Requirements to marry by Church: know the Places, Cost and MORE

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Today we will explain all the Requirements to marry by Church that you will need if you ever want to take this step. It is very important to take all of these into account when getting married in the church, to avoid wasting time and have a basic idea of ​​everything you are going to be dealing with, especially if you have never attended a wedding like this before.

Marry by church It is no longer as common as many years before, but it still has a unique meaning and unmatched importance for those who continue this tradition. Getting married in the church means asking for the acceptance and blessing of your union in front of a God, and it can become the only way that many people agree to marry.

In this article we will not only explain the requirements you will need, but by the end of this you will be fully informed of documents, costs, places to get married in Argentina, benefits and much more.

What are the requirements to marry by Church?

You have probably wondering if there are requirements beyond the documents you need to present to get married for the church, and the answer is Yes, yes there are. These you should already know, as they are not a surprise, but it never hurts to mention them.

Let’s see what are the Requirements to marry by Church:

  • Being single before getting married. Neither party can have been previously married if they wish to be married by the church, unless the church has declared its nullity.
  • Both of them must be baptized by the catholic church and bring such proof.
  • Both you and your partner should attend the premarital course. This course is free and is carried out by the parish itself; Its objective is that through the talks the couples learn about Christian marriage. At the end, they will be given a certificate that they must present on the day of the event. It has a duration of 15 days or, if you prefer the intensive, one week.
  • They both have to complete the marriage file and appear with two witnesses for signing this. The marriage file must be processed four to six months before the marriage and you will need some documents that we will name you later.
  • HappensIf the bride wishes to marry in another parish that is not the one closest to her home. This is obviously requested in the parish of origin.
  • Must be make reservation of the date for which they are to marry, this before completing the marriage file, in the chosen church.
  • Finally, among the requirements to marry by church, the most important is be of age.

It is very important to keep in mind that The godparents They can be anyone, regardless of their relationship or religion. The witnessesOn the other hand, they must be over 21 years of age, and preferably not related to the couple.

Finally, in the event that either party has a religion other than the same, then they can get married by a ceremony called mixed marriage.

Necessary documents

You need to process some documents to be able to open your Marriage File and be able to validate your marriage by the church. Go to the parish where the ceremony will be and present:

  • Birth certificatesor, original and copy, of both grooms.
  • Baptismal Certificate / Certificate / Certificate of both grooms, updated, with less than 6 months of having been issued.
  • Certificate of marital status, that is, Single act (original and copy). This is issued by the parish where the groom was baptized.
  • Identity documentd of witnesses, godparents and grooms. Perhaps the identity document of the parents is necessary, too. In case of being a foreigner, the passport.
  • Certificate of Pre-nuptial Course.
  • Confirmation voucher of both, if you have.
  • In the event that there has been a civil union before it is finalized by the church, it will also be necessary to Civil Marriage Certificate.
  • If there are children, Inherent in the previous case, the birth and baptism certificates.
  • If either party was previously married, file the Declaration of nullity.
  • Present the Death certificate, in the case such that one is a widower.

Once you have the file, you can reserve the date of your wedding. Other documents may be required, but this depends on the individual parish.

Neither communion nor confirmation are a requirement, as is marrying with mass. In this case, it cannot be promulgated or the wedding will continue without the latter.

Places to get married by Church in Argentina

There are many churches in Argentina and some of them we will name below. However, before proceeding to list them, we must recommend visiting all of these before making a choice, since each one is unique and special.

Now yes, let’s see.

  • Our Lady of Sorrows Cathedral or La Plata Cathedral.
  • Basilica of La Merced.
  • Church of San Ignacio.
  • Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  • Basilica of Our Lady of Luján.
  • Church of Our Lady of Bethlehem.

You can consult the all the Catholic Churches in Argentina and their respective addresses by clicking here. Right there you can consult the Jewish ceremonies.

Many people prefer to get married in the parish they frequent, for they are familiar and connected with it in particular. That’s totally fine and if that’s what you want, perfect! Make sure to reserve a date right there.

Cost to get married by Church

You wonder if there is any cost when marrying per church, But the truth is no. There are no fees for you to do this event, but there is a contribution to the church so that it can use it for internal expenses. The moment you start the procedures to get married, the amount of that contribution will be indicated to you or if it is totally voluntary.

Now the costs to decorate the church They can be separate and depend mostly on whether they are made by a family member, friend, acquaintance or if a wedding planner is hired. It could be $ 500 or more, it all depends on the type of flowers, decorations, presents, etc. Some people want to decorate the entrance arch, hire the car to take the bride and groom, make a flower path, and so on.

Depending on the popularity of the church or a specific church, Decoration service may also be included and the total cost is shared between the couples who are going to get married on that date, which may be the most common. It all depends, as we have repeated, on many factors.


exist numerous advantages when marrying in the church, as you think. The truth is that this ritual is sacred for many people and has a great weight in their lives. Some of the benefits are:

  • It’s a sacred bond blessed by God, who will only be broken with death.
  • It can be considered as a mainstay to start starting a family.
  • The pre-nuptial course lets you know more about the marriage values Christian, so that you know how your marriage should be, what values ​​you should follow.
  • There may be a mixed marriage, where one of the parties has another religion but both are baptized, as well as when there is a disparity of worship, which is when one of them is not.
  • It is an event that radiates a respect for togetherness that is to be given, as well as positive expectations and plans for a new life in marriage.
  • The couple can bond in a deeper way, promising fidelity, commitment and much more to each other, for the rest of their lives.
  • It’s about a ritual full of intentionsWell, God blesses intimacy, accompanies and guides them.

And obviously many more that we do not even need to mention.

What does it mean to marry in the Church?

For the Christian church, getting married means many things. This is a ritual that allows the union between two people to be legitimized as God’s will. Thus, they receive the new sacrament and agree to respect the dogmas and mandates of religion, which implies fidelity, responsibility, love and commitment.

When people marry in the church, they receive something intangible but very valuable. They receive God’s blessing on this union and promise to pass on as partners any difficulties, problems or crises that may occur in the life of one or both.

Many religions have different rituals – superficially – to the idea of ​​marrying in the church, but they all have in common the search for a life together, honoring shared love and living under certain parameters imposed by God.

Yes you are with a person and want to formalize this union, follow the customs of your religion and start a new life blessed by the Lord, then don’t think twice, get married! Keep in mind, however, that this bond must be loaded with respect, love, commitment, fidelity and appreciation for one another, and that it can only be broken by death. In addition to an innate respect for religion, of course.

Now that you know what the requirements are to marry by Church, what do you expect?

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