Requirements to Live in Canada: Family, Benefits and MORE

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The requirements to live in Canada They are very diverse and important when applying for permanent stay or permission to study or work. Canada It is one of the few countries in the world that openly offer immigration opportunities to foreigners, since it promotes cultural exchange at all levels.

It is considered one of the most developed, influential and wealthy countries in the world. In this sense, its objective is to induce permanent respect for the rights of citizens and of the human being himself. If what you are looking for are new opportunities, improve your quality of life and discover a new culture, then Canada is for you.

NextWe will explain step by step the requirements to live in Canada that you must have on hand, alone or as a family, the benefits and related costs and much more.

Requirements to Live in Canada

There are many ways to stay alive legally in Canada. However, before delving into the subject, it is important to highlight that there are a series of basic and indispensable requirements whether you are opting for a permanent residence as a student, entrepreneur, worker or part of the family. Let’s see what they are:

  • First of all, the idiom. You must have and demonstrate prior knowledge of one of the two official languages ​​of Canada: English or French, at an intermediate, upper-intermediate or high level. This implies that you should not only know how to speak it, but also listen and write it.
  • Age. The younger you are, the more chances you will have of obtaining permanent residence. However, the age range depends on the program you are applying for.
  • Weather. Time is essential at the time of starting to carry out the procedures to request the stay, as you will need it when scheduling appointments, gathering documents and even developing the language.
  • Education and work experience. Before applying, you must take into account that your job performance will be taken into account, as well as the degrees you could possess.
  • Adaptability. Have you previously studied the language in the country or taken other courses, diplomas, internships or paid jobs?
  • Income level. This could be important to demonstrate your goals when living in the country, that is, how you will contribute to the economy and culture.


If you consider that you have or are in the process of acquiring these requirements, then other types of requirements will be online, depending on the status of your file. Come closer to the Embassy of canada in Colombia, located at Carrera 7 # 114-33, Bogotá, and provides when required:

  • Medical certificate issued by a certain center, this will be indicated by the embassy.
  • Criminal record.
  • Specific forms for the request for permanence, duly filled out.
  • Pay per application.
  • University degrees, certificates and diplomas of studies, letters of recommendation (either from relatives in Canada and / or from a Canadian work firm), documents such as birth certificate, marital status and identity card. These must be copies, originals and official translations.
  • Evidence of your economic situation, since you must have savings that allow you to live in the country for at least one year.
  • If you are a political or war refugee, you must present the document that evidences said status.
  • Exams that prove your qualifications and / or languages ​​you speak.
  • Other documents depending on the program you use.

Now yes, you can to opt for the following programs:

Skilled Worker Class Immigration

Depending on your level of education, job performance, age (22-35), language level and job demand for your specialty, you will get a score. If this is greater than 67, you will become an eligible candidate and will be able to move on to the next (and last) election process. On average you will receive the answer in 6 months.

Business Class Immigration

This program is for entrepreneurs, investors and independent workers with a certain level of income, in addition to meeting the aforementioned characteristics.

  • If you are a entrepreneur, you must demonstrate your experience and certain financial situation. You may even have to create a business in the country for a few years before permanent residency is granted.
  • If you are a investorYou must have an income in the range of $ 400,000- $ 800,000 Canadian dollars, with reliable plans to invest the minimum in the country.
  • To be a independent workerYou must demonstrate how you will contribute capital to the country.

Family Class Immigration

If any first-degree relative by blood is a Canadian resident, you can write a letter of recommendation. In it, the family member agrees to take care of you for a minimum of 3 years if necessary. This is a method widely used by people when going to live in another country.

Provincial Nomination

You can choose your permanent residence if you decide that you want to live in a certain province. You must contact the immigration representative of said province, send the application for Provincial Nomination and, finally, if the province decides to apply, you can opt for permanent residence through the usual means: Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


If you have a student visa, you have the option of carrying out various studies in the country, requesting to stay in the country for a few years, gain work experience and finally request permanent stay. Depending on your added value, that is, on the studies you are studying and in what way you can continue to contribute to the country, you will be more likely to stay living in Canada.

Requirements to Live in Canada: Family

There are several ways you can include your family in your stay request or bring it once you are living in Canada. Such is the case of a spouse or common-law partner, and / or dependent children.

If you are a permanent resident in Canada or have nationality, you have the option of bringing your spouse, children (dependents), siblings, nephews and grandchildren (minors and orphans), filing a sponsorship claim at the same time as the other person submits the request for permanence.

