Requirements to Obtain the Municipal Patent: Costs, Via Web and MORE

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If you are a citizen who carries out commercial operations in Ecuador, you must know the Requirements to Obtain the Municipal Patent, which are exposed here.

In this article you will also learn how to obtain the Municipal Patent as a professional, make the declaration online, costs of obtaining the Municipal Patent and many other data that are of interest.

What are the Requirements to Obtain the Municipal License?

To complete this process, you must comply with the Requirements to Obtain the Municipal Patent. Some are:

  • The declaration format.
  • Photocopy of the identity card.
  • The voting ballot.
  • The copy of the Single Registry of Taxpayers (RUC).
  • Photocopy of the driver’s license, only in the case of an activity corresponding to the transport sector, or the card for disabled people (CONADIS).

Individuals who carry out economic transactions and do not have to comply with the accounting records have a deadline to pay the patent.

Meanwhile, legal entities that are obliged to register the accounting have one month longer than the previous condition. In those periods there is no interest charge.

However, people who do not achieve payments as established, can go to the zonal administration and pay without inconvenience throughout the year, but also paying surcharge interest ranging from 1% to 1.3% each month.

People who work on a dependent basis and have not managed the RUC, They are not obliged to acquire the Municipal Patent, and generally do not need to make this contribution.

Those who work in a dependency relationship and have not obtained the RUC, do NOT need to obtain the Municipal Patent and, consequently, do not need to pay this tax. The following are specified Requirements to Obtain the Municipal Patent, according to the type of person:

Natural persons who are not obliged to keep the accounts

  • Correctly fill out and submit the Municipal Patent Declaration Form. It can be purchased by entering this web portal.
  • Photocopy of the identity card and the certification of having participated in the last votes.
  • The copy of the RUC, when you have the merchant registry (it is not necessary that the RUC be updated).
  • Driver’s license in original and copy, professional category (when carrying out transport functions).
  • CONADIS card in original and copy, where the level of disability that the person has is reflected.

For Natural and Legal Persons who are obliged to keep the accounting

  • Consign the Municipal Patent Declaration Form, correctly filled out and signed by the legal representative.
  • The copy of the identity card and the certification of having participated in the last elections of the legal representative.
  • Photocopy of the registered deed of incorporation of the Legal Person (only for new companies).
  • The copy of the appointment of the legal representative.

Obtain the Municipal Patent as a Professional

The Municipal Patent must be paid by all professionals who carry out economic activities and autonomously. Likewise, all those professionals who, while being dependent, carry out extra work on which they issue invoices.

In the case of some professionals who do not have facilities or an office, they must pay the patent only since 2011. In other words, those who carry out their operations from their place of residence do not pay patents prior to 2011.

There is also the case of professionals who have a premises or office to carry out their economic activities. Under this condition, the patent cancellation must be carried out for the years prior to 2011. To determine the amount to be paid there is a table that has approximately 2 thousand types of economic activities.

Said table can be found by means of this link, and contains the presumed assets with which all professionals exercise. Based on this, the amount to be paid can be estimated.

An example is, when taxpayers provide services such as (engineering, architecture, journalism, medical, among others, they presumably need a capital of $ 2,000 dollars to fulfill their functions. Therefore, the amount with which they must contribute for the patent is $ 20 dollars.

Online declaration

In the case of making the declaration online, you must find out the date on which it corresponds by entering this website.

Both natural and legal persons with an obligation to keep the accounts have the possibility of obtaining an electronic key to file the patent declaration online.

Said keys are granted in all municipal zonal administrations, previously presenting the requirements detailed below:

  1. Request for key signed by the legal representative.
  2. Updated appointment of the legal representative.
  3. The copy of the identity card and voting certification of the legal representative.
  4. The Declaration form.

Costs of Obtaining the Municipal License

With respect to the costs to obtain the Municipal Patent, it should be known that, any professional person who works autonomously with its RUC, through Ordinance 135 (issued in December 2004), must cancel the Municipal Patent.

