Requirements to Join Colpensiones: for Workers, What it is and MORE

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The Requirements to Join Colpensiones are essential to be able to receive the pension that you want so much in your adulthood. In addition, this institution allows you to affiliate under the virtual and face-to-face modality. Still don’t know how to do it? In the article we tell you how!

Also, you can get all the Benefits that you can get if you join Colpensiones. As well as, join his latest benefits program for freelancers. What are you waiting for? read this article and join.

Think of your future, think of yourself!

Requirements to Join Colpensiones

Colpensions better known as one of the great Pension Administrators in Colombia, is an institution that is affiliated with the Ministry of Labor. Similarly, millions of people recognized as the working mass in the country they are linked to this Social Security company to protect their future. As well as, this Pension System works under two (2) regimes main:

Average Premium Regime

  • It is a fund that works under the administration modality together with the other affiliates
  • If you make an additional contribution over the maximum, it will not be taken into account when withdrawing your pension
  • Pensions are based on wages that were quoted in the last ten (10) years
  • To receive your pension, you only have to meet the Requirements to Affiliate in Colpensiones, which will be explained later.
  • Under this modality the affiliates receive a life pension
  • No right to the pension is inherited, in the event that the member dies before receiving this
  • Remember! If you decide to choose this scheme, you will not be able to make decisions about the funds

Individual Solidarity Savings Scheme

  • If you join this scheme you will be able to manage and decide on the administration of your pension
  • You will be able to have an individual savings account, in which you can see the profitability and risk of the quotes
  • You do not need to meet all the Requirements to Join Colpensiones (you can do it ahead of time)
  • You can make additional contributions to increase the monthly payment of your pension
  • If the member dies before the required time, there is an inheritable right for the family members
  • Life penssion
  • Change the type of pension to AFP (Variable Temporary Income, Scheduled Retirement, among others)

Certainly, to choose the above modalities you must comply with the Requirements to Join Colpensiones. The latter is done with the aim of control the fund and the contributions made by affiliates. As well as, avoid any degree of fraud for the company and its beneficiaries. So, you don’t know what these requirements are? We tell you each one of them!

  • Required age: 62 years (Men) and 57 years (Women)
  • Limit of weeks listed: 1,300

On the other hand, join Colpensions It will depend on the conditions you have as a worker. Consequently, if you meet all the Requirements to Join Colpensiones You must choose one of the following working conditions:

Requirements for a Dependent Worker

  • Fill out the form available in the certified offices of Colpensiones or in the Web page of the institution
  • Once you fill out the form, it must be stamped and signed by the legal representative or owner of the company you work for
  • Meet the necessary age
  • Original and copy of your Identification Card
  • Go to Colpensiones «Customer Service»

Requirements for Independent Worker

  • Get the Colpensiones membership form (Available at institution offices or on your web portal)
  • Documents referring to the type of work you do on your own
  • Compulsory compliance with the requirements to join Colpensiones explained above
  • Photocopy of the Identification Card
  • Place of domicile or residence
  • Consign all the requirements to present it at the Colpensiones Offices

Important! If you have any questions about the requirements and documentation, you can contact «Customer Service» here.

What are the Advantages of Joining Colpensiones?

First, Colpensions is an institution that provides its users Benefits and incentives. At the same time, it allows its affiliates think about your future through savings. As well as, guaranteeing all clients a improvement in its quality of life into adulthood.

Therefore, they decided to create the Economic and Periodic Benefits Program (BEPS). Also, supporting the initiative of this Pension Fund, the National Government encourages people to be part of this program by offering additional benefits to improve your quality of life (microinsurance).

Do you want to know more about this wonderful program? Stay in this section!


  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a monthly income less than one (1) Minimum Wage
  • Program dedicated to freelancers


  • People who have limited resources can have an additional income every two months
  • It works under the life regime
  • Improves quality of life
  • Increased income for those most in need
  • The National Government offers 20% subsidy
  • Incentives during savings time
  • Subsidy given by the State on a regular basis

Enroll in the program

  • Download the BEPS Linking form
  • Go to the Linkage points
  • Print the BEPS form
  • Fill in all the required fields of the linking worksheet
  • Deliver the form to the Colpensiones points

Requirements for the subsidy

  • Comply with the general requirements explained throughout the article
  • The sum of all the benefits granted must not exceed the minimum pension
  • Login to «BEPS Program» for more details

How is the process to Affiliate Virtual?

Now if you read about all the Requirements to Join Colpensiones, and you comply with the working conditions, you must join. Along the same lines, the process of affiliation is very simple and fast for all its users. Also, it is important that you have a computer with internet access in order to perform the following steps:

  1. Uses a trusted explorer: Google Chrome, Opera, Safari or Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Choose «Affiliation in Colpensiones».
  3. Then, in the menu you will find the option «Citizen». Subsequently, Mark «Electronic Affiliation ».
  4. Creates your username in the system.
  5. Then come back log in with your username and password. Your safety is important to us, that’s why we suggest you do not share your password to strangers.
  6. Click to «Formalities». Keep going, selecting »Initial Bonding».
  7. Wait for the system to load and to show you the next steps.
  8. If edependent worker: You must have the personal data of your employer (NIT, Labor Address, Electronic Address, Telephone)
  9. Full the form virtually
  10. Waiting the security codecustom d that reaches your email or cell phone
  11. Firm electronically the permission to join the Average Premium Colpensions Regime
  12. Check out your operations in the option «My Transactions»
  13. Do you have any doubt about this modality? Request the option located on the right hand side of «Attention to the Citizen».

However, many people decide to carry out this type of procedure with certified operators in certified Colpensiones offices. That is, if you want to make your affiliation with face-to-face follow these instructions:

  1. Click in «Bonding Form» and download it to your computer to print it.
  2. Fill the mandatory fields of each item on the spreadsheet.
  3. Head over to the official offices of Colpensiones to process the form.
  4. Delivery a copy of the Identity Card.
  5. Provides all your employer data: NIT, Address, Telephone, Mail, among others.
  6. Waiting to follow the instructions of the certified operators
  7. Ready! You are already affiliated with Colpensiones

However, there are several Colombian pensioners who are found abroad who have also joined this process. But how? Simple! This institution has a program called «Colombians Abroad ». The latter is based on ensuring those Colombians who worked at some point in Colombia but are now residing in another country.

In addition, all Colpensiones affiliates who are abroad they will be able to receive their pension regardless of where they reside. Then you can to select on the home page of your «Colpense Account» to see where you can withdraw it. For more information, we suggest you enter to this link.

What is Colpensiones?

Colpensiones is one of the funds most important and largest that manages the pensions of Colombian citizens. Also, you have two (2) types of regimes in which you can make your contributions and withdraw your pension. Likewise, to receive your weeks of contributions you must comply with the Requirements to Join Colpensiones.

Also, there are documents and procedures that vary depending on conditions in which you work. However, in each of them you can enjoy your savings when you retire. As well as, the procedure for joining is very simple regardless if you want to do it in a face-to-face or virtual.

Finally, this institution not only offers you manage your savings de effective way but you can enjoy Additional benefits with its special program. The latter contributes to all independent workers in order to guarantee them an additional income for being affiliated with Colpensiones.

Think about your future, join in Colpensiones!


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