Some of the requirements for the person residing in the country:

  • Sponsorship claim form
  • Canadian passport.
  • Sponsorship Agreement.
  • Sponsorship evaluation.
  • Resource of the services of a representative if you choose this route.
  • Official declaration of concubinage, which depends on the relative.
  • Sponsor questionnaire.
  • Permanent residence card or certificate of Canadian citizenship.
  • If necessary, a divorce certificate.

For the family member, will be the Requirements to live in Canada already mentioned in the previous section.

If you are not a resident or Canadian, you can always include it in your stay request, showing once again that you will be able to take responsibility for them at all times, because your economic situation promises to be stable over time and you can really be considered a resource for society. .

The entire household must comply with the laws of the Canadian immigration framework, together with its regulations. Health and criminal records are points of total relevance for the country.

Requirements for living in Saskatchewan

Do you remember the Provincial Nomination program? Well, if what you want is to live in Saskatchewan, then you can opt for The Saskatchewan Immigration Nomination Program.

The province will be able to nominate you as a candidate for permanent residence if you pass the due process of data analysis and verification. Some of the Requirements to live in Canada, specifically in Saskatchewan, are:

  • Be between 18-50 years old.
  • Management of English, you must present the IELTS and CELPIP.
  • Diploma evidencing at least 3 years of study.
  • Work experience of at least one year in one of the specializations in demand labor of the province.

In the same way, you will go through a point process. If you are over 60, you will be considered an eligible candidate. Remember that your score depends on education, work experience, language, age and adaptability or connection with the province.

You will be able to establish yourself with your family, including dependent children up to 22 years old, single, and you will not need to have a job offer in the country at the time of application.

However, keep in mind that there is a limit of applications for permanent residence and that you cannot be in the country as a refugee, but in a natural and legal way.

Finally, it is important to highlight that you must find yourself in Saskatchewan to carry out the corresponding procedures, such as the issuance of the revalidation of your title or license.

Benefits of Living in Canada

Canada It is located among one of the 20 countries with the highest Gross Domestic Product, specifically in the 15th position. This level of development brings with it innumerable benefits, which makes it attractive for anyone looking for new opportunities not only for business, but also also personal.

Being a permanent resident, you will enjoy certain benefits:

  • You can enter / leave the country whenever you want and stay abroad for up to 5 years.
  • You will have health insurance in the province in which you live.
  • You will have most of the rights that other Canadian residents have.
  • You will be able to study university and postgraduate studies at optimal prices.
  • You can establish yourself in any province, except for the Provincial Nomination.
  • You will have the option to apply for scholarships or student loans.
  • You will enjoy the opportunity to apply for citizenship and thus acquire dual nationality.
  • At 65 you will be part of the Old Age Insurance Fund, that is, of the pension.

Also, the obvious: you will be able to fully explore Canada, which is a country rich in landscapes and culture.

How much does it cost to live in Canada?

One of the requirements to live in Canada is to have a certain level of income to be able to establish at least the first year of residence, without any problem. That being the case, you probably want to know on average how much it would cost you to live in Canada.

  • The basic food basket is approximately $ 200- $ 300 Canadian per month.
  • The average price of a movie ticket is $ 13 and theater tickets are $ 20 Canadian.
  • The monthly pass for public transportation is around $ 90 and internet service about $ 75.
  • For students, about $ 1,100 Canadian per month should be enough.
  • Rent can go from $ 700 and up, depending on the location and space you are looking for.
  • Health services can run around $ 40 and a lot more.
  • Water, gas and electricity for a flat over $ 126.

However, these will depend on the province in which you live, the location of your room, the services you consume, the size of your family, income, health status and eating habits.

You can click here to see the average prices for food and other products in the year 2020.

Why live in Canada?

Canada It is a country rich in culture, and its economy and history make it attractive to any foreigner. Its legal framework focuses entirely on social welfare, which can be seen in the high levels of quality of life, social security and the incredible education that this country provides.

This country considers as a fundamental pillar the development and sustained stability of its population, its public, political and even private entities. And, the best part, is that the consequent benefits also include the immigrants who enter the country every day.

Canada offers foreigners numerous opportunities. This country values ​​multiculturalism and keeps in mind the acceptance of different cultures, ideologies and beliefs, considering itself as a country rich in diversity.

The open immigration policy it works because they are looking for people who can have a positive impact in the country. Therefore, if you decide to go to live in Canada, you must bear in mind that this is a project that involves meticulous preparation. You must meet a certain profile, and you can only demonstrate that you are suitable with the documents that demonstrate your personal and professional experience.


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