Requirements to obtain a Driver’s License: for the First Time, Cost and MORE

In modern life driving a vehicle is part of everyday life. That is why, here we deliver the Requirements to obtain the Driver’s License.

There are different types of driver’s license, so before carrying out any procedure, check here, which case is yours. Documentation will vary, evaluate your options and make your decision now. Keep checking and find out about all the necessary steps you must follow to complete the process.

Requirements to obtain a Driver’s License

The documentation required to process the driver’s license application will depend on whether it is for the first time, if it is renewal or duplicate. The General requirements to obtain a Driver’s License to be granted a driver’s license in Colombia are the following:

  • Literacy
  • Must be registered in the Unique National Traffic Registry (Runt). Otherwise, make the corresponding registration in the web portal
  • Deliver the identity document and Photocopy.
  • Deliver the driving record and car teaching from the Driver Recognition Center (CRC).
  • Take the certificate of physical, mental and motor fitness.
  • A photograph that is taken in the facilities of the transportation institute.
  • Be free of fines and transportation taxes. This is certified by the proof of peace and safe, which provides the Information System on fines and sanctions throughout Colombia).
  • Cancel management and procedures to be carried out.

Subsequently, the traffic institute verifies and validates all the requirements and grants the driver’s license, in addition to indicating the category that corresponds to it.

It should be taken into account that before doing the procedures to obtain the driver’s license, you must have approved the proficiency and aptitude test. Driving courses are taught in teaching centers endorsed by the Ministry of Transportation of Colombia. Usually these centers give hours of practice, some of simulation and the rest of hours of theory.

In the educational centers you will be given the certification or proof of aptitude, which you must then present at the corresponding traffic agency where you apply for the driver’s license.

In the recognition centers they carry out vision checks, they measure visual acuity, they also evaluate hearing capacity. They also do psychomotor tests, where they will assess coordination, memory, and ability to concentrate.

Likewise, applicants will be given a physical examination to determine the individual’s health status. Subsequently, they conclude if the person is physically fit or has a physical problem that prevents him from carrying out the activity of driving a vehicle.

Requirements for Foreigners

The Requirements to obtain the Driver’s License, for a foreigner who is in Colombia are the following:

  • Present the Foreigner ID or also the certified password or valid passport.
  • Must be over 16 years old old
  • Deliver the constancy of peace and safe, not have fines or traffic taxes to pay.
  • According to the regulations, it must be registered in the RUNT.
  • Pay management fees and the procedure.
  • Deliver the proof of ability to drive, issued by a Center for Automotive Education (CEA), certified by the Ministry of Transportation.
  • Show the certificate having made the Physical exam, mental. It must be issued by a driver recognition center.

The foreigner who is a beneficiary of the special residence permit (PEP), is authorized to carry out legal activities and trades in the country. Of course, complying with all the requirements indicated by legal regulations. However, if the foreigner wants to work with a vehicle, he has to do the process to obtain a Colombian driver’s license.

According to the Colombian legal system, foreigners can transit through Colombian territory with foreign licenses, during the authorized and legal stay in Colombia. If the stay in the country happens to be prolonged, then you must apply for the driver’s license for the first time, as explained before.

Requirements to get it out for the First Time

If you are looking to get the driver’s license for the first time, continue reading the Requirements to obtain a Driver’s License. What you need to qualify for the Driver’s License is the following:

  • Must have like minimum 16 years old. If the license you want to obtain is to drive public transport or cargo vehicles, you must be of legal age.
  • Do the induction to drive in an institution or school endorsed by the Ministry of Transport.
  • Successfully complete the driving course.
  • In case of being a minor, you must have a legalized permission from the parents or guardians, which indicates that they are civilly and criminally responsible.
  • Perform the general medical check-up exams, hearing, vision, as well as psychological screening, in an authorized CRC.
  • You must do the procedure payments.

Where to get the Driver’s License in Colombia?

The driver’s license in Colombia can be managed at the service points of the SComprehensive services for Mobility or the Secretaries of Traffic and Mobility. Here are the points of attention:

  • City of Barranquilla, located at Calle 34 Number 43-31.
  • City of Bogotá, address calle 13 Number 37-35, you can make the inquiry through the web portal, to find out more about the point of care, where it is best for you to go.
  • Likewise, in the city of Bucaramanga, located at kilometer 4 along the Girón road.
  • Also in the city of Cali, there the point of attention is located in the Carrera Shopping Center, CL-52 Number 1B-160.
  • In the city of Medellín, the service point is Carrera 64 C Number 72-58.

Cost to get a Driver’s License

Having a driver’s license in Colombia can cost around 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 pesos. To have an approximate amount of what the management and processing of the driver’s license costs, the following should be taken into account:

  • Classes in the driving school, the costs of the classes can be from 500,000 pesos. Depending on the class regime, program, type of license and of course it also depends on the institution.
  • The study and medical evaluation can be for 150,000 pesos.
  • The cost of registration in the RUNT is in the order of 15,700 pesos.
  • The payment of the processing fee ranges from 78,900 to 199,100 pesos, depending on the procedure, if it is for the first time the cost is higher, doubled, renewal. The price is also due to the vehicle class.

You can make the payment directly in the same place where the procedure was made. Through credit card, debit card, also cash. In the services at the box office that are at the SIM service point.

Why is it important to get a Driver’s License?

In principle, it should be noted that the driver’s license is an essential instrument, which authorizes and enables you to drive a vehicle legally. It tells third parties that you are fit to drive a vehicle.

Without a doubt, it is a document that has great importance, it is also used as identification and provides legality to drive. It is a public document, highly personal and non-transferable. The institution that issues it is the Ministry of Transportation of Colombia.

It must be in force, otherwise it will be sanctioned. Since you cannot drive without a license or with an expired license. You risk breaking the law.

However, it should be taken into account that in addition to expiration there are other reasons why the license loses its validity. They are as follows:

  • Due to physical or mental impairment, supported by a certified medical authority.
  • By provision of justice.
  • When the driver is found under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • For relapsing into the violation of traffic regulations, in a period of less than one year.
  • Also, for using a private vehicle for public transportation activities, without the corresponding authorization.

So, what are you waiting for? Driver’s license, do not wait more.


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