Requirements to Obtain the Health Card: Steps, Costs and MORE

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You are never too careful when it comes to handling food for sale to the public. For this reason, it is very important to take into account the Requirements to obtain the Health Card, a vital document that health organizations require from all those people or companies that are going to commercialize products for human consumption, in order to certify their health conditions.

Together with these, it is important to know the procedure to obtain it, where you can do the procedure, what it costs and how long is the validity of this document here in Peru. So do not go away! Today we will tell you everything about How to Get the Health Card.

What are the Requirements to Obtain the Health Card in Peru?

Let’s start with the Requirements to obtain the Health Card. Knowing this information is the basis of everything that will come later, these being vital requirements to carry out this process and avoid unpleasant surprises. Let’s see what they are,

  • First, Identification document. This can be the DNI, Immigration Card, Passport, ID, etc.
  • Stool sample, in the event that your job involves direct food handling, 3cm x 3cm x 3cm.
  • Proof of payment or voucher. The payment of the fee can be made at any SAT agency.
  • Eating low-fat meals the day before and during the current day. Fasting will not be necessary.
  • In the case of a minor, they must be accompanied or accompanied.
  • Proof of appointment or processing number.
  • Participate in the informative talk on Food Handling, if so.
  • Bring short, clean and unpainted nails for medical evaluation.

These are all the requirements that Peruvian or foreign citizens who are going to process the card must take into account. On the other hand, in the business case that are going to request this permission, it will be required:

  • First, Application letter of the document. This is the case that the company is hiring ten (10) or more people. You must bring it the day before the appointment and it must be addressed to the Sub-management of Health and Health Promotion.
  • Alphabetically organized list of people who will take the respective exams, with the employment relationship.
  • Identity document of each of the people on the list. Again, it can be the DNI, passport, Immigration Card or any other document that identifies you.
  • Proof of payment or voucher. The payment of the fee can be made at any SAT agency.
  • Stool and urine sample of the workers who appear on the list and who will have contact with the food that is to be marketed, 3cm x 3cm x 3cm.
  • Again, it is not necessary for people to be fasting, but they do need to eat low-fat meals the day before and on the day of the appointment.
  • Participate in the informative talk on Food Handling, if so.
  • Bring short, clean and unpainted nails for medical evaluation.
  • Finally, Tramit number.

With all these requirements in order, you should have no problems completing the procedure without mishaps. Remember that all identity documents must be current and that the samples must be recent, so that the laboratory can study them effectively.

Steps to Obtain the Health Card

The Steps to Obtain the Health Card or, rather, the procedure involved in doing it is very simple. As you will see below, you only need to know it to save you a lot of time.

Let’s see what the steps are:

  1. First, you must cancel the amount of the fee Currently this is S /. 16.20 Soles. In the indicated section we will tell you where you can make these payments, but generally it is in the SAT Agencies, using the code 3001. Remember that you must keep the proof of payment.
  2. Second, you must ask for the appointment. To complete this step you must call 632-3233, 632-3228 or 632-3232. You will be asked for the voucher number and you will be given a processing number.
  3. In the case of a companyYou must bring the Letter, along with the list of staff, identity documents and proof of payment, prior to the day of the appointment.
  4. Attend the appointment, go to the Health Card office. There is the Lima Headquarters and the Ate Headquarters, which we will specify in the next section. There you must present your identity document, the proof of payment and, if required, the samples for the Food Handling Card. In the latter case, you must also attend the corresponding talk.
  5. Follow the instructions next. You must fill out a Procedure Sheet and take a photo of yourself. Subsequently, the serological examination, medical evaluation and dental evaluation will be carried out.
  6. Finally, collect your card. This will be delivered the same day or at the latest the next day, depending on whether you do the procedure in the morning or in the afternoon. You must present your Procedure Sheet and ID to collect it. This, of course, if all the exams are in order.

And that’s it! As you can see, it is extremely simple and very fast. You just have to follow these steps to the letter and voila!


The Health card It is a requirement for people or premises that are going to market food. However, there are products that they do not require human manipulation. Consequently, there is no need to bring a sample or participate in the talk, since in this case it would be a Card not to Handle Food.

Where can you get the Health Card?

If you wonder Where can you get the Health CardWell, in Lima you only have two options: Lima Headquarters or Ate Headquarters. You can choose the one of your preference or the one with appointments available with closer dates.

The Lima Headquarters It is located on Avenida Ramón Herrera, No. 273, in Cercado de Lima. To be more specific, at the intersection of Avenida Colonial with Avenida Universitaria.

For its part, the Headquarters Ate It is located on Calle Las Gardenias, Nº 157, in the Salamanca urbanization. Specifically, at the height of block 14, via de Evitamiento. A point of reference could be the Parque Las Gardenias.

Both venues serve with a Hours of Operation from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm. If you complete the entire procedure before 10:30 in the morning, the delivery of the Card will be done in the afternoon, between 2:30 pm until closing (3:30 pm).

On the contrary, if you complete the procedure after 10:30, then you must collect your card the next day at any time during the opening hours. Remember that you must carry all Requirements to obtain the Health Card.

Finally, do not forget to make your appointment beforehand Call 632-3233, 632-3228 or 632-3232. Take your time precautions, if you need the card urgently.

Costs of Obtaining the Health Card

There is not Costs of Obtaining the Health Card, but there is only one. This is the one linked to the processing fee that both natural persons and companies must pay.

This has a value of S /. 16.20 soles if the procedure is done at the headquarters, which is what we have explained to you today. There is also the option for companies to request the service directly at the premises or business, for which they would have to pay S /. 24.80 soles.

You must also present a list of more than 60 employees, with a letter addressed to the Health Management. If you want more information about this service enter here and click on the section External Attention to Companies.

The amount of the fee you can cancel it in the SAT Agencies, using the payment code 3001. You can also cancel it directly at the Lima Headquarters (Av. Ramón Herrera N ° 273). Remember to keep the proof of payment.

Some of the SAT Agencies are:

  • Jr. Camaná 370, Cercado from Lima.
  • Av. Argentina Nº 2926, Lima.
  • Av. De los Héroes 638-A, San Juan de Miraflores.
  • Financial Center CC Jockey Plaza Store CF-B10A, Santiago de Surco.
  • CC Mega Plaza AV. Alfredo Mendiola N ° 3698, 2nd Level Tda. L-505.
  • Av. 6 de Agosto Nº 856, Jesús María.


Almost to finish, the Validity of the Health Card it depends on whether the applicant is going to handle food or not.

In the event that it is a Food handler, the Health Card will be valid for six (06) months. On the contrary, in case it is a No Food Handler, this will be valid for one (01) year.

Once this time has passed, the person or the company must redo the procedure. This with the aim of keeping up with the health conditions of employees who handle food or not in their work areas.

What is it?

The health card It is a document that certifies the health of the person who is working, either on his own account or for a company. Its main objective is to control the hygiene of people who handle food, in order to prevent health mishaps.

Currently, people and companies are also required that, although they are not going to handle food, they do need workers who are in optimal healthy conditions to carry out their work. Consequently, a secure service (public or private) is guaranteed.

The Requirements to obtain the Health Card that we mention today do not change throughout the country. Today we mention the venues and costs associated with the Lima Municipality.

However, obviously other Municipalities, such as the Municipality of San Isidro, will have other locations, business hours and perhaps even other costs (S /. 25.50 in the case of the latter).

Take your precautions and investigate directly in the municipality where you are going to carry out this procedure. We hope we have been of help to you.

See ya!


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