Requirements to Obtain the TNE: Documents, Costs and MORE

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Today we will explain the Requirements to obtain the TNE, so you don’t miss out on anything and you can complete the procedure without any problem. Of course, we will also talk to you about the documents you will need, the associated costs, who can get it and where exactly you should carry out the procedure. So don’t go!

The National Student Card It is, as its name indicates, an identification document for all those students who wish to obtain it and enjoy its benefits in public services. This is non-transferable, as it is unique for each person, and is issued by a public entity: the Ministry of Education.

What are the Requirements to Obtain the TNE?

The Requirements to Obtain the TNE they are very simple and straightforward, you probably already have a few. Remember that the requirements, in this case, are not the same as the documents you will need to complete the process, a point that we will cover later.

Let’s see,

  • To be a student, either basic, middle or higher education. It may sound silly to bring it up, but it is a fundamental requirement to be a student and specify the level.
  • Be well presented when taking the photo. You should not wear a white shirt or wear a lot of makeup; If you take the photo yourself, take care that you do not look blurry.
  • Do your research first. If you are here, obviously you are already on the right track. It is important to figure out what to do and how much money you will need, so that you can have everything ready.
  • Have your valid ID and in good condition, as it is one of the necessary documents to get your card.
  • You must be registered by your school, if it is a private one, in case you are at a basic or medium level. In addition, you will have to have an income of $ 352,743 (or less) for each member of your family group.
  • Pay the associated cost, if conditions apply. We’ll talk later of this.

And that’s it! Do you see how simple it is? Now let’s move on to the documents you will need to carry out this procedure.

Documents Needed to Obtain the TNE

The documents you will need, To be short and precise, they are:

  • You identity card, current and in good condition. In case of having it lost, the birth certificate can be a substitute, although only if you are a student of basic or secondary education. In the case of studying higher education, the ID is mandatory.
  • Regular student certificate, in the case of studying at a basic or intermediate level.
  • Household Social Registry, in the case of studying in private schools, and follow the last requirement explained in the previous section.

Who can get the NET?

The National Student Card (TNE) It can be obtained by all those students who are studying basic, middle or higher education.

  • Basic and medium level:all students from private, municipal and subsidized schools. These last two must take from 5th grade to 4th grade. Students from private schools must follow the regulations imposed by the campus, as these are what they register in JUNAEB.
  • Upper level: all those students who are currently pursuing undergraduate careers in:
    • Technical Training Centers.
    • Professional Institutes.
    • State, private or subsidized private universities.
  • Likewise, all those students who are taking a doctorate or master’s degree, with a socio-economic situation equivalent to what the official letter No. 1,268 says, which must be confirmed by the institution.

These are all the institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education.


You are probably wondering if there are any cost associated with the process to obtain the National Student Card. Being a document intended to provide economic benefits to students in Chile, the answer is no, at least in the case of those who study at a basic and intermediate level.

The students of higher education Yes They need to pay a certain amount, but the truth is that it is not expensive. By 2020, the value of the procedure to get the TNE for the first time is $ 2,700, and it is paid once you have the card at hand.

If you want to be up to date with the cost of the document, you can always access Chile Atiende and check it right there.

Where and how is the NET taken out?

Currently, You can get your National Identity Card in two ways: in person or online. In this section we will explain how you can do each one, so you have no doubts when it comes to doing it.

Let’s see:


Students who are studying basic or middle education They just have to gather the necessary documents and wait for an authorized person to take your photo and validate your data in the system to be able to deliver your TNE for the first time.

Those who are studying higher education shall:

  • Mobilize to a TNE office. You can check these by clicking here.
  • Deliver your documentation.
  • Take your picture.
  • And ready! You will get your TNE.

If you have any question You can always call the Customer Service Center:

600 6600 400

or go to one of the offices.

Also, you can check the status of your TNE clicking here.


To do it from your computer or mobile device, you will only have to:

  • Scan your documentation, so that it is clear and legible.
  • Click on this link, which will redirect you to the page Take the picture of yourself.
  • Enter your RUT number and press on Entry.
  • Attach the photo of your identity card, enter your e-mail and take the photo.
  • Click on upload, and that’s it! Your documents will be verified, you just have to wait for an email to confirm that everything is in order.

Remember that you can check the status of your TNE clicking here.

If you get an ERROR, check that you are not using two browsers at the same time when taking the photo.


  • This is a procedure that you can carry out at the beginning of the year or semester, depending on whether you are in college or university (or any other higher institution).
  • To do it in person, it is very likely that you must make an appointment first. Sign in here to do it.
  • The NET can be used at any time of the day, throughout the year, and it is mandatory to enforce this right. If you have been denied, you can make a claim.
  • The cost of NET You will pay it when the institution enrolls you in the system, if you are just entering higher education. It is not necessary to pay for the photo or be registered.
  • All the Requirements to obtain the TNE before completing the procedure.

If you want to do the replacement of your TNE, because yours is damaged, because you lost it or because it was stolen, you can do it. This is processed in the offices TNE, ChileAtiende or in a on-line at JUNAEB. You will only need:

  • Identity card, in good condition and current.
  • Regular student certificate (original, recent and only for students of basic and higher education).
  • Anterior TNE, if the procedure is for impairment.
  • Carabineros Certificate, if the procedure is for loss, theft or robbery. This can be done at the Virtual Police Station, but only by the representatives if it is a minor under 14 years old and attaching the birth certificate.
  • Disruption letter socioeconomic, if it is a student of a private school (paid, not subsidized).
  • Pay $ 3,600 if you are a higher education student.
  • Black and white photo (.jpg) and TNE image if you still have it and if you do the procedure online.
  • Copy of the identity card of the representative, if it is a minor under 15 years of age.

If you missed it and you are in 5th grade, 1st grade, or your first year of higher education, you will not be able to replace your card. You will have to wait until you pass the level. In addition, your TNE can be withdrawn by a direct relative, only presenting both identity cards. In the case of an indirect relative, a power of attorney must be attached.

What is it?

The National Student Card (TNE) It is a special document created only for students who are studying basic, middle and higher education. This allows them to obtain benefits, give discounts in the use of public transport so that they can move more easily.

It only costs higher education students, and the number of requirements and documents required is minimal.

As you have seen, it is a procedure that is done very easily and at your convenience, and now that we know what the Requirements to obtain the TNE, Do not wait more! Get it as soon as possible!

See ya!


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