Requirements to obtain the Passport: for Minors, Cost and MORE

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This article discusses the Requirements to Get the Passport, with which you must comply correctly the day you attend the Passport Appointment.

The Colombian passport is an identification document, which is issued to its citizens, in order that they can make trips outside of Colombia.

For this reason, it is important that you inform yourself about it through this window.

What are the necessary requirements?

The Requirements to Get the Passport in Colombia are those mentioned below:

  • Manage the request through email, and thus speed up the processing at the issuing branch.
  • Go to Passport Appointment, to one of the branches personally and bring the required documentation, take the photograph, put the fingerprint and the signature.
  • It is not essential to take photos.
  • Consign the original identity card in current format (yellow with holograms).
  • In case you do not have the identity card in current format, you can record the following requirements:
  1. Code for the first time, or amendment issued by the National Registry of Civil Status, which must be with the fingerprint and photograph, with the Civil Registry and original copy issued by the registration agency.
  2. Duplicate certificate or renewal of the identity card in progress (key), with the online appointment of the date of issuance of the document, which can be downloaded through this link.
  • Consign the passport. If it was lost or stolen, you must report it to the issuing office, under oath.
  • After being treated at the passport agency, you will be given a receipt with which you must make the passport payment at the agency where you carry out the diligence, at the corresponding bank or through the technological platforms stipulated for this.

Requirements for Minors

With respect to Requirements to Get the Passport to minors, the following is required:

  • The minor must go to the Passport Appointment, accompanied by one of their parents or legal guardian.
  • They must identify themselves with their valid identity card (yellow with holograms).
  • When the parents are not at the stage of the procedure, they can authorize a third person, to carry out the request, obeying the following:
    • If the parents are in Colombian territory, the power of attorney must have a signature record before a Notary Public.
    • In the event that the parents are not in Colombia, said consent must be made through a specific power of attorney legalized before the Colombian consul.
    • In the event that it is outside the Colombian territory, the authorization must be made by means of a special power of attorney, before the relevant body with personal presentation, correctly legalized or apostilled.
  • Manage the request through email, to speed up the diligence at the issuing agency.
  • Go to a passport branch, the minor and the companion, and present the requirements, take the photograph, and register their signature and fingerprint.
  • It is not obligatory to consign photos.
  • Show a legitimate copy of the Civil Registry of birth of the minor.
  • Present the previous passport (in case you have it). If it was lost or stolen, the legal representative of the minor must notify the issuing agency about the situation, under oath.
  • After being treated at the passport agency, you will be given a receipt, with which you must make the passport payment at the agency where you do the diligence, at the corresponding banking institution or through the electronic platforms stipulated for this.

to take into consideration

  1. When a Colombian citizen changes his documentation, that is, from civil registration to identification card, and from identification card to identification card, he must also change his passport, since his identity document has changed.
  2. If the minor is between seven (7) to seventeen (17) years old, they must also present the updated original identity card or identification card key, issued by the National Registry of Civil Status.
  3. If the aforementioned diligence is carried out abroad, consigning the identification card is not a necessary requirement.

What are the Passport Issuance Sites?

There are several places in Colombian territory where the requirements to get the passport, in Bogotá there are the following:

  • The North Headquarters, located at avenida 19 N ° 98-03, building tower 100.
  • Chapinero Headquarters, at Calle 53, N ° 10-60 / 46, on the second floor.

These venues are open to the public, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

For delivery, passport delivery hours are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

The offices mentioned below, with their respective telephone numbers, are located outside of Bogotá:

