Requirements to Obtain Colombian Nationality: Cost, Duration and MORE

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The requirements to obtain Colombian nationality There are several, but there is one that is essential when making the request.

In this sense, to continue the application, the interested party must have a valid resident visa and a computer with an internet connection to make the application.

In addition to this requirement, there is the time of residence in Colombia, which is computed from the obtaining of the resident visa.

In addition to this, there are other conditions that must be met before formally applying, which are mentioned below:

  1. For natural applicants from Latin America and the Caribbean, the residence time must be equal to one (1) year, from the granting of the resident visa.
  2. In the case of Spanish applicants, the residence time must be equal to two (2) years from the granting of the resident visa.
  3. For people who are not born in Latin America, the Caribbean or Spain, the residence time must be equal to five (5) years from the granting of the resident visa,
  4. In the latter case, if the applicant married or has a Colombian child, the requested residence time is shortened to two years from the granting of the resident visa.

It is important to mention that if you are outside of Colombia for a time greater than or equal to one uninterrupted year, the period of residence for the application is suspended.

What are the Requirements to obtain Colombian Nationality?

First, the interested party must make the request, through the link of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Next, to finalize the application, you must scan the requirements to upload and send them along with the digital application.

That is why the following are detailed requirements to scan to send with the application for Colombian nationality:

  • Resident visa granted.
  • Provide personal data, current nationality and identity document.
  • Residence address.
  • Statement of reasons for your request.
  • Main address of where you lived before arriving in Colombia.
  • If the applicant has descendants, he can request the extension of nationality, for which he must submit documents that certify the marital status of the descendants.
  • Duplicate certificate of the updated immigration identity document.
  • Provide the Duplicate passport certificate or certified papers that show the date and place of birth.
  • Birth document certified by the Consul of Colombia.
  • Certified proof of good conduct or criminal record of the country where you are from or a different country where you have lived for five years before arriving in Colombia.
  • Certified document of military status in the country where you come from.
  • Duplicate certificate of the last two income tax returns or source withholding document.
  • Certified documents of profession or trade practiced in Colombia.
  • Have documentation that certifies basic knowledge of Spanish, in the case of non-Hispanic Americans. In addition, applicants must have knowledge of the constitution, geography and history of Colombia, for the presentation of the evaluation.
  • For him applicant That this married with a person colombian, must deliver Registration civil of marriage.
  • If the applicant has children with Colombian people, they must submit the children’s birth record.
  • Supply six photos of size: 4 X 5.

Steps to follow

Below are the steps by step to apply for Colombian nationality:

  1. Request the appointment on-line, through the Foreign Ministry formalities service, during the request must fill out a form and to attach the documents requested by the Foreign Ministry for the evaluation of the process. At this point the applicant must make the payment of the procedure and report it.
  2. The receiving unit, called the nationality group, has a period of two (2) months to carry out the evaluation of the application and documentation.
  3. Then the receiving unit forwards the request for missing documents to the applicant. Once the missing documents are received, the receiving unit issues instructions to the other units to continue the evaluation.
  4. The migration unit will be in charge of gathering information on criminal, judicial, and immigration records and conducting a home visit to the applicant.
  5. The evaluating committee applies and qualifies the evaluation to the applicant and send rating to the coordination of nationality.
  6. The Dian team carries out a study of the applicant’s tax situation and informs the nationality group.
  7. The nationality coordinator receives all the reports and finalizes the evaluation of the applicant.
  8. If the answer is not favorable, the applicant is notified of the result.
  9. If the evaluation was positive, the applicant is informed about the approval of nationality and the act of oath.
  10. When taking the oath, the nationality group informs the embassy, ​​immigration and the national registry of civil status.

How long does the process to Obtain Nationality take?

The processing of the nationality Colombian, does not have an estimated time execution, since it is subject to several factors, such as:

  1. Sending the complete documentation of the applicant, for evaluation. At this point everything will depend on the correct sending of the documentation required to start the process.
  2. The preparation and sending of the evaluation reports to the Nationality Work team by the national entities related to the evaluation of each case.

In this sense, the nationality coordination can request the sending of a missing requirement, which can stop the process while the required documentation is received.

On the other hand, the evaluation of the request involves other aspects to be studied for what they require evaluation reports, among which we can mention:

  1. The report that gathers the data related to criminal, judicial, immigration and home visit records made to the applicant.
  2. A report is also made with the results of the evaluation applied to the applicant on the political constitution, geography and history of Colombia, as well as Castilian, if applicable. These evaluations depend on scheduling a date and evaluating a committee.
  3. In addition, an evaluation of the tax situation of the applicant is carried out, which requires a report that is finally delivered to the nationality group, like the other reports.
  4. Finally, the nationality group receives the reports and carries out the corresponding evaluation.

The report on criminal, judicial, and immigration records is carried out by the national migration group.

Likewise, the report of the results of the evaluation applied to the applicant is prepared by a group from the Gorbernación.

How much does it cost to obtain Colombian Nationality?

Once the requirements to obtain Colombian nationality, the cost of the procedure is seven hundred thousand ($ 700,000 COP) pesos.

The means of payment are those indicated below:

  • Through the link on-line When you are carrying out the process, select payment at the Colombia branch or Servibanca ATM, the system will issue a unique payment reference, with which you must go exclusively to the GNB Sudameris Bank, where you will inform the ATM of the code and make the payment.

Advantages of having Colombian Nationality

exist different advantages that are acquired when obtaining Colombian nationality. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. By guidelines of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Colombians who travel or live abroad are provided with assistance and protection in the event of conditions that may harm their safety and integrity.
  2. In times of emergency or natural disasters, Colombians in foreign land will receive help, aid and the necessary protection.
  3. In addition, in case of emergency and if they are outside of Colombian territory, Colombians will also be expedited actions to communicate with their families or friends.
  4. Also when they are outside the country, Colombians will receive current information regarding consular services and procedures.

On the other hand, it is important that every person traveling makes the consular registration, which allows expediting the attention to Colombians when traveling.

Consular registration can be done online, through the link created for this purpose.

What is the Colombian Nationality?

First, it is necessary to know that the Colombian nationality for birth and Colombian nationality by adoption.

Consequently, the Colombian people by birth, according to Colombian laws are those people who meet the following conditions:

  1. That the father or mother are born in Colombian territory or have obtained Colombian nationality, also that the parents are not Colombian, but that one of them was living in the country at the time of birth.
  2. Descendants of Colombian parents who at the time of birth in foreign land and subsequently have settled in Colombian lands or who have registered their birth at a Colombian consular office.

On the other hand, the Colombian nationality by adoption It is a grant that the Colombian Government makes independently to confer Colombian nationality on foreigners.

So any person who requires nationality by adoption must meet the requirements to obtain Colombian nationality and carry out the procedure through the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Likewise, to make inquiries and validate the progress of the procedure, the applicant may do so on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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