Requirements to Open a Checking Account: Steps, Products and MORE

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The requirements to open a checking account In Chile, the steps and much more will be shown in this article, so we invite you to continue reading.

The bills current grant to the client security, order and control of the funds deposited in them, since they offer ease when using them.

In addition, current accounts give the user versatility and agility when making purchases and offer various payment instruments, such as:

  • Cards debit.
  • Checks.
  • Transactions online, that can also be done through mobile devices.
  • Operations through ATMs: payments, transfers, inquiries, among others.

In addition, through the current accounts the bank make debits, corresponding to the obligations of the customer’s payment orders.

Likewise, with a checking account you can have money on account in real time, through transfers, ATM transactions or mobile applications.

Steps to open a checking account

Request the opening of a bill in Chile it is a simple procedure, as long as the applicant meets the requirements to open a checking account.

Below is the Step by Step to open the checking account:

  1. Applicant must be adult.
  2. Submit a document of identity.
  3. Bring proof of residence, it is necessary that the applicant be a legal resident.
  4. If the applicant is a foreigner, he must be resided for more than three years in the country and request the sole tax role or tax identification number.
  5. Show solvency economical and patrimonial, be free of debts.
  6. It is necessary that the applicant is not disabled legally to open a checking account.
  7. Indicate the address of exact address, you can present a receipt for electric power, telephone, water service or title or property title.
  8. The bank will request the footprints fingerprints and personal signature.

Before opening the checking account, the applicant must previously carry out an evaluation of the alternatives offered by banks.

So one of the things to keep in mind is to evaluate the commission collection for services and maintenance, in addition to the conditions of use.

Documents needed to open a Checking Account

The superintendency of banks and financial institutions have determined requirements to open a checking account, which are mandatory and are indicated below.

The requirements to open a checking account, in the case of natural people are as follows:

  1. Identity card.
  2. Be adult (some banks require you to be over 21 years old).
  3. Passport in case of being Foreign.
  4. Register in the bank of firms to write checks.
  5. Delivery solvencies and activities (debts, come, income).
  6. Record domiciliary, you can bring a bill for electricity, water or telephone.

The legal persons must comply with the following requirements to open a checking account:

  1. The company it must be legally constituted.
  2. Identity card of the legal representatives of the company.
  3. Passport of the legal representatives of the company, in case of being foreigners.
  4. Registration in the bank of signatures to write checks.
  5. Solvencies of the company, company, among others.
  6. Record domiciliary of the company.
  7. For registration all representatives must be trained and empowered to write a check on the checking account.

In case of opening a legal account, all the legal representatives, at the time of opening the account so that your signature is registered.

It is important to mention that some banking entities they request to have an income Minimum liquidation, in order to offer the current account plans

After complying with the aforementioned requirements a form must be managed, with personal data to verify that they comply with them.

Then the bank proceeds to the verification of documents received, the solvency and activities of the applicants, some entities require a deposit at the time of opening.

What are the products that a Checking Account brings?

Banks must transmit trust and credibility To deposit our money in these entities, they must also guarantee the use of their platforms.

That is why they provide ease of saving, invest, as well as to mobilize money through transactions.

Now, within the products offered by current accounts, the most commercial ones are mentioned below, provided that the applicant complies with the requirements to open a checking account:

  • Debit.
  • Credit lines.
  • Term deposits.
  • Notice of movements.
  • On line bank.
  • Investment options.
  • Options for contracting insurance.
  • Financial advice.
  • Online or conventional transactions.
  • Direct debit of payments.

On the other hand, according to the banking law, these entities may carry out transactions associated with the current accounts of their clients, such as those mentioned below:

  • Receive deposits: At sight which have immediate availability, and savings deposits.
  • Issue bonds without special guarantees subject to the general rules.