  • In Cauca, calle 4, carrera 7, Popayán corner, telephone number: 092 8242636 – 8244539 Fax 824 636.
  • Downtown neighborhood, on Orinoco avenue, seventh race. Vichada.
  • Quindío, calle 20 N ° 13-22, low level, Armenia, Telephone number: 096 7417700, extension 291- 252 7411795- 7411839. Email (
  • In Bolívar, Barrio Torices, Paseo Bolívar sector, Carrera 17 N ° 32-123, telephone number: 095 6646469 – 6600747, extension 293.
  • Casanare, carrera 19 6-100, piso one, Yopal, telephone number: 098 – 6354522, fax 6354522- 6324701.
  • In Huila, Carrera 4 N ° 10-42, Neiva, telephone number: 098 8671369 – 8671300 – 3771348, extension 1121-1205.
  • Valle del Cauca, Carrera 6 N ° 9-10, Cali, telephone number: 092 6200040 – 6200000, extension 1834- 1835, fax 8860189.
  • In San Andrés, Carrera 1, Avenida Francisco Newball 6-30, Computer Building, San Andrés, telephone: 098 5130801/185 – 5124370 – 5125713/3144886462, fax. 5124370.
  • Calle 9, 5th avenue, corner of the River Plaza Shopping Center, 3rd floor, Santander Norte.
  • In Magdalena, Carrera 1 C, N ° 16-15 Palacio Tayrona, telephone number: 095 4235681 – 438 1153 – 438 1129.
  • Amazonas, calle 10 N ° 10-77, Leticia, telephone number: 098 – 5926629.
  • In Boyacá, calle 20 N ° 9-90, office 302, telephone number: 078-7424334, extension 2600787425117.
  • Caquetá, 13th street, 15th street, corner, 2nd floor, Florence, telephone: 098 – 4357512 – 4351704 – 4356748, fax 84357512.
  • In Tolima, Carrera 3, between streets 10 and 11, Ibagué, telephone number: 098 – 2611111, extension 412-2617048.
  • Meta, carrera 33, N ° 38-45, Villavicencio, Meta, telephone: 098 – 6610224 – 6610232 – 6610054 – 6718080, extension 1128.
  • In Córdoba, calle 27 3-28, fourth floor, Montería, telephone: 094 – 7821175 – 7926292, extension 402 – 3177477748, fax 7821175.
  • Putumayo, Calle 8 N ° 7-40, Mocoa Putumayo – Commutador, telephone number: (57 + 8) 420 6600, extension 101, fax 429 5196.
  • In Sucre, calle 25, N ° 25B – 35, Las Peñitas, Sincelejo, telephone number: 095 2801263, extension 412 – 2617048.
  • Carrera 21 with calle 22, corner, Licorera building, Caldas, telephone number: 096 – 8840984, extension 202 – 204.
  • Calle 48, N ° 27A – 48, floor one of IDESAN, Santander, telephone number: 6339666, extension 174.
  • Cesar, carrera 19A, N ° 13B-54, Valledupar, telephone number: 095 5747797 – 5742320 – 748230/70.
  • In Nariño, calle 19 N ° 23-78, office 202, Pasto, telephone number: 092 7235006, extension 248.
  • Atlántico, calle 40, between carrer 45 and 46, Barranquilla, telephone number: 095 – 3307280 – 3307000, fax 3307444 0953307327.
  • In Chocó, Carrera 7, N ° 12-44, Calle 24 N ° 5-44, piso tres Quibdó, telephone number: + (57) (4) 6738900/3153123858, fax: + (57) (4) 6738900, extension 1 .
  • Antioquia, 42B street, N ° 52-106, floor one, Medellín, telephone number: 094 383 8311 – 383 8312, fax 094 262 0874.
  • In Arauca, calle 20, carrera 21, corner, Arauca, telephone number: 7 – 8857116 – 8852898, fax 885238.
  • Guajira, Carrera 6 N ° 3-13, telephone number: 095- 7272249.

Note: There is also a free phone line where you can communicate and request information: 018000962866.

Passport cost

The cost to pay for the passport, goes according to the value class. The respective costs are detailed below:

  1. The ordinary passport has a cost of $ 160,000 pesos.
  2. Executive passport of $ 250,000 pesos.
  3. If it is an emergency passport, the cost of $ 161,000 pesos.


  • To know the cost of the passport in the governorates, you must contact the governorate, since it varies according to departmental taxes.
  • The cost of the passport is € 103 euros, if the request was made at the Colombian consulate in Cuba and Europe.
  • If it was done in any Colombian consulate, the cost is $ 140 dollars, or its equivalent in the country’s currency.

What are the payment methods?

The payment of this document must be made the same day that the voucher is issued, through the different established means.

If the payment is not made the same day, a new receipt must be produced, dated the day the payment is to be made.

Below are some details to take into account, to make the respective payment:

  1. If the procedure is carried out in Bogotá DC, you can make the payment at the Banco GNB Sudameris agencies, which are located within the passport offices mentioned above.
  2. If the processing is done in a governorate, you can make the payment at the GNB Sudameris Bank.
  3. To make the passport payment in the following cities, you can do it at the Agrarian Bank, and the value of the departmental taxes indicated by the government:
  4. In Leticia (Amazonas).
  5. Sincelejo (Sucre).
  6. In San Andrés.
  7. Quibdó (Chocó).
  8. In Arauca (Arauca).
  9. Valledupar (Cesar).
  10. In Riohacha (Guajira).
  11. Mocoa (Putumayo).
  12. Yopal (Casanare).
  13. You can also make the payment, by means of:
    • Cards affiliated with the Visa network, which must be done in person at the passport branch.
    • In the Servibanca ATM network, which are found throughout the Colombian territory (you must have a valid account in Colombia), also associated by the financial institution in the electronic payment services.
  14. Abroad

    If you are abroad and you are going to make the payment of the requirements to get the passport, You must first have completed the formalization of the procedure.

    Payment can be made through:

    • Electronic Payments
      • Through the internet, using the Electronic Payment System, clicking on the secure online payments option (check the Citizen’s Guide for PSE).
      • It should be considered that in order to use the PSE service, you must have a current account in Colombia, affiliated by the relevant financial institution with said service.
      • The issuance of the passport, goes according to your payment.
    • Below are the consulates that receive Money Order, to make the payment:
      • In San Francisco (USA)
      • Miami (USA).
      • Atlanta (USA).
      • Boston (USA).
      • Newark (USA).
      • Los Angeles (USA).
      • Houston (USA).
      • New York (USA).
      • Orlando (USA).
      • Chicago (USA).
      • Calgary (Canada).

    There are different reasons for requesting the Colombian passport, it must be taken into account previously, such as what are the Requirements to Get the Passport.

    Likewise, also the dispatch offices and its cost, to advance optimally with the processing.

    You can enter this link, to consult more information of interest.

    Visit GESTIONALO.NET Colombia

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