements to Join ARL?

Mintrabajo issued Decree 1563, which stipulates the rules for the relationship of independent workers who receive one or more minimum wages, and the cancellation of contributions to the SGRL (General System of Labor Risks).

These standards will give the opportunity to employees of 327 trades, among which are farmers, truck drivers who own their vehicles, dentists who work on their own, manicurists who work at home and street vendors.

Currently in Colombia they are registered with the SGRL approximately 9,936,693 employees, and precisely Decree 1563, makes it possible to increase this number, which is greater than 1,400,000 independent workers.

The contractor has a series of obligations with which he has to comply, as well as with the Requirements to Join ARL, which are:

The ARL affiliation of the contractor must be paid by the contractor, and introduce actions to prevent, generate and protect the health of independent workers.

Notify the ARL when an accidental event occurs within the workplace, as long as the contract of the employee involved is updated.

The contractor by not complying with the responsibilities mentioned above, can report and must assume the legal penalties with respect to his work.

The contractor, like the contractor, has to fulfill some obligations and Requirements to Join ARL, which are:

The cancellation of contribution fees for occupational hazards or emergencies. Comply with the standards established by the health and safety management plan of the company where you work.

Go constantly to the planning and prevention courses of the company. And finally, notify the contractor about an event that has happened while the employment contract is being carried out.


There is a service ARL online support, which is a modality that serves to clarify any concern or doubt that may arise when enrolling a new employee, or at the time of producing a new certification.

You can contact the ARL through phone number 01-8000-111-170, or send an email to the following address, and with pleasure one of the managers of the company will help you with whatever you need.

Requirements to Join ARL as an Independent

If you are self-employed, you should know the Requirements to Join ARL which are the following:

  1. The minimum membership time is 30 days.
  2. Membership must be made through the ARL (Occupational Risk Manager) that is chosen.
  3. Coverage will begin the day after enrollment.
  4. The basic contribution income must be the same as that of the other health and pension plans, it must not be less than a minimum salary nor greater than 25 salaries.
  5. By not paying two contributions in a row, the affiliation by the ARL is suspended.
  6. A table of maximum and minimum quotation is taken, with the aim of fixing the risk point of these trades.
  7. Be affiliated with the general social security health plan and the basic pension plan.
  8. Manage the form with the employee’s information, conditions of time, form and place where they will do their tasks.
  9. Complete the risk identification form, according to the tasks and tasks that the person will perform.
  10. Present the certification of the results of the pre-occupational analyzes.

Step by step to Affiliate

Below we will detail the process to make the affiliation to the ARL step by step. It is easy and very fast, in order to make this management easier for workers.

Step N ° 1

To start you have to enter the ARL web portal through this link.

Step 2

Once inside, choose the option «online services», click and you will have other options from which you must choose one called «ARL procedures and services».

Step 3

In this step you can already make the affiliation of your employees, it does not matter if they are independent or dependent. If you want to enroll several employees at the same time, you have the possibility to choose the option «massive entry of workers».

Regarding the ARL certificate, it is only issued by the Colombian Insurance company, and it can be downloaded by entering the ARL web portal. It gives you some advantages and can be used for some procedure.

Being affiliated with the ARL, it is much easier to access to be treated in the health system, which is found throughout the Colombian territory. Additionally, the documents requested in your company will always be current.

When you enter the website, you have the opportunity to choose the option to produce the employee certification. You put the information that is needed and you can acquire the certification.


You must take into account that the form must be filled out in different ways, this goes according to the type of employee you want to affiliate, that is, if they are independent or dependent.

It should be noted that after making the affiliation you have to be aware of the time that passes, since you must acquire the card two months after joining.

This card is an essential requirement at the time of an emergency, and also the certification. Both are used to verify your affiliation status in the ARL in the system or in the company.

Being an affiliate makes it much easier to include your family members, if you decide to do so.

Advantages of being an ARL Affiliate

Being affiliated with ARL gives you a series of advantages in the workplace and also in your daily life. We will mention these below:

If you have an accident at work, the insurance Respond for your protection and health. If you suffer from any illness, the ARL takes care of the costs for surgeries, pharmacy services, necessary therapies and assistance in the hospitalization area.

In addition to this, the company also takes care of other benefits when required:

  • The survivor’s pension.
  • Disability pension.
  • Provisional invalidity.
  • For fractional fixed disability.
  • Funeral assistance.


If the cause of death is caused by an occupational accident, the legal beneficiaries have the right to a 75% survivor pension of the basic salary taken into account for the settlement.

Dependent or independent workers are advised to join the ARL as quickly as possible, as well as their family group.

This with the purpose that if for any reason the worker or a member of his family has an accident or suffer some type of mental or physical illness, they can have access to quality medical assistance.

As well as economic aid through the pensions mentioned above. Membership in the ARL will give you and your family members comfort, and will help you prevent potential difficulties later.

Companies have to register employees 24 hours before starting their activities within the company.

What is ARL?

The Professional Risk Administrators (ARP), were created in Law 1562 through Decree 1295 in 2012, and their name was changed to ARL (Administradoras de Riesgos Laborales).

The ARL is the body in charge provide social security, specifically on the issue of occupational hazards in the Colombian territory.

Because you are a labor insurer, you have to finance and offer the assistance medical and economic required to workers who have had an accident in their work area. In the same way, the economic resources to the companies that are registered with this insurance company.

Consequently, it can be said that the ARL is an insurance company that is specifically oriented towards personnel who have contracts with private or public institutions, with a high percentage of occupational hazard.

This company is responsible for those people who have occupational accidents. Offering them the medical assistance they need and ensuring that they have an easy access to health centers in general.

It is important that ARL members contribute at least 0.522% of contribution fees. This percentage goes according to the danger to which an employee is exposed in his workplace.

If you want to contribute a higher percentage of contributions, you have the possibility to do so up to a maximum of 6.960%.

We hope we have helped you regarding the Requirements to Join ARL. Which are convenient for both dependent workers and independent workers.

Although workplace accidents are situations that occur fortuitously, companies in Colombia must be prepared for any event.


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