Some of the products and services that banks must offer when contracting a checking account will be described below according to the Banking Law:

  • The transactions fundamentally, they accept orders for transfers from one account to another, checks, and customers can also use ATMs.
  • Credits, sThey are generally granted to clients on lines of credit, on credit cards or large loans if the client requests it.
  • On line bank, allows you to carry out online transactions, payments and transfers, which facilitates money movements in real time.
  • Notice of movements, send alerts via email or mobile phones when there are movements in the account.
  • Investment optionsThey are alternatives offered by the bank through the opening of the account, the investments can be large or medium scale to satisfy the client.
  • Other services such as currency exchange, financial advice and maintaining safe deposit boxes for customers to deposit items of great value.

Current Account for minors

Money is a resource many times limited, for which it must be well administered, that is why from an early age you have to understand how to use and administer it.

In Chile the superintendency of banks allows to open only savings accounts for minors, provided they meet the requirements.

Below are the requirements to open a savings account for minors:

  1. Be a person natural From Chile.
  2. The age of the child must be between 12 and 14 years old.
  3. Certificate of birth or the minor’s family book.
  4. Document of identity.
  5. Identity document of the representative (mom, dad or guardian).

In addition, there are banks that allow the opening of accounts to minors from 6 yearsIn this case, it is the parents or guardian who will be able to handle this type of account, until the child is 14 years old.

On the other hand, there are other options for opening accounts, for example:

  • Opening a savings account for a minor with the accompaniment of any person over 18 years of age, other than their legal representative.
  • In this case, the minor’s companion you can only make deposits money and no withdrawals.

It is important to mention that this type of account Savings accounts for minors as well as other savings accounts earn annual interest.

Which banks open a checking account for minors?

In Chile banking entities they do not have the service of checking accounts for children, only allow the opening of savings accounts for minors.

There are a variety of banking entities that offer good benefits for savings accounts for minors.

The Falabella bench allows children save with an account that generates interest and has very good benefits for the child, among which are:

  • The money maintains its value, is readjusted according to the variation of the unit of promotion (UF).
  • It has no maintenance cost if maintains a minimum balance in the account of $ 30,000.
  • Lets six (6) free withdrawals per year (from the Internet or ATMs).

Edwar City Bank, has twists deferred for minors also with different types of savings and interest rates:

  • The interest rate it is one of the most attractive.
  • The fertilizer of interest is annual.
  • Card with Secret password and magnetic to be more secure.
  • Minors under the age of eighteen (18) do not pay service fees.

Coopeuch BankAmong the benefits of the savings account offered by this bank are:

  • It is a savings account of deferred turn.
  • The rate of attractive interest.
  • Bonus of more than 7% when not making withdrawals in a year.
  • It has no charges by commissions.
  • When you turn eighteen (18) the funds automatically go to an adult savings account.

State Bank, has a savings account aimed at children under 16 years of age, allows you to set a savings plan and associate your benefit for the total amount agreed

You can also open an account to children of 12 or 14 years by making the request the father, mother or legal representative, in this case and they must meet the requirements to open an account:

  • Daily spins can be made.
  • The account may be administered by the minor once they are 12 or 14 years old.

Bice Bank, you have money available 24 hours a day, by means of the immediate payment of funds. Among its benefits it stands out that:

  • You can withdraw money at any ATM with visa plus in the country.
  • As well as you can make purchases online.

What is it?

Checking account it’s a contract between a bank and a person, where it can be deposited, by means of checks or electronic transfers.

Checking accounts are highly demanded in banks, as they offer ease, versatility and security during use

Through checking accounts, the bank can enforce the order obligations payment on the amount available in the account.

Also, with a checking account deposits available in real time through ATM transactions or mobile applications.

Checking accounts allow customers to carry out operations such as:

  • Payments automatic.
  • Remove money.
  • Get into money.
  • To emit checks.
  • Opt for products like mortgage credits, among others.

Chile has Bank entities that provide excellent benefits when applying to open a checking account, here are some banks:

  • The Fabella.
  • State.
  • Bice.
  • Coopeuch.
  • Edwar City.


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