Requirements to obtain a Professional Accountant Card: how is the Process, Duration and MORE

The Requirements to obtain a Professional Accountant Card They are varied and totally necessary when carrying out this procedure. Remember that all the documents and supporting documents that you present must be current and that obtaining this card is more than an advantage, it is almost an obligation.

The Professional Accountant Card It is a procedure that any accountant wishes to do when finishing his career, because with it he will be able to exercise the profession properly, under an authoritative figure that certifies him as a trained professional. This is because the card is issued by the Central Board of Accountants of your respective country, in this case Colombia.

In this article We will explain everything related to your card, such as the requirements that you must have on hand, the procedure that you must follow, the costs involved, the duration and benefits of it and much, much more.

Requirements to obtain a Professional Accountant Card

You are wondering what documents you must present when purchasing your Professional Accountant Card and certify yourself as a trained professional. Let’s see:

  • If possible, go to a specialized photography center to get one. digital photography with the following characteristics:
    • It must be in JPG format.
    • Its size has to be 342 × 387 pixels.
    • White background.
    • Your clothing must be any color other than white.
    • It must have a resolution of 300 dpi.
    • Size: 3 × 4 cm.
    • Taken head-on.
    • No it must be scanned.
  • Payment for the procedure, which for 2020 is $ 334,000.
  • You must present the identification document. This must be scanned on both sides and magnified 150%; be careful, the information must be seen clearly.
  • In the case of a ForeignIn addition to the identification document, you must also attach the visa, migration certificate and work authorization in the country.
  • Degree certificate digitized, fully readable.
  • In the case of studies carried out outside the country, the certificate of validation.
  • Present documents that demonstrate the employment relationship with the entity that issues the title of accountant. For example, the contract.
  • At least two (2) legal proof that certify the functions performed in the accounting area and the working time, that is, activities that serve as proof of previous experience and that add up to a minimum of one year of accounting work.

And that’s it! Verify that all the requirements to get your Professional Accountant Card They are in order and that the information is fully legible so that the process is easier and faster.

How is the process to obtain the Professional Accountant Card?

Once you have all the documents at hand, you can start the process to obtain the Professional Accountant Card. This is very easy and fast, because you can do it on-line from the website of the Central Board of Accountants (JCC).

This service was inaugurated in 2017 and allows you to register, modify, duplicate, issue, cancel or replace your professional accountant card,

In general lines, There are four (4) steps to complete the process:

  • Take your picture in a specialized center.
  • Organize the requested documents in their corresponding formats.
  • Attach the deposit or transfer support.
  • Once the information presented has been verified, withdraw the card where indicated.

Nevertheless, specifically You must follow the steps that we will explain below:

  • Enter the JCC website or click here to enter directly to the procedure format.
  • Fill in all the fields with the required information, taking care to supply the data correctly. There are five (5) stages that you will have to complete:
    • Basic data.
    • Academic data.
    • Professional experience.
    • Payment: you must load the consignment support that you should have previously paid for.
    • Documents: specify each one and present them by part if the file does not load.
  • Regarding the previous step, do not forget to click on Accept the authorization for the use of the data to move on to the next stage and finally complete the process.
We recommend you keep documents correctly titled and grouped in a single folder, so you can access them easily. Also, keep in mind that they must all be fully legible.

Finally, when you have completed the form, you will be given a file number. With this you can access the page to check the status of your card, until it is ready to be delivered. In this case, you can collect it where indicated, which is usually the JCC office closest to your place of residence, or in Bogotá.

Cost of the procedure

The Special Administrative Unit Central Board of Accountants each year sets the values ​​of the procedures and services provided by the JCC, in responsibility to the related laws. Currently, for the year 2020, the value for to obtain the Professional Card of Public Accountant for the first time It is:

$ 334,000 (value of the procedure in pesos)

$ 9.37 (value of the procedure in UVT)

This must be paid at Banco AV Villas, to the savings account number


being this one of the Requirements to obtain the Professional Accountant Card more important.

Remember! You must keep the proof of your payment because you will need it when doing the procedure. Your name and identification number must be reflected in it.

For other procedures we have:

  • Modification of the Professional Registration Card: 12.08 (UVT) and $ 430,000 pesos.
  • Duplicate of the Professional Accountant Card: or, 93 (UVT) and $ 33,000 pesos.
  • Professional Registration Card of Entities (for the first time): 120.83 (UVT) and $ 4,302,000 pesos.
  • Duplicate of the Professional Registration Card companies or organizations that provide accounting services: 12.08 (UVT) and $ 430,000 pesos.
  • Replacement of professional registration: 9.37 (UVT) and $ 334,000 pesos.

How long does it take to obtain the Professional Accountant Card?

Once you have provided the documents, basic data and others, you will have to wait for the information to be verified and accepted by the JCC. This process does not take longInstead, you will have to wait a maximum of 8 days after applying online.

If you have any questions or present any inconvenience during the process, you can access the institutional chat through this link or you can go to one of the JCC sectional offices by clicking here.

Furthermore, it is important know that once you obtain your professional card you must update your data every year before March 1, in accordance with resolution 972, approved in 2015. This applies to both public accountants and companies that offer accounting services.

To do this, you must:

  • Click here if you’re natural person.
  • Enter your identification number.
  • Enter your file number. This appears on the professional card, at the bottom. Skip the zeros.
  • Validate your date of birth and, finally, accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Finally click on the option Update your information to enter the news of your address information and studies carried out. In case the information hasn’t changed, just press In agreement.

That’s it! Check that the change has been made successfully.

In the case of business, you must:

  • Click here in the case of a company providing accounting services.
  • Enter your NIT and the number of your file, located on the registration card.
  • Confirm the Foundation date.
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Finally, update the data, whether of your partners or domicile, if they have changed.


You may wonder what are the benefits of having your Professional Accountant Card, And the truth is that this has a fundamental importance when exercising your accounting knowledge in the workplace.

This can be considered an endorsement or validation that the accountant is a trained professional, with a certain level of quality, who has the necessary skills to carry out his position efficiently.

In this way, all graduates in the accounting area will enjoy greater confidence on the part of job applicants, since they will be able to have the certainty that these accountants were analyzed through a process to see the fruit obtained during all their years of preparation.

This is very important for companies when hiring them, since not everyone can manipulate accounting information and financial statements.

Knowing all this, we can list the Benefits as follows:

  • The Professional Card is a way to validate that you have the necessary skills to develop yourself in any task in the accounting area.
  • It is easy to process and load.
  • Allow companies to consider you a suitable candidate for hiring.

What is the Professional Accountant Card?

The Professional Card It is a document that certifies to the professional their willingness to carry out work and activities of their profession. It can even be a prerequisite for the private sector, public organizations, and academia.

In addition, the date of issue also allows the contracting company or organization to know the professional’s time of experience, which is why the annual update of the person’s profile is required.

In colombia There are specialized entities in issuing this document according to the profession that requires it, and there are currently more than 60. In the case of accountants, it is the Special Administrative Unit Central Board of Accountants (JCC) who is in charge of this task, with the aim of protecting the fulfillment of the academic, legal and ethical obligations of the accounting professionals.


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