Requirements to open a bar in Colombia: why open it, Step by step and MORE

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Are you interested in opening a bar? This article will explain what they are Requirements to open a bar in Colombia where the step-by-step below will be highlighted. Keep reading!

People always have aspirations, where they want to make their dreams possible. That is why it is profitable to have or start a business.

In this case, it will be explained which are the Requirements to open a bar in Colombia and how the person can get involved in this business.

Requirements to open a bar in Colombia

If you are one of the people who want to start your business by opening a bar, you will have to follow a series of Requirements that will be explained below:

  1. When registering your bar, you must choose which is the correct legal form where a bar is located, it can be: Limited Company, Sole proprietorship, Public Limited Company, Collective Company, Simple Limited Partnership, among others that you can find in the Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Enter the Chamber of Commerce to consult the name that you will give to your bar so that it is not a repeated name.
  3. The bar to be recognized through the Unique Business Registry.
  4. Recognize economic activity according to the International Uniform Industrial Code (ISIC).
  5. You will need to open a bank account at a private bank of your choice.
  6. Have the document regarding the existence and legal representation.

It is important that the person who became involved in this business takes into account the Requirements to open a bar in Colombia.

Necessary conditions to open a bar in Colombia

For your business to be approved, it must follow some conditions that will be explained below:

  1. Your business must create a evacuation plan Where it stands out: the emergency exits, the entrances, the lighting in the corridors, everything related to the establishment.
  2. It must be clear how the use of the ground in your establishment.
  3. It must contain the policy regarding civil liability, where it will cover damages to third parties.
  4. The person who will start the bar business has to take into account having access or an agreement having the service of a parking lot so that the cars can be easily parked with a fee.
  5. Must provide driver or taxi service.
  6. The establishment must contain an entry of a ventilation system.
  7. Responsibly choose people who take care of the security of the premises and the security of the clients.
  8. The bar must respect its hours.
  9. The establishment must contain a device where noise is kept out of the place.
  10. The establishment must constantly carry out evacuation drill so that everything is under control in an emergency.
  11. The establishment must have a system of fire alarm where you must have a high quality extinguisher and sprinkler for fire fighting.
  12. Respect the capacity indicated in the bar’s constitution document.
  13. Obtain a surveillance system using video cameras inside and outside the place.
  14. The person who wants to open a bar must have the presence of an accountant, to take care of the finances of the establishment.
  15. Find a trusted lawyer to guide you with all the legal compliance of the establishment.
  16. Choose an attractive place where people constantly walk.
  17. Hire trustworthy people who are trained in the work areas that are needed to fulfill their responsibilities within the establishment.
  18. Motivate customers to have respectful behaviors towards neighbors and people in the vicinity of the establishment.

Step by Step

With already having the Requirements to open a bar in Colombia, Now you have to carry out a series of steps that will be explained below:

  1. The first step is give the bar a legal name , but before registering it you have to check that such a name does not exist.
  2. Specify the type of company you want to adopt.
  3. Should create a Constitution document It should include: information on all the people involved in this project, name of the establishment, how the board of directors is constituted, explain what the place will be dedicated to, capital structure, etc.
  4. The establishment must have a legal representative.
  5. Every establishment must register through the Mercantile Registry, this is processed by the Chamber of Commerce. . The document must be current
  6. Before the opening of the bar you must have proof of the use of the floors, you can request it at the municipal office. The purpose of this certificate is that this area is favorable for this type of trade.
  7. If the place uses music, they must pay the copyright, having their respective certificate. There are companies that help with managing copyright such as: Sayco, Acinpro, Ceder or CDR, etc.
  8. The establishment must comply with the sanitary term. That is to say, this consists of the fact that the place must comply with security and with the level of health as determined by resolution 2674 (2013) of the Ministry of Health. This document is obtained when the health authorities have previously carried out a total inspection of the establishment.
  9. You must have a certificate that highlights that the place complies with security laws. You can request it through the fire department.
  10. The bar must publish its price list of what it is going to offer.
  11. You must be aware that when opening the place you must consider what the rules regarding hearing intensity are.
  12. All premises must register in the Single Tax Registry (RUT) through the DIAN. The document must be found with the naked eye for it to be viewed.
  13. On the day of the opening of the bar, the head of the police station must be informed where the place is located.

It is important to note that if the establishment does not comply with the established documents and requirements, the police can approach the place and close it for non-compliance.

That is why the person in charge must have a folder with all the documents required to show it to the authorities.

By means of the agreement 581 (2015) of the mayor’s office, the presence of the secure seal is highlighted where it complies with the procedures and legal regulations that contribute to the establishments destined to the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. With this seal it makes reference that it approves this type of places that is complying with the law.

How to obtain financing to open a bar in Colombia?

Currently there are important financial companies in which you can help finance with the beginning of your business, in this case the bar.

  1. You can go to any bank of your choice and request a loan from the bank.
  2. You can also apply for a credit card that covers a part of the project, but you must use it responsibly so that you do not have a debt that you will not be able to pay later.
  3. You have the option of assisting companies that grant micro-loans or micro-credits.
  4. You can associate or make alliances with companies that help in its establishment.
  5. You can choose to contact the investor and explain your business idea.

Documents to open a bar in Colombia

For the creation of a company or business, the person in charge must be in charge of being clear about the Requirements to open a bar in Colombia and collect each of the relevant documents that will be explained below:

  1. Certificate referring to Commercial register and that it is updated.
  2. Have the land use document.
  3. The citizen must have the document referring to copyright.
  4. Get the sanitary concept.
  5. Publish your price list.
  6. Document proving that you have registered in the RUT.
  7. Notify the nearest authorities of the opening of the place.

Why open a bar in Colombia?

Any business is an occupation and a job. When the business is on track, it means that it is increasing the resources to generate gain.

A bar is an establishment where they serve drinks and often tickets, which consumers are usually seated or raised depending on the comfort of each person.

Keep in mind that if you want to open a bar, you must be clear about what that type of business is like, in which case you don’t know, it is better to ask for advice.

If the bar manager does not know how to run this type of business from the beginning, the establishment may fail. That is why if you want to open this type of place you have to take into account that it is a job that takes many hours.

When you open a bar, you must create it in a way that draws the attention of the spectators who are passing through those places. Because every time customers attend these types of establishments, they have a unique energy, where they want to enjoy the moment.

In these types of places, attention is essential for the place to emerge since it will grow through word of mouth from customers who recommend it. You always have to give a good image to have a good reputation.

In the end, you must have an action plan to attract customers and above all offer something different from the competition, conducting a market study so that you can stand out above the rest.

If your dream is to start a business, setting up a bar be sure to check what are the Requirements to open a bar in Colombia.


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