Requirements to obtain French Nationality: by Descent, Step by step and MORE

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This writing highlights which are the Requirements to obtain French Nationality. That is, in case you are interested in applying for nationality. The steps to follow on this subject will be explained below. Keep reading!

France is a country made up of the European Union, it is one of the largest nations that makes up that organization. If you want to obtain French nationality then it will be explained.

Requirements to obtain French Nationality

People who wish to aspire to French nationality must have the following requirements that will be explained below:

Requirements to obtain French Nationality by Birth

The people who can obtain nationality by birth are the French who were born in France, whose parents or at least one of them must be French or have been born in that country.

People who were born in France and their parents are foreigners, can obtain nationality when they reach the age of majority.

Requirements to obtain French Nationality by Marriage

French nationality can be obtained by marriage to a French person. When 4 to 5 years of marriage have already passed, the foreign spouse can acquire French nationality by means of a declaration before a judge or at any French consulate. It is important to note that the marriage must be registered in the Civil Registry in France and show its certificate proving the fact.

Requirements to obtain French Nationality: Naturalization or residence

Naturalization is a feasible procedure to acquire French nationality. For this, the citizen must comply with the rules established with the stability of his stay in the European country. The applicant must prepare an application folder and send it to a jurisdiction if he resides in France or to a consulate if he lives elsewhere abroad.

Resides in France

The citizen must be of legal age to be able to naturalize. However, you can send the request in advance from the 17 years, but if naturalization is accepted, it will be valid when you come of age.

In addition, a child can be nationalized through naturalization, as long as the child is a foreigner, and that one of his parents has aspired French nationality. The minor must live in France with the parent at least on the date his application is issued.

The citizen must live in France at the time of signing the naturalization resolution. In this case, if you reside in France and your Spouse or children reside abroad, your nationality may be rejected. That is why a duration is required at least less 5 years in that country.

People who do not require a minimum residence stay in France must face the following situations:

  1. The citizen is in the refugee status.
  2. It must come from a French-speaking nation.
  3. The citizen had to be educated so less 5 years in a school concerning the French language.
  4. He performed his military service with the French authorities.

Resides abroad

The citizen must be of legal age to be able to naturalize. However, you can send the application in advance from the age of 17, but if naturalization is accepted, it will be valid when you have reached the age of majority.

If you reside abroad, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. Play in professional tasks either private or public on behalf of the French State.
  2. The citizen must develop his national service or collaborate in the army French.
  3. The person should not be convicted of no crime nor have they endangered the nation.

Necessary documents

Have complied with the Requirements to obtain French Nationality It is a big step, now the person must collect the documents that will be explained below:

  1. Application form to aspire to nationality through naturalization.
  2. Citizens who were born in France, even if they are settled abroad, must send an application for a Certificate of French nationality (CNF) to the Court in the place where you were born.
  3. The citizen must pass his exam Tef in which it shows that it has a high level of your official language, French.
  4. The person must have at least a French level of B1, if they have the Delf qualification (B1 or B2) or in that case Dalf (C10 C2) is exempt from the test.
  5. The documents must contain the tax stamp that has a cost of 55 euros.
  6. Be legally resident in France.
  7. Not having been involved in any crime or crime.
  8. Proof of your criminal record.
  9. Have your current and current Argentine passport.
  10. Birth certificate published by the civil registry in Argentina, legalized and translated into French.
  11. Copy of the marriage certificate, legalized and translated into French.
  12. If it is to obtain nationality by marriage, you must have a photocopy of Argentine passportor with the corresponding visa.

Requirements to obtain French Nationality by Descent

If your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents or another relative has French nationality. The citizen can request it as long as he collects all the documents that prove the lineage and origin of your family.

In the first instance, the citizen must be sure who the French descendant is, which is why they will have to attach the birth certificates of all their ancestors, even people who do not contain said nationality. To proceed with the process, the citizen will be asked:

  1. The application form duly signed.
  2. Photocopy of identity document, passport.
  3. its legal birth certificate where it must be translated into French.
  4. If you are married, you must attach your marriage certificate.
  5. Have all the birth certificates of your ascendants.
  6. Attach the birth certificate of the descendant who has the nationality.
  7. Have the marriage document of each of your relatives.
  8. The citizen must have the document original marriage from the descendant which comes the nationality.

Step by step of the procedure

After having collected all the documents required above, the head of the Judicial Secretariat will carry out an exhaustive legal analysis of your situation in relation to French nationality. Since the legal certificate of French nationality is extremely important, adults and their minor children may request additional documentation.

The investigation of your file will be long because the law does not set a specific period to be able to give an answer, it can last 12 months average from the moment the head of the judicial secretary completes the file.

The head of the court clerk grants the certificate of French nationality to the adult and their children under 18 years of age. It does not prove French nationality to siblings or children over 18 years of age. It is worth the note that the certificate It cannot be lost because they do not give a duplicate.

Citizens having been born in the European country have to send their application for CNF to the Court of Instance where they were born. Foreigners living in France can send the application to Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris which is located at 30, Château des Rentiers, des Rentiers street or to the Court where you have resided in that country.

Citizens who were born in another country and do not live in France must send their application to the Tribunal d’Instance du 1er arrondissement de Paris.

What is French Nationality?

Nationality means the territory where the citizen or person was born or naturalized in a certain nation. Possession of the Nationality confers the civil rights (social and political) provided in each case by the legislation in this case France.

Laws vary in this regard, but all tend to regulate the matter, considering themselves nationals for certain purposes and, therefore, submitting to their legislation according to different criteria: the domicile of the entity, the nationality of its partners or its members.

Regarding the nationality of natural persons, they can acquire it through birth, by being born to Chilean parents (filiation) or by an event or circumstances subsequent to birth.

French nationality It is the legal link that unites a person with respect to the European country. Where the requirement as a citizen is assigned.

This link establishes the commitment to be made by citizens who hold the status of French, in which the various rights are conferred. Both civil and political, as well as an advantage over public rights.

Benefits of having French Nationality

France is one of those destinations where there is a high demand for applying for French nationality. Every year on the European continent the doors are opened to citizens who wish to aspire to nationality.

From the moment you want to acquire French nationality, you immediately become a citizen in the European Union and that is why they will enjoy the rights they have to reside and work freely in any of the states that make up the union.

They also have the protection of European consulates when traveling abroad and can benefit from having medical assistance in any country that makes up the union.

If you need to acquire nationality, do not stop collecting all the Requirements to obtain French Nationality.

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