Requirements to Join Isapre: Documents, Beneficiaries and MORE

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It is very important to be aware of the Requirements to Join Isapre, since everything related to health in general is essential to know.

One of the fundamental rights stamped in the Constitution of Chile is health. Where it is established that the Chilean State must provide health care under equal conditions to the population. It also indicates that the health system is mixed, public and private.

Here you can learn more about this topic so necessary for every citizen.

What are the Requirements to Join Isapre?

The Requirements to Join Isapre are as follows:

  • In principle, anyone who has like minimum 18 years, you can have a health contract with an Isapre.
  • Can be worker under a dependency, independent or voluntary relationship.
  • In case of being a worker under a dependency relationship, a 7% contribution discount will be made from the income received.
  • If the affiliate has a plan higher than 7%, an additional discount is given. If 7% is greater than the contracted plan, the difference can be accumulated in the account called surplus of the affiliate. Then the member can use these accumulated resources to pay for other payments for medical care, purchase of drugs, etc.
  • You must do the filling of the Health Statement.
  • Present valid identity document, either ID, passport or birth certificate.
  • Deliver certification of salary settlement, if you are a dependent worker.
  • Make the record of some type of automatic payment from some banking institution. This is done if the affiliate is voluntary or independent.

Necessary documents

According to Requirements to Join Isapre the documentation required to make the affiliation is as follows.

  • Identification document and a photocopy of it. It can also be from the Driving License. In some cases, birth certificate.
  • For the foreigners passport and a photocopy of the passport.
  • Submit a photocopy of the proof of salary settlement, salaries or pension.
  • Have a photocopy of the employment contract or the last payment receipt. Likewise, a copy of the quotes to the AFP or INP.
  • Also a photocopy of the salary certificate issued by the employer or employer.
  • Submit a disaffiliation letter or contract termination form if it belonged to another Isapre. Likewise, a photocopy of the single Notification Form.

Who can’t do it?

The Isapre They are health institutions that have the power to reject or deny the affiliation of any person or their corresponding burden. In other words, Isapre has as a rule the rejection of affiliates with certain pre-existing diseases. For this reason, it cannot be legally obliged to hire a person, since this institution is free to carry out a contract.

However, the Supreme Court has decided in favor of aspiring members in those cases of pre-existing diseases.

Another point has to do with the characteristics of the aspiring member of Isapre. If you are a newcomer to the world of work, it is not so advantageous for you to belong to an Isapre. Likewise, if the person does not have a stable job, or will remain in that job for a short time. Also if you are single and healthy, all these are reasons to evaluate which health institution to hire, perhaps in these cases it is more appropriate for you to belong to Fonasa and not to Isapre.

They should review well the plan that suits you and which of the Isapre you should hire. It can be a bit tricky because you have to analyze different variables. It is best to seek advice and make the best decision according to the particular situation you are experiencing.

The member in front of a refusal of acceptance or reduction of the medical license, has to make the corresponding claim in writing before the Commission of Preventive Medicine. You have a lapse of 15 days for the claim from the moment the Isapre’s decision is received. The Commission will issue a resolution in this regard, establishing compliance. If the Isapre does not comply with the resolution of the Commission, the applicant can go to make the claim before the Superintendency of Social Security.

Beneficiaries of Joining Isapre

The beneficiaries of the contract that may be established with Isapre are:

  • Affiliate or contributor.
  • The so-called family responsibilities, those that correspond to the dependents, whether they are spouse, parents, child, among others.
  • On the other hand there are the legal charges are those that cause family allowance.
  • Medical loads They are the non-legal ones, accepted by Isapre.

All Isapres must be aligned with and respect what is dictated by law regarding health-related rights, established in Law No. 20,584. So all affiliated contributors must be treated with dignity, and be protected in everything related to their privacy and intimacy. Likewise, contributors must receive quality health care and the Isapres must do so following the guidelines established by law.

Best Isapres in Chile

In Chile, the Superintendency of Health annually prepares a table of Isapres positions according to the following parameters:

  1. By type.
  2. According to Commercial Situation.
  3. By breadth of coverage.
  4. According to the type of care.
  5. Also by the Region.
  6. By price.

But one of the most sought-after parameters is that of price. Below is the Isapres record from least expensive to most expensive.

This is:

  • Hive It is the cheapest on the list.
  • Second is White cross.
  • Follow him Life Three.
  • In fourth place New MoreLife.
  • Banmedic.
  • The last place is With health being the most expensive.

Some Isapres offer the Additional Coverage for catastrophic illnesses (CAEC), it is an added benefit to the health plan they may have. Of course, certain conditions must be met in order to have it. It covers up to 100% of expenses, whether they are hospitalization or outpatient care, nationwide.

What is it?

ISAPRE is an institution related to pension health. It is a private health institution that finances everything related to health, care and benefits. In other words, a private health insurance system.

They are institutions that are monitored by the Superintendency of Health of Chile. Since 2005, they have provided health financing services to approximately 20% of the Chilean people.

There are currently 12 Isapres in operation in Chile. Of which six are open and 6 are closed. Open Isapres health institutions are those whose services are aimed at anyone who wishes to join and also their family members. Of the Isapres that are closed, they are the ones that provide services to companies and in this way the employees belonging to these companies are the ones who can access to join.

Below the Isapres open in Chile:

  1. Institution Banmedic
  2. With health.
  3. White cross.
  4. The Hive.
  5. Life Three.
  6. New More Life.

Each of the Isapres listed offers a very extensive range of plans. Therefore, it is recommended to look for the alternatives that best suit your needs.

Regarding the Isapres closed currently there are the following:

  1. Institution Chuquicamata.
  2. Foundation State Bank.
  3. Fusat.
  4. White River.
  5. Northern Cross.

These health institutions were created in 1981 according to DFL N ° 3 of the Ministry of Health. Since then, they have allowed the expansion of private medical action throughout the country, through new clinics, medical centers, laboratories, other centers of health.

The Isapres Pension Health Institutions are private entities, whose performance is based on the representation of insurance. The Isapres are authorized to collect and administer the mandatory health contribution (7%) of the employees and volunteers who individually decided to contribute to an Isapre, instead of the state health system Fonasa. These Isapres contributions pay for health care and the payment of medical leave.

Currently, the Isapres provide health financing services to approximately 19% of the Chilean citizenry.


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