Requirements to obtain the Professional Lawyer Card: Cost, Benefits it offers and MORE

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This article will describe the requirements to obtain the professional lawyer card, in addition to the cost, benefits and other details.

The graduates of the university in question advocacy must prove their academic training, through the presentation of the title before the National Registry of Lawyers.

The superior council of the judiciary He is in charge of the process of issuing the registration and the professional lawyer card.

The law states that legal professionals must have a registry updated before the National Registry of Lawyers.

The professional card of lawyers identify the professional Graduated, it also serves as a valid document to be able to practice the profession without having to show the degree or degree certificate.

In addition, the professional lawyer card It is essential to be able to exercise the legal profession in Colombia.

Requirements to obtain the Professional Lawyer Card

  • The applicant must be graduated in laws.
  • You must have a personal email active.
  • Scan and save in PDF format the required documents for the process, which are detailed in the next point.
  • The documents They must be kept separately with the name that identifies them, for example: Degree certificate.pdf.
  • Should perform initial registration in the page website of the Superior Council of the Judiciary.
  • In the option: «Select Navigation Profile», choose the type of user by clicking on «Citizens» and finally on the option: «Professional Lawyer Card».

  • Once on the site, click on the option «Log in»Located in the upper right corner and proceed to create your account.
  • One time finish account creation, the system will send an email with a username and password, with which you can enter the system to finalize the pre-registration process.
  • Check in the mail Electronic that you provided to the system during registration, which contains the username and password sent by the system.
  • To access to website of the Superior Council of the Judiciary cwith the username and password sent by the system, change the password.
  • Proceed with filling in the data requested by the system and upload the scanned documents one by one.
  • When you finish loading the scanned documents, you should print the spreadsheet and finally click the submit button.
  • Attach the original, digitized documents to the printed form and contact the elected sectional council to formalize the registration.

On the other hand, the progress of the process You can consult on the same website that was used for the registration, through the option «State Consultation. Procedures and Applications ».

How long does the process take to obtain the Professional Lawyer Card?

For the delivery of the professional card Lawyer must wait approximately fifteen (15) business days.

It also can track the progress of the application, Through the web page where the pre-registration was made, with the personal data.

To make the query you only need put the data in the system from:

  1. Quality of the official.
  2. Kind of Procedure.
  3. ID Type.
  4. Applicant’s identification number.

Likewise, the information on the progress of the process can also be obtained, addressing:

  • The facilities of the offices of the Sectional Council of the Judiciary where the original form and documents were delivered.

After the fifteen (15) days, the card can be requested at the sites indicated by the personnel who received the requirements.

What are the necessary documents?

Then will mention the documents that should be on hand to start the application process for the Professional Lawyers Card:

  • The spreadsheet or form which is printed at the end of the registration, at the time of pre-registration.
  • Take the payment deposit. The established and current value for the Professional Card is requested at the Sectional Council of the Judiciary closest to the applicant’s domicile.
  • Degree certificate authenticated at the notary’s office or a copy of it.
  • If the title has been awarded by universities outside the country, the documentation that accredits the validation issued by the Ministry of National Education is needed.

  • Two photographs with dimensions of 3 x 4 centimeters, with a light blue background.
  • Photocopy of identity document by both sides, readable and 150% enlarged (one hundred and fifty percent).
  • Perform the delivery of the form and documents mentioned.
  • Arriving at the offices of the Section Council, indicate to the person who attends that you want to carry out the procedure to request the Professional Lawyers Card, with the delivery of the form and the documents.
  • Later wait for time indicated in the Sectional Council, the person who received the documents, approximately fifteen days.

To review the progress of the application, you need to access the web where the registration was made and put the data in the system required:

  1. Quality of official.
  2. Kind of Procedure.
  3. The system also requests the type of identification.
  4. Applicant identification number.

Removal Cost

Once the applicant gathers the documentation or Requirements to obtain the Professional Lawyer Card, you must validate the cost of the procedure.

The National Registry of Lawyers and Auxiliaries of Justice, maintains the value of the paperwork regulated by article 7 of the agreement PCSJA19-11354 of 2019.

In this sense, the card and other procedures associated with it have a cost of $ 50,000.

The payment is made through a deposit in the savings account of the BBVA bank number 0013 0034 2902 0046 2655, in the name of DNT Judicial Branch Judicial Administration.

Proof of payment must be carried along with the other requirements to get the Professional Lawyer Card, in order to make the request for the procedure.

On the other hand, if a competent court considers that the applicant is guilty of a crime of imprisonment or has judicial interdiction, it will determine that he is unworthy to practice law.

For more information You can access or visit the website of the Judicial Branch of the Superior Council of the Judiciary of the Republic of Colombia.

Benefits of having the Card

The Professional Lawyers Card is a guarantee that certifies that the professional has capacity, since it is credited to exercise the laws in the Colombian territory.

The Professional Lawyers Card certifies the suitability of the training, in the right of the person who carries it, to work as a connoisseur of the laws.

In the same way the card exempts from presenting other documents to certify the bearer of this, as a lawyer to practice law in the country.

On the other hand according to experts it is estimated that in Colombia, there are approximately four hundred thousand registered lawyers.

Colombia is also estimated to be one of the countries with the most professionals in laws around the world, for every one hundred thousand citizens.

The experts consider that this condition It is because Colombia, It is a judicialized country with many conflicts, within in a peace process that includes the whole of society.

In addition to the above, the stimulus is added of the country to locate regional offices due to government programs created to promote foreign investment.

Likewise, the position of many people who consider the law career as a well-paid profession, it also has many different fields of action.

What is the Professional Lawyer Card?

The professional lawyer card is a document that accredits the legal professional, to practice law in the country.

Likewise, it is a document indispensable to work in the legal field in the Colombian territory.

The professional lawyer card certifies the suitability and training of the person who carries it in addition to:

  • Serves as identification since it is valid in the registry of the website of the Judicial Branch.
  • Every lawyer in the Colombian territory must carry this type of document, since it’s your credential to be able to exercise the race without any problem.
  • The professional lawyer card has issue in several lawsThe first one is the National Constitution in its article 26, in the disciplinary code, in the statutes of the administration of justice.
  • Contains a identification number, which allows in this way to keep track of Lawyers’ records, which helps to document the number of people who annually receive the title and register as lawyers.
  • On the other hand, it is important to mention that the lawyer’s professional experience begins at the time of the date that appears on the card.
  • That is why this card is indispensable to open the way in the labor area of ​​the laws in the Colombian territory.

It is important to remember that who is in charge of issuing This document is the National Registry of Lawyers and Auxiliary of Justice.

Similarly, administrative chambers of the Sectional Council of the Judiciary are alternatives to obtain the Professional Lawyer Card.

Everything applicant You must bear in mind that to obtain the Professional Lawyers Card, you must be registered on the website of the Superior Council of the Judiciary.


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