Requirements to obtain the Visa: for Minors, Cost and MORE

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The Visa is the document that foreigners who want to enter the United States must consign, as long as they are in an adequate immigration situation. Know them requirements to get the Visa It is the most important thing that all applicants should do, as it is the best way to be aware of the process.

Regardless of the type of passport with which you are in Colombia, the Visa process can be done without major complications. Remember that the most important thing, in general, is that you have all your documents in order and that you always abide by the legal frameworks.

Due to the importance of this document, in the following article we will tell you everything you need to know to get your American visa in Colombia. You will know all the requirements, the details of the beneficiary Visa, the costs, payment methods and any other important details about this procedure.

What are the Requirements to obtain the Visa for the first time?

Although this document is issued in all Latin American countries, the requirements requested in Colombia have their respective nuances. To apply for the first time, all Colombian citizens must abide by this list, as it is the way to correctly follow the process.

Specifically, in Colombia the requirements to obtain the Visa for the first time are the following:

  • Have a passport or travel document that is current, in good condition and that has some free spaces available for stamping.
  • Fill out the electronic form for the Visa application.
  • All of the requested documents, except the passport or identity document, must be issued less than three months ago.
  • All documents from abroad must have their respective apostille.
  • The certification of judicial or criminal records must be submitted.

It should be noted that if any document from abroad is in another language this must be translated. Said translation would have to be apostilled or, failing that, legalized before the corresponding authorities.

Also, you should know that for this application you will have to prove that you are in a regular immigration situation. That is, the reasons for the trip, the time of the trip must be specified and you cannot have any type of legal impediment.

Finally, in the case of Colombians who are outside the country This procedure must be done at the consulate. There the citizen will have to consign the due document that proves and validates their legitimate stay in the country where they reside.

Requirements for Minors

Now, these previously mentioned requirements change if you want to apply for a visa to a minor or incapacitated person. In these cases the procedures must be carried out by a legal representative, who will be in charge of processing the entire application and opting for the minor’s visa.

The requirements to obtain the Visa that must be consigned by the representative of a minor are the following:

  • Registration or birth certificate of the minor.
  • Visa application letter signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Letter accepting responsibility for the trip.

It is important to emphasize that in the letter of acceptance of responsibility it is only when the legal guardian is not the parent of the minor. Likewise, the request letter must make it clear that the representative will be responsible for the minor and that all charges for their care will be their duty.

These requirements also include people who are unable to apply for themselves. This group includes people with mental illness or who have a court order that does not prevent them from carrying out the process.

Requirements for Beneficiary Visa

The beneficiary Visa is an authorization that is issued to the economic dependents who are the family of the holder. This group includes spouses and parents and children under 25 years of age. Similarly, children over 25 years of age who have a disability to fend for themselves can also apply for a Visa of this type.

In this case, the applicant must provide, in addition to the general requirements, the following documents:

  • Copy of the Visa of which you wish to become a beneficiary.
  • Copy of the civil registry or certificate showing any of the aforementioned relationships.
  • Letter requesting the beneficiary Visa signed by the applicant.

Remember that in your application letter you must declare your state of dependency and financial responsibility with the owner. All of this must include the expenses of the beneficiary’s travel and stay in the United States.

Cost to get the Visa

In Colombia, as in all countries, the costs of the American visa depend on the type of procedure you are requesting. That is, the amount that you will have to cancel can be adjusted, either up or down, to any type of Visa that we discussed earlier.

In general, the prices of Visas in Colombia ranging from 620,000 COP to 1,040,000 COP, which is between 160 and 270 USD, respectively. Within these prices, the most expensive Visa is the one issued to merchants and investors, while the cheapest is the one at the border crossing.

It should be noted that these prices are standardized by the United States government. This means that they are amounts that are maintained in all countries, although the conversion is made to the respective currency of each one.

What are the payment methods?

The fees corresponding to the requirements to obtain the Visa you request can be paid online through the page of US Travel. This process is fairly straightforward and can be done using any computer with Internet access.

Once you make your payment, the system will generate a receipt. You must make sure to download or print this voucher, as you will need it to be able to schedule your appointment in a period that covers up to one year.

How is the procedure to obtain the Visa?

The process for applying for the Visa in Colombia can be done comfortably online. To do this, you must enter the Visa portal for the United States, which is a platform enabled for schedule appointments and pay fees corresponding.

When entering the page you must select the «American Visa» section, in which you will see two options: the ESTA application and the B1 and B2 Visa application. Obviously, in this case you must go for the second alternative, select Colombia as the country of residence and click on «Apply now».

After this, the portal will take you to do the process online, explaining each step. There you will see, among other things, the application that you must fill out, the fees that correspond to the payments and the methods to make it.

What happens if your application to get the Visa is rejected?

One of the main concerns of visa applicants is rejection. Normally, by not being accepted, a good opportunity to travel may be missing, either for business or for vacations and tourism.

However, you should know that Visa rejection may not be the end of the world. In fact, applicants who are rejected fall into two groups, one of which is slightly more encouraging than the other.

The first type of rejection is known as the 221g and it means that you need more information to complete the process or that you must complete some administrative procedure. This is the most encouraging scenario, as it means that by following the instructions you will be able to correct the errors and process your Visa without having to pay again.

On the other hand, a more demotivating resolution is type 214b rejection. If your result was this, it means that according to immigration legislation you do not meet the necessary requirements to opt for the Visa, for which all your documents will be returned to you.

In summary, this process can be very straightforward or it can become quite chaotic, depending on the resolution of your request. For sure, the only thing that can be assured is that you should try to follow the rules and requirements to the letter, as it is the best way to expect a positive response in your Visa application.


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