Requirements to Obtain the Ecuadorian Cédula: Steps, What it is and MORE

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This article will explain what the Requirements to get the Ecuadorian ID where the step-by-step below will be highlighted. Keep reading!

The identification document it is very important in the citizens of each country. It also contains all the details of a person to be able to carry out different procedures or procedures.

In this article, the specifications for obtaining the identity card and other mentions that are of great importance for all citizens of the country will be highlighted. Ecuador and other countries.

What are the Requirements to Obtain the Ecuadorian Identification Card?

Obtaining the identity card is a duty that every citizen has to fulfill, there are a number of documents that are of great importance to streamline these procedures.

For this, the Requirements to obtain the Ecuadorian Identity Card, and they are:

  • Have at hand the copy and original of the valid passport.
  • You must have one orcedulation order which is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility.
  • Deliver the certificate of affiliation to the Public Health Insurance with full coverage, it can be a copy of the private insurance policy, also with full coverage.
  • Update of Migratory Movement.
  • The citizen must cancel the receipt of payment for the processing of the ID for a cost 5 dollars.

If the person wants to incorporate data about the marital status or academic level, the corresponding documents must be presented, with their respective legalization or apostille.

This Identity Card usually turn 60 minutes to be delivered to each citizen who requested it.

There are many ways to make paymentsFor those people who are for the first time, they must bring the money in cash. In case of renewal, there are other types of payments that we will mention, and they are:

  • Cash.
  • Credit card. They accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Diners Club and American Express cards, they are issued by Banco del Pacifico, Banco de Pichincha and Banco de Guayaquil.
  • To be able to make these payments by credit card, the minimum amount is in the 15 dollars.
  • And, transactions with credit cards are made only in deferred payments, for example: 3, 6 and 12 months of interest.

Steps to Obtain the Ecuadorian Identification Card

There are a number of processes that are very important for the realization of the identity card, therefore, we mention some aspects that are important in the request of this document, and they are:

  • All the previously written requirements.
  • Make the payment of the current valued species and the request for the shift at the bank or the collection point of the agency.
  • Check all personal information
  • Taking and printing fingerprints
  • Issue and review selected documents
  • Sign the documents, enter the thumbnail, both for the ID and for the index card
  • Photograph of the person
  • Validate the identity of the applicant
  • Deliver the identity document, verifying that all the information is not wrong and is maintained correctly.
  • Finally, the service operators will file the identity document with a chip in the identification card delivery module.

Where is the procedure to obtain the Ecuadorian Identification Card carried out?

If there is any doubt about being able to carry out each of these procedures, do not panic, since there are many spaces where this type of document can be carried out, without having to take an appointment or other complications that usually occur.

To carry it out, citizens must go to the Headquarters agencies in Quito. Also in the main offices of Guayaquil and Cuenca.

  • Matrix of the city of Quito: Av. United Nations and Amazonas
  • Government Platform: Av Quitumbe Ñam and Amaru Ñan
  • Matrix of the City of Guayaquila: Av. 9 de Octubre N203 and Pichincha
  • Zonal Government: Av. Franciso de Orellana and Justino Cornejo.

Validity of the Document

These documents are dated and should be updated as soon as possible. The validity period of the identity card for foreigners with temporary residence is 1 to 2 years. Meanwhile, for citizens with Permanent Residence it lasts for 10 years.

Renewal of the Ecuadorian Cédula

Sometimes, mishaps occur in our lives and must be faced, renewing the ID is one of the most beneficial characteristics, since they can be updated without any problem. To do this, all these documents must be gathered:

  • Old identity card with its respective identification order.
  • Valid passport and Visa
  • Deliver the Certificate of Legal Permanence issued by the Ministry of Human Relations and Mobility.
  • Obtain proof of payment to carry out the renewal process for a cost of 15 dollars.
  • If it is in case of renewal due to lost identity card, the complaint must be filed.
  • It is very likely that, to speed up this process, the Affiliation document will be requested from the IESS or a copy of the Private Health Insurance policy.

What is it?

There is a number of citizens and foreigners who set foot in Ecuador, where they enjoy the gastronomy, the landscape and the culture. But many decide to stay and must carry out certain procedures to be a citizen, and live in Ecuador.

Therefore, there are certain regulations that are important such as compliance with obtaining the Ecuadorian identity card. According to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, the documents are of an important nature for all the walkers of this beloved land.

In addition, it proves the identity of each person in the country. Therefore, there are certain steps and information that stand out to obtain a card from this country.

It is important to note that it is mandatory to process the identity card after obtaining the visa, as it is an important part of the regularization process.

Negative factors

There are many negative factors for not obtaining an identity card, and they are:

  • Those public or private institutions They reject any application or procedure due to not having the identification card
  • For police controls, people who do not have this document can be detained.
  • If an accident occurs or the person dies in Ecuadorian territory, information, cremation or repatriation processes can take much longer than normal.
  • Normally the Human Mobility authorities can establish certain sanctions for those who do not comply with this requirement.

It is important to remind all people that the visa is not an identification document, it is only a permit that authorizes the regulated stay of the country.

Requirements To obtain the Ecuadorian ID: Civil registration

On the web platform of the Civil registration Ecuador, point out certain characteristics that must be highlighted to understand the application process for this procedure, and we mention some of them:

  • The presence of the user issuing the order or request
  • If they are users under 15 years, must be represented by their parents, grandparents or a legal representative. If they are not present, a relative up to the third degree of consanguinity can attend With an age over 18 years, carrying their identity card and permission from their parents or legal representatives.
  • Users between 15 to 17 years old, can obtain their ID without the need for a legal companion.
  • For records, or changes in the level of basic or baccalaureate instruction, must present the apostilled documentation and Legalized in the consulate closest to the country (Applies for foreigners).
  • The parental filiation declaration data cannot be declarative, because the birth certificate, full certificate or the apostille document must be shown. If not, the characters will be placed with a: «XXXX»
  • The spouse’s affiliation data are not declarative, since the full item, the marriage certificate or the apostilled, legalized or translated document must be shown.

These were all the positives, negatives and the most important characteristics to obtain the Ecuadorian Cédula. All citizens should read in detail all the steps and the rules that were highlighted in this article, to have a better experience in the development of these procedures.


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