Both the declaration and the payment of patents for natural persons not obliged to keep accounts, will be assisted by the Municipality of Quito. Said charge will be in the 8 zonal administrations of the Municipality, which are mentioned below:

  • Tumbaco.
  • Quitumbe.
  • Calderón.
  • The Delight.
  • Eloy Alfaro.
  • Los Chillos.
  • Center.
  • North Zone.

Likewise, through the municipal services balconies of the Metropolitan Financial Directorate, located at the following address: Chile Street Oe-335 and Venezuela. Also in the Condado Shopping and El Recreo shopping centers.

Previously, the corresponding payment for the Municipal License for professional drivers was $ 80 dollars, after a certain time they will only pay $ 20 dollars.

This amount was set through a resolution issued by the Metropolitan Tax Office, therefore that amount will be paid by the transport owners.

The cooperatives to which these transports correspond, as they are non-profit organizations, are exempt from paying the Municipal Patent. Both the declaration and the payment of the patent for people not obliged to keep accounts has an established expiration date, according to the last number of the card.

To each number You have 2 days deadline, that is, the people where their documentation ends in 1 have a stipulated term to carry out their management. Individuals with the number or will do so on another date. The tariff on the Municipal Patent is determined for legal and natural persons.

Also for both foreign and national companies, residing with facilities in the Metropolitan District of Quito, which constantly carry out commercial, professional and financial activities. It should be noted that public and private employees do not make a declaration or pay the patent

What is it?

The Municipal Patent is an essential requirement to acquire the RUC (Single Registry of Taxpayers), in accordance with those stipulated in the Territorial Ordinance Code (Cootad) and Municipal Ordinance 339, expressly updated and published.

One of the objectives of the municipal administration is to connect data with the SRI (Internal rents service), to perfect the collection for patents. This tax on the patent is paid by regulation and is used by natural and legal persons, as well as foreign or national companies that perform financial, real estate, industrial, etc. functions. professional and commercial in the locality.

The annual rate is used according to equity, since it is an economic estimate that each company has on all assets. There is also a table that defines the amounts that must be paid, according to the type of equity that the company owns.

Therefore, the lowest amount is $ 10 and the highest is $ 25,000, as stipulated by the ordinance. One of the collection failures occurs because there are people who pay taxes with the SRI and use their RUC without canceling the Municipal Patent.

Thanks to the regulations that stipulate the payment of the patent to acquire the RUC, the Cabildo estimates to charge much more. During 2010, about $ 29,000,000 dollars were charged for patents. For the following year the data connection between the Cabildo, the Municipal Administration and the SRI planned to raise about $ 40,000,000 dollars.

Additional Information on the Municipal Patent

  • To process the Municipal Patent, you must be exercising a permanent activity, which must be carried out as minimum for a period of 6 months, within the same year, whether they are followed or not.
  • In the case of having the RUC canceled, inactive or suspended, and the person carries out a permanent commercial activity, they must make a declaration. This is because the Registry that the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito has is different from the RUC registry.
  • The seniors are not exonerated to make the declaration and payment of the fee for the Municipal Patent. However, because you are a senior citizen, you have a half (50%) patent tax discount.
  • The Registry of Economic Activities for Tax Management (RAET)It is a record by means of which a number is set for the taxpayer for registration in the cadastre.
  • To register in the RAET, it can be done on the Citizen Services balconies of some Zonal Administration of the Metropolitan District of Quito.
  • Registration in the RAET, it cannot be done online, since that alternative is not enabled.

The payment of the Municipal Patent contributes to the collection of money to cover the expenses of the municipality, Therefore, being a natural or legal person that carries out economic activities in Ecuador it is necessary to have on hand the Requirements to Obtain the Municipal Patent.

As a good citizen, you comply with your tax obligations, with the purpose of the municipality where you reside or carry out your commercial operations, enjoy the benefits thanks to your payments.


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