Requirements to Leave Colombia: How is the Process, Recommendations and MORE

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If you want to know the Requirements to leave ColombiaContinue reading this article as we have all the information you need.

Likewise, you will find other information of interest as a complement, so that you can carry out your procedure successfully and can leave the country without difficulty.

Requirements to Leave Colombia

If you plan to take a trip, you must comply with the Requirements to leave Colombia, which are named below:

The first thing you should have on hand is the valid passport and in excellent condition. It is an essential document to be able to make a trip abroad.

The passport is managed in person, in the Passport area of ​​the Ministry of Relations in Bogotá. In the government of each department and in the Colombian consulates in other countries.

The national identity document (the identity card as a citizen or foreigner).

The visa when necessary. Is it is managed in the respective consulate authorized, and a stamp is affixed to the passport.

The visa is a permit granted by some countries to foreigners to enter and be in their country. There the time of permanence and the diligence that it will do is established.

There are several types of visas which are regulated in each country, and it depends on the reason for the trip. These are:

  1. Tourist visa, which authorizes visits to family and friends, going to events or vacationing.
  2. The study visa allows for specific and informal educational plans.
  3. Work visa, is the one that authorizes to exercise a specific occupation, in a defined period of time.
  4. The residence visa is the one that allows you to live or establish your place of residence abroad.

Another of the Requirements to leave Colombia, is to have the ticket or travel ticket. In addition, the receipt of payment of the tax of exit of the country. And finally, the certification issued for health or vaccination when necessary.


If you are going to present a public document abroad. This must be Apostille at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Department of Legalization or Apostille. Especially if it is going to have any legal effect in a State of the Hague Convention.

Requirements for Minors

Colombian and foreign children and adolescents living in the country require a exit permit or authorization. It must be approved by their parents or by the father who is not traveling with him outside the country.

This authorization must have the date you are going to travel, reason for the trip, the return date. Also the data of the person traveling with the minor, as established in the Childhood and Adolescence Code.

Likewise, they must present a copy of the birth certificate of the Colombian minor. If you are the holder of the new passport, where the name of the minor’s parents does not appear.

When one of the parents is in Colombia, authorization must authenticate with a notary public. If the parent granting the authorization is abroad, they must be authenticated at the Colombian consulate in that country.

If there is no consulate of Colombia where you are, the authorization must be managed in the Spanish language. It must be signed by a notary public, correctly apostilled and must be presented in original.

When one of the parents passed away, it must record the Death Certificate of this. If both parents have died, the exit authorization signed by the minor’s legal guardian or representative must be recorded. Therefore, they must present the documentation that supports the appointment of the person as the representative of the minor.

If the minor is adopted, a copy of the correctly certified resolution must be consigned. In the event that the parents are in dispute, authorization is granted by a Family Judge.

When the Parental Authority is in the title of one of the parents, the correctly certified copy must be consigned.

If the authorization is granted by public deed, a copy of this must be submitted with the certificate of its validity. When the minor aspires to dual nationality, and one of them is Colombian, he or she has to obey the requirements detailed above (as a Colombian national).

When the authorization is issued by the ICBF (Colombian Institute of Family Welfare). It is because the location of their parents or one of them is not known. Likewise, when they or this is not in a favorable situation to grant authorization or when the minor does not have a legal representative.

Recommendations for Leaving Colombia

Colombian citizens who plan to leave the country should take into consideration some recommendations. This in order to avoid difficulties when traveling through the migratory points that exist: air, river, sea or land.

Here are some recommendations for leaving Colombia:

  • Have the passport with the updated visa printed, if it is required at the destination.
  • The identity card as a Colombian citizen, if you aspire to go as a tourist to the countries that make up Mercosur, less Venezuela.
  • The passport with a visa to go to Venezuela if it is by land. If it is by air, you must have a hotel reservation or invitation letter.
  • Start the registration procedure with the travel agency, at least three hours before the scheduled flight time. Enter the migration area as soon as possible.
  • If for any reason you have had problems at the judicial level, you must manage the corresponding certificates before the relevant agencies and present them in Migración Colombia in advance.

Who can leave Colombia?

People who can leave Colombian territory are those over 18 years of age. As long as they meet all Requirements to leave Colombia, which were detailed at the beginning of this article.

Likewise, minors, who likewise comply with the requirements set forth above. This is very important, since in this way you can leave the country without inconvenience and enjoy the trip that you have planned.

How is the proccess?

There is a service that offers Migración Colombia, which is called Automatic Migration. It is an agile, fast and safe service. It is essential to register with Migración Colombia.

The exit process through this service is detailed below, the steps to follow are:

  • You must approach the smart doors of the Migration zone.
  • Then you need to locate the chip or machine readable passport in the reader.
  • Enter the number your flight number. The data provided is processed in the database and upon verification, the smart doors are opened.
  • The next step is to place your fingerprint on the fingerprint reader.
  • Then comes the photo taking to perform facial recognition (if you use corrective or sun protection glasses, you must remove them).
  • And finally take the confirmation voucher of the immigration procedure. By carrying out all these steps to the letter you will be able to make your trip satisfactorily.

Is parental authority lost by leaving Colombia?

Parental authority refers to the rights that the Law distinguishes between parents over non-independent children. In order to ensure that they comply with the obligations required by their title. This is governed by the Civil Code of Colombia and is unavoidable.

When one of the parents is absent, the other is obliged to exercise it. As stipulated in the Civil Code in its Article 288.

The attributions granted by the Law on children are compulsory and cannot be waived. They are maintained whether the parents live together or not, nor does it influence who has custody of them.

The Parental Authority authorizes parents to have power over their children, manage their assets until they are of legal age. Likewise, represent them in a judicial way and extrajudicially. This is a fixed right.

This is lost through a Judicial judgment, and it cannot be reconciled or waived at will.

The Colombian Civil Code in its Article 310 stipulates that among the reasons for suspending parental authority are the following:

The folly of the parents, the inadequate administration of their assets and a very long absence of one of the parents.

Which means that leaving Colombia as such does not influence the loss of parental authority. However, if this departure from the country is prolonged for legal purposes, there is the possibility of losing it.

In Article 315 of the Colombian Civil Code, the causes for the loss of parental authority are stipulated, which are:

  1. For mistreating children.
  2. Abandon your children.
  3. For immoral acts that disqualify the parents from exercising parental authority.
  4. Have a custodial sentence for more than one year.

Since you have information about the Requirements to leave Colombia, It is time for you to gather them and start managing your diligence.

To learn more about this topic you can enter here.

We hope we have helped you, and you manage to make the trip you have planned. Good luck!


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