Requirements to Open a College: Licenses, Laws and MORE

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The Requirements to Open a College in Peru They are frequent for all those who want to start within the educational system.

Of course, this is a process that requires having the documents and permits in order, so that it can be carried out as easily as possible.

If you are interested in starting your school activities as soon as possible, what are you waiting for to learn the Requirements to Open a College in Peru with us?

What are the Requirements to Open a College in Peru?

The Requirements to Open a College in Peru they are named below:


It is necessary to register the school as a company in front of the corresponding state agencies in these matters. Therefore, the applicant must go to the institutions that are in charge and stipulate the procedures and procedures. The amount to pay for this procedure varies depending on the site where it is performed.

The Habilitation

The Ministry of Education is in charge of granting to enable the school and can function legally. This is a diligence that takes time, but if it does not have this requirement, the school cannot start its activities.

The Management Team

To acquire the qualification, it is necessary to make the presentation of the management team of the school. These members must have a degree in education, in such a way that they guarantee the functions they carry out within the school.

Institution Project

This is a fundamental aspect, although it is true that the objective of the schools is to teach and educate According to the plans of the entity that runs the schools, it is essential to have your own institutional project. This project can focus on different points such as: Protection of the environment, values, and many more topics.

In short, this is a very important matter, not only because of the fact of opening a school, but also that families choose this school and not another, because apart from consolidating and fortifying the foundations of coexistence, it is also used to attract parents.

Submit an Institutional Proposal

This refers to what is to be provided at school. The elements to be considered are: The schedule (if it is single, double or semi-single), the mandatory or optional double schedule. Too additional subjects such as: Huerta, dance, cuisine, theater, art, etc.).

It is essential to define if these additional subjects will be in the program, curricular at the time of opening the school, or if they will be additional even if they must be paid.

The place

Unlike what happens with other businesses, the establishment to open a college is essential. When choosing it, you must consider the space you want to offer (large, medium, small or familiar). Generally, people who open a school for the first time do so in a home.

The classrooms will work in the rooms of the house, and the school will look magnificent.It is important that the bathrooms, food storage, dining room, recreation and rest spaces are correctly organized and located according to the ages of the children you have at school.

Licenses to Open a College

Among the licenses to open a school in Peru are the following:

  • The certificate of zoning and utilization compatibility, issued by the municipality.
  • The copy of the safety certification, issued by the relevant Civil Defense body.
  • Copy of title deed to the area, or in any case the copy of the lease contract of the establishment that the educational center will use.

What Institution governs the Procedure?

The institution in charge of the entire jurisdiction of everything related to the Peruvian educational system is the Ministry of Education of Peru. Among its functions, of course, are the processing of the Requirements to Open a College in Peru.

Staff of Teachers to Open a College

Instruction for teachers is the same at the general level, however, depending on what will be offered will be the staff of teachers. For this reason, the characteristics of prospective teachers, and your additional instruction.

That is, take into account their training in different areas that can be: Plastic arts, psychology, dance, performing arts, among others. For example, if what you want is to give an artistic approach to the school, it would be very pertinent to have teachers who are also actors, plastic artists, etc., and who consign the required documents.

Legal Aspects to Open a College

It refers to the legal or natural person, owner of an educational institute, stipulating the line of values ​​that will govern the institution. All based on respect for ethics and morals established in the Constitution, permanence, themes, methods and pedagogical instruments of the curricular program annually or for periods of time.

It also includes the methods of evaluation and supervision of students; the direction, planning, administrative activities and of the institution as such. Also the rules of economic, disciplinary, scholarships and pensions.

Communication with the parents of the students, without more limits than those that may be set at the legal level, and everything that will be defined in the Internal Regulations of the educational institution. On the other hand, comply with the legal functions as an educational institution and educational plans, which are in charge of the legal entity that is the owner, natural or owner of these.

To access all the legal aspects pertinent to the Requirements to Open a College in Peru you can click here.


According to the functions they must perform, the Directors of the educational centers must be in charge of:

  • The inspection and review of the technical-pedagogical activities of the educational institution.
  • Create the curricular organization.
  • The proper use of the internal regulations of the institution.
  • Of the reality, constancy, veracity and validity of the accounting records, books, documentation and transactions indicated by law, determining the standards required in the field, for the proper functioning of the institution.
  • Of the administrative process of the documents of the educational institution.
  • The existence of the assets listed in the inventories, their use and placement of these.
  • All functions inherent to the position.

Educational institutions have the obligation to offer in a real, adequate and easily accessible way to those involved, prior to each enrollment, the following data:

  • The registration documents that support its operation.
  • The amount, number and possibility of payment of pensions, as well as possible adjustments.
  • Amount and possibility of payment of entrance fees.
  • Requirements for the entry of new students.
  • Curricular project of annual studies, duration, topics, methods and pedagogical tools.
  • The evaluation methods and supervision of the students.
  • Number of students per classroom.
  • The hours of classes.
  • Assistance and help to students when there are occasions.
  • Rules of Procedure.
  • Any data that corresponds and that may be of benefit to students.

Schools are priority institutions within society. Therefore, they are practically a never-ending source of employment and possibilities, not only for students, but for principals and teachers alike.

Tell us, have you already started gathering the Requirements to Open a College in Peru?


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