Requirements to live in Spain: for the Residence Visa, Cost and MORE

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Spain not only has one of the best climates in Europe but also if you put your mind to it, you can have an excellent quality of life. Would you like to know the Requirements to live in Spain?

In this article you will be able to know each request what you need to live in Spain. This beautiful country could become your new home since even getting your residence permit can be a less complicated task than in other countries.

In this site you will find the requested documents; You will learn about the visas you can opt for and an approximate cost that you could invest in making this territory your place of residence.

Requirements to live in Spain

When placing these requirements we mention what other Argentines have been required to enter the country and their process to stay. Among them we can say that it is necessary:

  • Buy your round-trip ticket. Since if you don’t have it, this may be a reason not to let you in.
  • Legally you can be so only 90 days, in which we recommend that you can further explore the region in which you will live.
  • You must have your travel insurance. There are some cards that include travel insurance, check if yours has this benefit.
  • Carry enough money, about 90 euros per day are required. You can have this in cash, on the card or ask for a certificate from the bank that guarantees that you have enough to support yourself.
  • To have place of arrivalOtherwise this could be a problem.
  • Make your residency procedures work or study, upon arrival.

That is one way, but of course there are other ways to enter, be it by work or study. If you already have all your documents (which we will talk about in a few minutes). You must add the visa that you processed for work and study reasons.

The general requirements that apply in any foreign country should be included now, these are:

  • You need a census, this is a document in which the place of residence is indicated. This document also allows access to public education or health services.
  • Possess the identity number of foreigners, known as the NIE, this is an identification that is assigned to any foreigner living in Spain. It is necessary to achieve administrative procedures.
  • The Social Security number. It is requested so that they can be legally hired by any company.

Documents for the process

Specifically, the documents that you must deliver to complete the process are:

  • Present your Argentine passport. Clearly it must be current.
  • Tickets in hand, back and forth.
  • You must take with you the health insurance already mentioned, Remember that this insurance has to be international.
  • To have enough money to ensure that you can stay unhindered.
  • It is recommended to bring your medical certificates.
  • That you have not previously been expelled from Spain.
  • Presents the corresponding visa, if it is of residence for work or study.

If you do not know the differences and ways to obtain one of these visas, then we will explain in detail What are they and how you can get them.

Requirements for the Residence Visa: for work

There are three types of visas that you can apply to stay living in Spain. It should be clarified that with the well-known tourist visa you cannot work, having the work visa, Yes.

First of all we must talk about the Work residence visa for others What type of Visa is this? It is one that is obtained thanks to a job offer. It is usually achieved while in your country of origin.

In this the boss is in charge of asking for the permission before the delegation or subdelegation of the Government of the Province. You must have a copy of this document to present at the Consulate.

The Requirements to live in Spain that you have to get to acquire this visa are:

  • DNI, both the copy and the original document. This with the address presented in the demarcation of what is the Consulate of Spain in Buenos Aires.
  • Present your passport and a copy of all its pages. The aforementioned must be clearly current.
  • Print two copies of visa application.
  • The medical certificate registered that is not more than 6 months old.
  • A certificate stating that you don’t have criminal record.
  • A copy of the work authorization granted by the delegation or sub-delegation.

Residence visa for self-employment, As the name implies, this life is intended for those Argentines who wish to start a business on their own. The Requirements for this work visa in Spain are:

  • Present the passport with a photocopy of all the pages. It must be in force.
  • A copy and the DNI original.
  • Present the document that certifies that you don’t have a criminal record.
  • Medical certificate that is not too old (more than 6 months is already old).
  • In EX 01 model, you must present your application of authorized residence self-employment.
  • The document that certifies that you are prepared to assume this responsibility, in terms of profession level or task to be done. It must be approved.
  • Other accreditation stating that financially you are capable to make the investment for said action.
  • Presents the draft with which you plan to settle.
  • Get the authorizations that they require you to check the correct installation and operation of your project.

After this process the Consulate of Spain must authorize, when doing so you must present the following requirements:

  • Passport, travel title. It has to be valid in Spain, of course.
  • Current 4 × 4 photographs, must be presented in front and on a white background.
  • Residency document and photocopied work certificate.
  • Your visas duly signed, 2 copies.
  • Deliver a receipt to check that you have subscriber to the residence on their own.

Requirements for the Residence Visa: by study

This visa is special for those Argentine citizens who are going to stay more than three months in Spain with the specific objective of studying, specializing in some work or doing research work.

The requirements requested are the ones that we will develop below:

  • Carry your medical certificate.
  • Application signed of the visa (2 copies).
  • Original and copy of your DNI:
  • The certificate confirming that you do not have criminal record.
  • Passport original and the copy of all the pages of the same.
  • Deliver the document that indicates where you are going to accommodate during that study time.
  • Have a health insurance that lasts as long as they will be living in Spain.
  • Prove by a accreditation that you have the ability to keep you in this country and pay for your studies. In the case of be scholarship Present your scholarship (original and copy) with the amount that will be subtracted and the amount that you will have to pay.
  • Documents with your academic and study center degrees (original and copy). In these your name must be reflected, the number of hours you are going to study, the duration of this course, and the schedule you have for these studies.
  • Course certificate already paid, copy and original.

Cost of living in Spain

Within the RLittle things to live in Spain We find that one of the requests is to have the ability to support yourself financially.

An exact cost of living in this region, it is difficult for us to give it, since in reality this will depend on the city in which you choose to live since all prices will vary.

For example, according to some media it has been concluded that cities such as Badajoz, Ciudad Real, Toledo and Alicante are the cheaper and between More expensive there is Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Granada and others.

You can find out more about this by entering this page Or you can also get videos on YouTube of influencers who have moved to Spain, they tell about their experience, the costs and job opportunities they can find.

When taking costs, of course you have to take into account the meal, the living place, the transport, light payment, gas and others services; In addition to the additional expenses that, although they are not safe, must also be taken into account to be prepared in any situation.

Among the approximate ones it is said that the monthly cost can be between 830 euros, 960 euros in the most expensive cities and from then on according to the conditions of the apartment you decide to rent.

Why live in Spain?

There are multiple reasons why Spain is a wonderful option to live in and in the following texts we will expose all those reasons that make this country so attractive. Among the reasons we find that:

  • Compared to other countries in Europe, this country has one of the better climates. In this continent the characteristic climate is the rains and constant cold, on the other hand in Spain you will have a clear sky.
  • The insecurity rates they are very low, it means that the authorities do their job very well.
  • The idiom, Although there are many words that must be learned in order to communicate correctly, you have the advantage that everyone speaks Spanish and you will be able to understand most questions and conversations.
  • Spaniards are very warm in their treatment and more with foreigners in most cases.
  • The education in this country it is quite high. Among its best features is the seek critical development in all students.
  • In addition to being public, health is free and they offer excellent care.
  • The night life It is quite busy, you can find many discos and bars.
  • The gastronomy is diverse. We can highlight from it that it is mostly quite healthy.
  • There are so many landscapes to know in this beautiful territory, among them are: Alcazar Castle, Gothic Quarter, Prado Art Museum, Moorish Quarter, among others.

These were all Requirements to live in Spain that you need to know to go safely to this beautiful country.

It is known that there is a risk in every adventure to undertake, even so with everything described, the objective is that when you leave you can cover what you planned and what you did not.

Have an excellent trip and enjoy the new culture that awaits you in Spain!

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